Beatosch II

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Float into the galaxy


B Free track Beatosch transcends you into a chilled out space. Underlined by a cool toe tapping beat, the vibe moves you through to a relaxed chilled state. When I close my eyes, I imagine myself floating through the milky way on an adventure. Great track to play if you want to tap your toes and float away into your imagination. This is worth the listen!

Australia, Melbourne

Beatosch 2 Review - ( Dubble Amount )

Loving the variation of sounds , the piano in the start has a good set for feeling. The drum loop let's me focus on the rest of the elements , i like that idea if it was intended well done :) Spot on for the style your going for , I can feel this in any film so you definitely have a broad audience to work with !

South Africa, Pretoria

More than just a mood

I love this song, there is much more coin got than one might think. Those beautiful interwoven melodies still costume my mind. There tension is light and intoxicating. The groove is pleasantly surprising, B-FREE has captured some many emotions in this one piece that words cannot explain its depth and release. Great track worth a full listen.

United States, North Carolina, Jacksonville



I like the feel of this jam, man! Keeping it clean! I would honestly love to write to this! If you wanted to collaborate, I would be totally down with doing so! I'm Prince G.Oz and I'm a lyricist / producer! You can listen to my material here, find me on soundcloud and youtube under princegoz. What program do you use to produce? I'm still just a beginner, but I'm looking to perfect my craft in that!

United States, Washington, Seattle

Beatosch ll

Beatosch ll is a very pleasant piece of music,it could well be film or TV listen to in headphones and eyes shut to get the atmosphere of The song,Great piece of Ambient music .all the best Robert Young

United Kingdom, Littlehampton


I do like what I am hearing, think some more mellow synth sounds would help. A little bit more blending of the sounds so they become unique. The melody is very pleasant. The take off is there now you just need to take us on a journey. Keep 'em coming my friend.

United Kingdom, London

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