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Morris Taylor
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Morris Taylor

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About Morris Taylor

I don't rush time anymore but nothing is wrong with looking forward to something. Be it half empty, be it half full ? Depends on where you're trying to be, and what you've got to pull. Everyday is a good day looking to the east as the morning light shines. My personality, changes instinctively, with the moonrise. Kind of freaky but so sometimes. I've upgraded my membership and will be adding a lot ... read more


About Morris Taylor

I don't rush time anymore but nothing is wrong with looking forward to something. Be it half empty, be it half full ? Depends on where you're trying to be, and what you've got to pull. Everyday is a good day looking to the east as the morning light shines. My personality, changes instinctively, with the moonrise. Kind of freaky but so sometimes. I've upgraded my membership and will be adding a lot more songs. Please feel free to contact me and hope to visit a location near you in the near future.

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Morris Taylor
11 months ago

Trial and Error

Trial and Error when one comes to the fork(s) in the Road. Sometimes I need a redo to make the right decisions and get to the good side of sliding down the Rainbow. Luck is a big part of life to include my own. Sometimes I cook on the grill and be totally in the Zone. Pretty much everything is by chance. Even when you do all the right things as best you surely can. I have watched and witnessed my 7 children grow from birth to parenthood. Lot of times I have to check myself cause time will pass like a magician’s hand is quicker than the eye as best I understood. That the thing about being Daddy is you either Put Up or Shut Up. Changing a diaper at first was for a couple days very daunting lol. But after while I would put the rest of a sandwich in my mouth and finish what my kids started. Lol. I’m 6 ft 3 and all my kids are taller than me. I really don’t mind cause after all, ain’t that the way it’s supposed to be? One thing, about someone’s dreams is that, in my opinion they all start out as a fantasy. Like my imagination is a very powerful and sometimes frightening natural occurrence according to my interpretations. I mean I close my eyes and I see things. Beautiful lights and alternating colors like I am in touch with the Universe and beyond interstellar space. Does this happen to you when you close your eyes? As best I can figure is that it’s all math some kind of way. Adding up to whatever situation one has to deal with at anytime of day or night. And math and music runs deep in my family chain. My CD Visions Of Happiness is actually two CD’s to include a Friend For You. I will be uploading the longer versions of some the one’s included. I still am working on “Somehow, Someway, Somehow Someday”. Just wanted say hello to everyone and thanks to the now 2,027 people that have subscribed to my collection of songs. Thanks.

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Hello Everyone

Good Day Precious People Folks. Hope things are on the up and up with you and yours. Please stay safe because as we all should know,,,,” The Boogie Man” “Is out there looking for You”…lol. Talking about the Corona Virus and where it stands right now. Best of health and well wishes are what I am praying for to those that will take the time and understand as this too shall come to pass. Always remembering to those that have been affected and especially those who will be remembered “Forever” in our hearts and minds no matter the passing’s. So nice to know of you all. Here’s sending a vibe to and hopefully receiving feedback from my friends, telling me something as such.. Perhaps Morris, this Dream of Yours is already in effect. If you here the Morris Taylor do you think of Me ????? If I can be so bold, must say “Hope So”. Respectfully,,,,with all due respect to all those that have succeeded before me that,,,,I feel a profoundly appreciative Sense of Sunshine for each and every one of you.
Now about new music. I have about 16 songs to record of which 4 have been started. Having such a good time with my mad scientist experiments creating and recording tracks as they present themselves. So please stay tuned and know that I like what I am hearing. Looking forward to sharing with you what I have to offer. Lol. I have some really deep insights and connections with my creative Gestures, to Jokes. Truths to Triumphs, Verities to Victories all contributing to History. Live and let be is what would rule if it was up to me.

