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GOA X-Mas by B.Free Reviewed by Latay


A 6:53 minute song is very ambitious. However, B.FREE makes a strong attempt to keep us interested. There is a big transition at the 2 minute mark which fades when you hit 3 minutes. This lull lasts for about 36 seconds. But everything is back to business after that. By the fourth minute you are swept away until the end. If you take into account that the "Organ Donor" by DJ Shadow is only about 4:46 minutes you realize what a major task this is. Well done, B.FREE.

United States, California, Inglewood

Beatifull song forse yogurt playlist

I recommend everyone to put this track in your playlist. is dealing with a very atmospheric song you paying a listen to relax the mind of its own but it also goes very well to dance il.corpo in the best musical selections. the sound extends the arrangement perfectly and follows a fascinating journey.

Italy, Galatina

love it


the opening is nice and has a strong beat, good rhythmic drums, the synth keys are well managed and the overall timing is nice. . I could see myself in a club with a few ladies and some nice absinthe. I love the "industrial overtones and the way it expands your feelings. possibly one of the better works I have reviewed. Well done mate!

United States, Arizona, San Manuel


I like the feel in general of the track. Makes a lot of sense but would really like more bass sound in there. The essence of the track is very enjoyable just needs that extra little something

United Kingdom, London


Buen track amigo B FREE, con respecto a tu canción sonido agradable y ritmo muy suave y pegadizo , Buenos acordes de acompañamiento quizás en momentos puntuales es repetitiva pero agradable. Buena suerte y Feliz 2016.

Spain, Toledo

Nice track

Hi there, you made some great work on that track, from artist to artist i must say that everything is in the right balance on this track. Sequencer,beat,hi hats,wave pad,etc.. Everything is had it should be!!!! Keep on doing the great work "Dj Xavier-producer and manager from D-LUX" Greetzzz from Belgium ...

Belgium, Ghent

Very pleasant listening

Great beat with nice forward motion. I can see Santa on fast forward, speeding along in his sleigh, racing down chimneys to leave gifts. Stopping only occasionally for some cookies and hot chocolate. I especially like the melodic phrasing. Good for dance or listening.

United States, North Carolina, Oak Island

GOA X-MAS Reviewed by Rastix

The atmosphere in this track is fantastic and everything sits nicely together. Nothing is really overpowering in the space that you have produced. When it comes to the main part of the song I feel as though the reverbs from each synth are fighting each other a bit and making it sound a little muddy, but that's just my opinion. Overall it's a great track, I just think it could use some tightening up in the mix but again it's all subjective. Good luck with the track and keep up the good work! Cheers!

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

I felt like a film!

It is remarkable dynamism of the melody, which immediately leads us to be protagonists of an action movie, futuristic. Hundreds of scenes reach the listener's mind !! I imagine in flight, including laser projections, enjoying every second of Goa X-Mas! Already included in my favorites! Super!

Argentina, Santa Fe


OK, why is the intro so short? :) maybe you could use more equalizers on each sound to keep the whole track clean...in the breakdouwns I was waitign for some grow of energy and some more psy feeling..maybe also put some rises or reverse crashes, i found this in psy tracks very usefull...its important to have clean bass and nice kick to put the energy inside the track.. The lenght is good for DJs, hope this helps a little bit...keep going..

Czech Republic, Prague

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