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About Randy Stahla

If you haven't seen my art, animations, pictures, or read my poetry, or my Science Fiction Novel, you won't understand my music. My music is visual - filled with pictures... I have played in several bands, and toured across the southern US, the northwest, Vancouver link., and the Caribbean. I played concerts in Martinique, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, and the Panama Canal Zone. I am also working on ... read more


About Randy Stahla

If you haven't seen my art, animations, pictures, or read my poetry, or my Science Fiction Novel, you won't understand my music. My music is visual - filled with pictures... I have played in several bands, and toured across the southern US, the northwest, Vancouver link., and the Caribbean. I played concerts in Martinique, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, and the Panama Canal Zone. I am also working on a CG animation, and you can watch a video that tells all about it here: YouTube - I also have more animations on my other You Tube channel, DesertSnowTV. I am very concerned about the shortages worldwide resulting partly from the war in Ukraine. I also want to bring peace to people's hearts by telling them about my best friend, Jesus. "All who come to Me (Jesus) will not be turned away." You can ask Him to come into your life by a simple prayer... "Dear Jesus, please forgive me for what I have done wrong, please be the boss of my life, and help me to find a good church where I can become friends with others who know you." It's simple for us to become part of God's family (but it was very very difficult for Jesus). He made everything possible for us by His death on the cross & His resurrection from the dead! I hope and pray that everyone who hears my music will find Jesus if they don't know Him - He has always been my best friend.

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Randy Stahla
1 month ago

Dealing With Disappointment


During the holidays, one of the most important things in life is how we handle


No one really has an easy life, and everyone gets knocked down sometimes.

When life disrupts our plans and we see our dreams ruined and unfulfilled, disappointment sets in and the way we deal with it can lead to devastating consequences.

When we suddenly realize that most of the time the rest of the world can't identify with our problems and disappointments, it can be devastating. It can cause us to want to hurt ourselves because the world doesn't validate our emotions and doesn't care about our plight.

Despair sets in as we give up and believe that there is no future for us.

But that is when we need to be flexible and believe that some other alternate plan will work out for us. And we must have hope for our future not because anyone else in the world will listen to us or have compassion or understanding for us. We must have faith in God and His kind heart that brought us into the world. He has purposes that usually lead us on a journey with a lot of detours.

We must have faith and be resourceful, taking inventory of all of our gifts, talents, resources, and all that God has given to us. We may be completely alone in the midst of many others who simply cannot understand how we feel. They may be unable to give us any words that we can hang on to.

We must turn to the Word of God, the Bible, and to all the "Magnificent promises" which He has given to us. We must hang on to those promises for dear life when the ultimate monsters of despair come pounding on the door of our heart. We must believe that there are other people in our future who need us.

They may not make it through life if we are not there to offer "The comfort which God gives us in our time of sorrow" (II Corinthians 1:3-7).

Anger and unforgiveness must not be allowed to come into our lives and become our masters. Their ugly thoughts must be confronted and rejected. We are not qualified to become a judge of others given our own record of mistakes and times in which we have not done or said what was right. No one can be a judge except God - because He is the only one who is perfect, holy, and sinless.

Victims are usually perpetrators and visa-versa. "All have sinned and come short of being what God intended for us to be" (my own translation of Romans 3:23).

Disappointment can rule our lives and make us think that our identity centers upon things that didn't work out as planned. And if we are angry to the point of self-destruction and / or hurting others, our world could become filled with despair. And that could touch everyone in our path like a black storm cloud devoid of rain.

Fear may take control of us because we have given up on the idea that the future holds promise and hope for an even better dream.

There are 2 Bible verses which I have hung on to my whole life:

"Fear not, for I am with you. Don't be disappointed and give up on life, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, and I will help you. I will hold you up by my victorious right hand." Isaiah 41:10

"I know the plans I have just for you, plans for good, and not for destruction, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

Disappointment can become a savage beast in your life. When it comes at you to attack you, use "The sword of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God," and be strong and courageous and wait for God's design and plan to take shape in your life as you seek Him in prayer every day.

(See also Ephesians 6:10-18, and II Peter 1:4)

Disappointment's domination is like darkness that covers all hope, faith, and love.
Light is a symbol of God's eternal, everlasting character and nature. God is love, He requires faith, and He gives hope because the future is secure and comes from His kind heart.
I wish you a wonderful holiday, and a great year ahead, hoping you can move on from disappointments you may have had now or in the past. If you need to leave the past and are having a hard time doing that, ask God for help.

"Dear Lord Jesus, please come into my life and take the burden of my disappointments. I leave all of my hurts at the cross where you died for what I have done wrong and the wrongs which have been done to me. I give my life to you. In Jesus name I pray, amen."

Randy Stahla

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Randy Stahla
2 months ago

Desert Snow in Phoenix Arizona?