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Here We Are 2020

Here Yee, Here Yee, Here Yee…How forth thows art ? Guess I’m having a Shakespearian moment..lol. It’s so wonderful to be up here on “Cloud Nine (9)” . Respectfully,,,,and speaking to each and every one of you all, the most awesomest people (don’t know if awesome + est is a word but I’ll transpose it to what the gesture’s meaning is. (Meaning, that you have all have given me a so many reasons to be happy and I welcome you as a whole to this Village) You all are so nice to me. Something that opens me up from the inside. Being a naturally nice person, I want to let my guard down and enjoy all these friendships that I am blessed to receive. When someone is generally nice to you/me then it’s makes things easier to have a back and forth very pleasant revolving conversation about just about anything. That is what I mean when I say I’m on “Cloud Nine”. I’ve been doing my peek a Boos at all the people here on our Site. You may not know but just so you do, when I see where you all live. From here in America, to Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, UK, Australia, Germany, Russia, China, Iran, Africa, Egypt, The Caribbean, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Japan,,,,,. On On and On. If you see yourself in the mirror,,,hey I’m talking to YOU. When someone goes from Peace and Joy,, To Sensations Override..and everything else in between lol. I say to myself “they ain’t scared Morris”. I must be doing something right. Thank You Lord. When I understand that outstanding people are listening to this dream of mine musically all around this World we call home, then it adds up to what makes me tick and look forward to life on the downhill ride on the rainbow. And look I gotta say this. I got big time “Love” for Everyone. And will Forever,,,,Try to make You All Happy, and brighten your day. Life is such a beautiful place to be. Please feel free,,,, to talk to me. and Thanks’ for all the Inspirations. It sho nuff is working.
Your’s Truly..Morris………

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Chasing The Egg.

Much needed thanks to all at this point 1295 subscribers. From the inner depths of my infinite realities, to the heights of my light years away spectrums, I respectfully tell you all this. Morris Taylor, Me has been touched by some elements beyond explanations that I can express. As a small baby, for example, I was told by my siblings that I was too quiet and serious with huge eyes. lol. "Mom, why is he so quiet. He doesn’t cry much and just stares at us with this serious look on his face. lol. I was told that my Uncle Lemon when I was probably less than one year old that he looked down at me, I looked up at him with these huge eyes and a serious look on my face and he said something like " oooo wee,,,,the cat is running circles around under the house about this one here...lol. In other words, Strange little baby here. Like he been here before. lol. I said that to say this. I try not to deal with negativity because it's sad and honestly most people don't want to be brought down. But IF (that is I and F, is such a very small word to be, the dividing line between what's real and fantasy. And just so you all know, I can't find a band that will play with me. Have been fired from at least 4 bands saying get your own dam band Morris. Also,,you want to be Jimi Hendrix and us the Experience and we just not gonna do it. Then I say, hey I'm not trying to be Jimi Hendrix. Why be just as good as someone. I'm gonna be better...like twice as good. lol. Every band I've played in it's always come down to me. But the people, the audience really likes is. You know you are getting thru when women start lifting up their shirts and showing you/me there tits...lol...I ask myself, am I before my time ? Even in this year 2019. Wow. So my challenge to all of you is to find me a manager that can handle an act like Morris Taylor. I come from a good place, and always focus on the positive. IF "remember that this word means" I can go on tour, something remarkable will happen. So what can you do to help Me ? Keep telling everyone you know that I do "Exist". I want to take you all higher. I want to be "Your Rock Hero". lol. And in an under breath,,,,buy my CD and help me. Again Thanks....I smile a lot when you all talk to me...…….

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Visions Of Happiness

I really appreciate all the inquiries about purchasing my CD Visions Of Happiness. You can go to the following link:
Or use paypal to mtcfx001@link. Also I am still working on new music that would really help when I get support from all those who buy or download my music. What I like to do is blast it at a stop sign or party and watch how the people react. Feel free to contact me if you have some questions or comments. Looking forward to a very bright future and hope to meet as many of you all as possible. What amazes me is that I'm getting better, stronger and faster. Welcome to my World.

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