Frei Beat (B.FREE)
Switzerland, Basel
Frei Beat  (B.FREE)
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Frei Beat (B.FREE)

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About Frei Beat (B.FREE)

B•FREE is a swiss electronic music label run by Beat Frei.
It was founded in 1994 to release music from Beat Frei, the Incantations, FreeBros. etc.
All albums from the early days are redistributed in 2014 by digdis. Beat Frei is producer for dance music, film music, music for theatre, contemporary dance music, game soundtracks etc.
the Label link includes releases from the Incantat ... read more


Beat Frei


Beat Frei

Audio Engineer Mastering Remixing

Beat Frei

Beat Frei alias B.free, is a self-taught musician born in Basel, Switzerland. Despite the fact that he learned to play the piano, the accordeon and the famous Swiss Basler drum when he was a child, he never wanted to study music at any academy to keep his mind free. As a teenager, he travelled the world playing all kinds of music in different bands. With the increased availability of the personal computer in 1989 came new ways to create, arrange and sample music. Beat became totally dedicated to the new medium, putting together sounds in new, different and unusual ways to create new worlds of music. In 1995 Beat started his own record label, with Chris Air and Manuel Montanana, for minimal house music. The label is driven by innovation and the commitment to create unusual new music and sounds. In 1998 he gratuated in sound engineering and started to work for the Theater Basel. During this time, Beat created many different pieces of music for theatre, Die Brandstifter (Stefan Bachmann) film Spaziergang & Leben ist Glückspiel (Benjamin Aellen), television news jingle (Tele Basel) and also music for ballet for choreographer like Sandra Schöll, DV8, Phoenix Dance Theatre, Richard Wherlock. 2014 ESPIRAL music for choreography from Alba Carbonell Castillo , premiere in march (Kopenhagen) 2014 EP WUT release on Dirtycat records 2013 sound for Benjamin Aellens film *Leben ist ein Glücksspiel*, music for his film *RIVEN* 2012 Music for Stone[D] Theatre Basel 2011 Release of the album KL[o]NG on ITunes 2011 Music for Switch, the first work for Phoenix dance theatre by Ballett Basel Artistic Director Richard Wherlock. 2010 New CD [HI.MAT] available on ITunes 2010 Music for theatre "DNA" directed by Elias Perrig for Theater Basel 2009 Music for "Schnauze Schätzchen ich muss zielen" directed by Susanne Hising for Theater Basel 2008 Music for DV 8 Physical Theatre Tour 2008/2009 2007 Music for Sandra Schölls Dance Performance BIOTOP 2006 Music für Sandra Schölls Dance Performance POLARFISCH world release at Warteck in Basel 2005 Music for Sandra Schölls Dance Performance Reflecting Female Bodies 2005 New CD "Chronisch" available on ITunes 2004 "Happiness" Radio Play on the occasion of the TREIBSTOFF Theatre festival in Basel 2004 Music founded for the radio play "Actionkids and the explosive" www.chinderwaelt.ch 2004 When the sleep escapes the humans - Dodgy stories from Daniil Charms at Theatre Basel 2003 Offensive Sad - Presentation at Nachtcafe Theatre Basel 2002 Album the Nugenes, never released but listen your self 2002 FREEZONE, (projectstudio). several projects with ANNABOLIKA , KAT, CP and several RMX's 2002 DANCEHALL, a Detroit-track, successful in Hong Kong (Cash) 2002 Music for "Biedermann und die Brandstifter" Theatere-Basel. Directed by Stefan Bachmann. 2000-2002 The RANDOMKINGS played live soundtrack to "METROPOLIS" Film Fritz Lang [1926]. 2000 Rauminstallation im Sudhaus Warteck "Weekend of the allstars" 1998 MINIMALWORKZ II @ MAS 1998 composed the trailer "punkt 10 " for Telebasel 1997-98 Drum`n`bass Remix from a Song of the band "Cropcircles" 1997 MO-RECORDS (M. Montanana and C.Ruegg )release of 3 progressive CD’s ATON / KLIMA / DJANCE 1997 MINIMALWORKZ I release from a collection of 12 minimaltechnosongs 1996 Remix from 2 Songs of Daenu Siegrist [RMX] 1996 release of African Fly a Housetrack on Vinyl under the name B•FREE 1995 recording of the album INCANTATIONS [cd and videoclips] with Dale Powers 1992-93 various recordings and concerts with BOMBAX 1990 "Soundnet 111 " with FIDO Koelliger (midistudio) 1986 Schlagzeugspektakel Fritz Hauser 1974-85 div. Bands as the drummer, LIMIT, Manic Peter & the Souldamage Club, The Bank, BOF, Falling Moon etc.

Beat Frei

Composer Drummer Production Management Programming Sound Design
Beat Frei
alias B.free, is a self-taught musician born in Basel, Switzerland. Despite the fact that he learned to play the piano,
the accordeon and the famous Swiss Basler drum when he was a child, ...