My brother-in-law was 22 years old when he decided to take his own life. It was a terrible time for our family. At the funeral I shared a story I wrote which people who attended said really helped them deal with the loss and confusion. I began to write more poems and stories for those who lost a loved one. Then I went to Phoenix Arizona with a video camera and prayed, "Dear Lord, please help me to find a picture of a cactus with snow on top." It was February, and every so often I had seen examples in pictures of snow in the desert. I drove all over Arizona and took videos of various places. Then one day I drove east of Phoenix and was caught in a blizzard. I pulled my car over to the side of the road and began filming. I had to cover the top of the camera with a towel because giant flakes of snow were covering everything. It was all very surreal.

I realized that God had answered my prayer in a big way! And I also realized that life can be like a dry, barren desert - but God's presence and comfort is everywhere in difficult situations. I used this analogy in two different gatherings at our church and this helped people deal with their losses in ways I can't explain.

This Thanksgiving, please listen to the song "DesertSnow" and ponder the lyrics. I pray that "The peace of God which goes way beyond human understanding will fill your heart and your mind." Have you prayed a simple prayer and asked Jesus Christ to come into your life? He is the "Prince of Peace." You can invite Him in simply by saying, "Please forgive me of what I have done wrong, and live in my heart forever."

"If anyone loves me (that means anyone - no matter who you are) they will keep my Words (dear to their heart) and My Father (God) will love them, and We will come to them and make their heart (life) our home." From John chapter 14 (New Testament in the Bible).

Randy Stahla

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Randy Stahla
3 months ago

Piano Black

I made this video because of all the homeless people in the earth. I hope it encourages people who watch it. Part of it is an animation I made of angels carrying a crystal piano up into the heavenly realms. The other part is me playing piano with a poem I wrote about being homeless. Jesus was a Prince, but He was homeless. "The birds have their nests, and foxes have their holes, but I do not have a place to lay my head." He knows what it is like to lose everything, and He knows what it is like when everyone leaves....But He is the "Faithful One," and understands and will never leave us. "Dear Lord Jesus, please come into my life, forgive me of what I have done wrong, help me to forgive those who have hurt me, and help me now with what I am facing."

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Randy Stahla
3 months ago

Don't give up

Nowadays just about anything can happen. Even getting evicted from your home during the holidays (coming up).

I know what that is like. I was evicted from the place I was living 2 times, and when the economy went bad I lost my home. It was nothing really fancy; but having to leave is really hard.

Lots of people have lost loved ones, jobs, friends, spouse, and lost their place.

Jesus was a homeless man. "The birds have their nest & foxes have their holes; but I don't have anywhere to lay my head."

He was a Prince disguised as a pauper. "How Precious" is a song I wrote about how priceless He is and how precious everything He did was (and still is).

Please don't give up no matter what happens. Call out to Him and ask for His help and wisdom and strength. Every day can feel like our troubles will never end.

I wrote the song "Fades Away" because only Jesus can give you unexplained peace when things are crashing down on you.

And I wrote the poem "Dusty Roads" because He knows first hand what our troubles can be like. You and I are not alone.

It's not like He doesn't know how things can be on this earth. I wrote the song "Hiding Place" so that you can always go to Him in prayer wherever you are.

"Don't let your heart get out of control with worry; believe in Me, cling to Me, keep your mind on Me; I have a plan for you; I won't leave you no matter what." Based on John chapter 14.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that in this temporary place called earth we have a permanent home in the heavens which will never be taken away.

"Dear Lord Jesus, please fight this battle for me; please help me not to give up no matter what happens. Please help me to do the best I can and leave the rest up to You. I thank You for dying for me on the cross; in this You showed me Your love forever."

If you need to talk to someone, you have my email...and I answer all the messages I receive.

Randy Stahla

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Randy Stahla
3 months ago

No more tears

"Journey to the sea of glass" is an instrumental I wrote and in my imagination I am traveling through life with its good and bad until I am finally standing on a huge expanse of glass. It's not like an ocean - it's a floor that people stand on. Read Revelation 4:6 and then chapter 15 verse 2. Revelation is the last book of the Bible if you have never heard of it.

I made a song and pictures about heaven. If you look through some of the pictures on my music page on N1M music, there are some with a floor that reflects light like a mirror, but yet people are standing on it.

"He will wipe away all tears." Revelation 21:4

On the most beautiful floor made of what looks like glass, there will be no more tears. No more death. Death is God's enemy. Jesus died and then rose again, and that was the first step in getting rid of death forever.

I love to imagine that I'm standing on the sea of glass. I love even more that I will never have to say "Goodbye" to anyone I care about again.

Please know you are invited to join God's family - it was very very hard for Jesus to make this possible. But it is easy for you to accept. "Dear Lord Jesus, please forgive me of what I have done wrong in my life. I accept your invitation to be where you are someday, and I ask you to be my forever friend." Amen.

I hope I see you someday, standing on the sea of glass....
Randy Stahla

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