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Frei Beat (B.FREE)

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Colombia, Medellín

Very relaxing

This is a very relaxing landscaping track. I could listen to this while driving on the highway, the music tells a musical journey and the way the instrumentation is put together very well. Good composition!!!

United States, Texas, Houston

"Walk of Fame"...

Hello !!! I just listened to your track, "Walk of Fame". Great Instrumental !!! I loved the choice of sounds you used. The bass line was good at first, but I think it got to be a little too much for me for the whole track. When it stopped towards the end, it was a welcome relief, for me. I loved the tasteful percussion and piano. Overall, a good Production. It's after 3 am here now, and it was a good "mood" piece for this time of the morning. All the best to you !! - Richard - Richard Danar Music

United States, New York, New York City


Love how you put those sounds together. It's definitely a different sound. Keep up the good work. Check out my songs whenever you have time. I'll be uploading 3 every 2 weeks or so. Thanks in advance.

United States, Maryland, Baltimore

Easy On THe Ears

Here is a nice easy on the ears groovy dance track. There is plenty of feel to the rhythmic punches, a nice driving bass line and a good blend of sounds creating a vibrant soundscape. The piano melody that kicks it off comes and goes leaving behind a gentle mix of soft strings and drums. I could imagine this nicely placed in a cinematic scene in a movie, or as an appealing collection of chill/dance cuts to pop into the car stereo for a long drive. All in all a nice song.

United States, California, Studio City

one step in front of the other


B.FREE brings us Walk of Fame, an instrumental of nuanced attitude. There is a certain kind of verve and spice with a piece as open as this with its up tempo and bustling pace of back beat and bassline. The subtle approach of the piano and the counterpoint of guitar make for a sublime texture for the percussion to permeate. The song is very passive, almost to the point of without direction. But that is the challenge with fusion style pieces, they are not a slice of apple pie with ice cream as much as they are an italian ice. In that sense the music allows the listeners pallet absorb what it desires in its simplicity to pass the time in leisure.. But to be honest it felt more like a band warming up before a gig than a particular offering of musical import.

United States, Texas, Houston

'Walk of Fame' Review

Thanks for your request, I think you have a great potential. The music is soft and has a flowing feel. I can imagine the time it takes to write music. I myself enjoy good instrumental music it just gives more for the listener, to give them more to explore. However being a musician myself there are a couple of things if I could interject a note or two. I think you have a nice melody, it needs a little more of a direction. I do like your choice of instruments, I would add some points of interest. Second, make sure you drive the right energy. That sometimes takes years to find the right amount, know the interest from the audience view if you were them. Otherwise it has a soothing melody and I believe you are on your way. Keep it up!

United States, Utah, Logan

Nice blend


Good use of synth bass, elec. piano and others (guitars as well) Didn't care much for the drum track, although I was impressed with how the author tried to present the offbeat timing as a time signature change. (Listening closer I realise it actually was 4/4, but very nice sleight of hand to make it seem otherwise. My only real criticism is in the somewhat monotonous key it remained in. It was sort of like Alan Parsons Project very early works, which were experimental - Sounded good, but didn't take on a direction until later composites. Overall, a nice blend and good mix.

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Walk of fame


Thank you for taking me in mind to review your song. I always start with the good things; Very catchy piano part that could be all the song, drums make sense but lack of human changes (they sound robotic) I really miss a good bass part and that is the reason that the song feels too mid-range and highs. The guitar part sounds out of time and the multiple delays are just repeating that and washing out the intention there is a constant fight in between the drum beat and the guitar, on the contrary the piano is excellent and that is saving the song. Please do not misunderstand me this is a very good song but my job is to tell you how it may be better, you are very talented and on this one you nailed the hypnotic intention. we have the have the big chance to change things as creators of music; I would say try a new mix and you will see a big change on the audience response. One last thing names makes the difference on a song; this one should have one should be something like; driving in the fog, endless drive....etc. Good luck with 2016 and I hope to see you in the top 10's very soon. Happy New year. El MAGICO.

United States, Minnesota, Woodbury

Nice work

In my opinion the track sounds like a mixture of jazz and electronic music. The sound quality is great and soothing. Really enjoyed listening to it. Keep up the good work being creative

United States, New Jersey, Newark

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