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kitsner Anna Politkovskaya


nice work work be great to start a set ideal for warming up you set to explode in hat just pounding away in the background all in all nice work hope to hear more form you soon

United Kingdom, CARLUKE

Good track with lot's of ELECTRO techy sounds!

Awesome track very original,... loving the beat, lot's of upbeat sounds, i would for sure play this track in a bar lounge type of enviornment, loving the techno electro sound, very techy and different from the rest of the crowd Good joB B. Free, keep up the good productions.! Cheers, AEK

United States, California, San Diego

good work

i like the smooth Sound. the beat is nice and deep. i like the smooth Sound. the beat is nice and deep. i like the smooth Sound. the beat is nice and deep. i like the smooth Sound. the beat is nice and deep.

Germany, Dresden

Electro fantastic

So here's my review. Kind of reminiscent of a off planet fashion show. Eclectic and haunting, beautiful. "Boots and pants" type drum set up. Which would be cheesy for most dance songs, here it is unique. I could see this in a Mitsubishi commercial. Reminds me a bit of BT, but not quite. It's still it's own. I didn't look up the artist to know more details, this is going off of what I'm hearing and what I think of it. - DAV!D&CLARA.

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale

Review of B. Free By Vinnie V.

'm sorry but I just don't get it, nice beat and interesting sounds for about 30 seconds. The song goes nowhere from nowhere.I think your time could be better spent looking for some body you could calla-berate with since it sounds like you have some musical ideas but need some arrangement skills. You don't have to follow in the footsteps of others when it comes to original music composition but there are a few established arrangement formulas that work here is one of them; A-B-A-B-C-A-B-B (A) = Verse (B)= Chorus (C)= Bridge/or Change . Here is another approach think of the song as a book of adventure and the music as the story while the instruments are the characters the arrangement is the plot. I hope I haven't confused you. Keep composing and playing music its like reading the more you read the larger your vocabulary becomes. Sincerely, VINNIE V. http:\\ P.S. It's always about the listener!

United States, California, Sacramento


The displacement of this track makes it a little hard to follow, although I can certainly imagine which style of atmosphere it was designed to be played in. I certainly like the intro and the synth's, especially their arrangement however the beat seems lacking and out of synch. If timed a little tighter and aligned better this would be a great dark, damp Techno piece. This has a lot of potential.

Australia, Melbourne

Review for B Free

I love the feel of this song for my ability to let my mind run free with creativity. For the Genre you are targeting this piece is very appropriate! I am not an expert when it comes to mixing and mastering but it sounds great to me! I think it's wonderful work done here =)

United States, Arizona, Phoenix

I like the production

It has a very static beginning which i like and a slow flow which i usually prefer in my electonica music. It's an overall fun song I could see in a film like DAVID LYNCH.

United States, California, Oakland

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