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Saludos B Free

Con respecto a tu cancion, un comienzo muy relajante, pasando después a un ritmo potente y pegadizo. Hay una mezcla de sonidos interesante, entre un bajo y strings relajantes. En la segunda parte, se lanza la canción y toma su forma final machacando para terminar muy relajado. Buen trabajo B free. Para los amantes del techno puro es agradable escuchar tu canción. Sigue fuerte. Un saludo, cuidate.

Spain, Toledo

manque de construction

Ça manque cruellement de construction et c'est très repetitif 11 minutes comme ça je me suis un peu ennuyé , ceci dit la qualité des samples et drum electro est très bonne , le son en général est bon cest pour ça que je met la moyenne , bonne journée à vous

France, Nantes

WUT Reviewed by Rastix

I'm not a big listener of techno, But I can say that the mix is well done. The atmosphere that you've created it also quite nice. All of the elements in the track work together nicely and complement one another. I really like the groove of the second part of the track. All in all I'd say its a well produced track with just the right elements used in the right way! Keep up the good work! Cheers!

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Pleasant Surprise

Very nice track. Deep and mysterious. Surprisingly good vibe and rhythm. It is fast, it is acid. What more can you want? Reminds my of the old times with Son Kite's "Colours Upe".

Bulgaria, Sofia


Cool electronic sounds coming thru, dark and techno-ey. I like all the sounds and I can see myself dancing to this. would listen to it more if available as a download. Good work!

Australia, Melbourne

basic techno acid track

it is okay, if you wanna create a oldschool Acid Track. that you do well. a nice beat and a nice melody. But i wouldnt buy it for me as a record, because i have several hundreds.

Germany, Dresden

kitsners review on wut

not a bad job at all nice work and porg of sounds love the acid sounds driving the track bringing it back to old school keep with a new school fell well done

United Kingdom, CARLUKE

review of WUT

i like the concept the idea is great, its not mastered enough or organic enough yet but can be if mastered properly, there is many influences of acid techno coming thru for sure which isn't a bad thing in any respect, the drops need more bass and kick in my opinion, you need to split the tracks to stereo and equalize them more to pull out the bass and punch, but all in all has a lot of potential , reminds me a lot of rebirth, and fruity loops, make it your own and it'll be smoking! k.i.s.s. is all i have to say! Cheers Apocoliptic Dubja

Canada, Ontario, Kitchener

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