funky la volta
the Incantations

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Funky la volta.

I like the happyness of this song. It is just like a party. I think that the mix is good and interpretation too. Good voices and are perfect for this kind of song. Good arrangements. Maybe you could be less repetitive. But it is fine.

Brazil, Porto Alegre

funky la volta

enjoying sounds; for a song of happyness; i like the sounds; good arrangement ang great solos of voice an sax; i'try to improve something in the melody, but it is not my genre;when a melody or something in the song keeps the mind of the listener , it is the most important thing, because he then say “i buy”; well produced and performed; good luck and keep it up!

Italy, Villalta - Udine

Funky La Volta

The blend of this song is really good and I like the hoarse voice! All together this makes a good vibe even on a bad day! HUMAN AFTERMATH

Canada, Quebec, Quebec city

funky la volta

hey your doing what you love good for you... keep it up

United States, Washington, spokane

Are you signed?

Sounds like a finished packaged product. Your lyrics may limit your finding a larger audience, but you may not care? It's a question now for you of charisma. Your ability to attract fans and listeners at concerts and purchase power of paid downloads etc.

Funky La volta

Great stuff, love the beat and the arrangements. Duration is just right, makes it enjoyable and great to listen without get tired of it! Will love to hear more about this band.

Mexico, Monterrey

Funky la volta

This made me smile. You don't hear music like this much anymore. It has a jazz island feel. Your voice is very very soulful. All in all I enjoyed what I heard a lot...keep it up!!!

United States, Maryland, Baltimore

funky la volta

nice production. It would be a fun song to listen to at a club. I would love a melody line to give this song a bigger audience.

United States, New York, Macedon

funky la volta

Very nice freestyle song! Vibe is so cool! to me it echoes good old school sound! Love to hear more.

Croatia (Hrvatska), zagreb

funky la volta

Hey guys. I love this... Great groove, great vibe and great idea. This is my kind of music. The production and the arrangement are firing on all cylinders and I would love to hear more of this on the radio TV, everywhere ! Great job and keep on grooving...

United States, California, Los Angeles

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