The Antique Harmoniums / Gifts And Testaments Of Robin Hood Road / Birthday Card For Tori (album ver. w/o xfade to "Rounders")


I am Italian and I love Ennio Morricone a lot.listening to your composition I perceived something familiar and I stopped to think, I tried to understand what was inside your composition that attracted me and I can tell you that there is something in you in your way of composing that remember morricone that I consider one of the best if not the best.

The Antique Harmoniums

This is a peaceful piece of a song that relaxes your mind. It is played with warm attitude. After the strings have introduced the musical scene, the high melody comes nicely to tell the simple beautiful theme. You'll want to hear more.

The Antique Marmoniums My Review!

Hi The Antique Harmoniums another great tune thank you again for giving the world something wonderful to listen to keep up the great work not a whole lot I can say so far everything I have heard from you has been very good you are a very talented band keep making those super tunes from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

Love this track!

It's so sad that we are lacking of great classical composers nowadays, but I'm so glad to come across with such magical tune like this, wish I could watch it live with a full real Orchestra. The title is pretty catching and sweet, the melody is very touching. I can actually imagine this track right away in a movie scene. Kinda romantic, kinda melancholic, it actually makes your mind bringing some memories. It's so "Colonial".

The Antique Harmononiums......Beautiful Music

My first impression earing this lovely chords, was been fascinated. Then you can understand other instruments floating in the air surrounding the armonies and giving you a really pacific moment of music. Impressive and beautiful music

Uplifting harmonies

It's a BIG sound right off of the mark. Definitely uplifting and soothing harmonies envelope the ears through the heart with big emotion. It's all BIG! Big sound with big feeling towards someone or about someone and a little sad...Tori I suspect. I wish I could hear this by the orchestra in a large amphitheatre with great acoustics so not only hear the sound and feel the emotion but to feel the sound. It's a short card...I was hoping for more to continue when it stopped abruptly...maybe that is part of the's art after all.

The Heaven-Sent Harmoniums

This composition of musical harmoniums calls to mind the dawning of the day. It is superlative in that the scope of the piece ranges through so many chords of the right kind that beg the listener to hear and hope for a new day of blessings. I loved the quiet ascension of the instrumental which took me to a new place to usher in the rest I needed before my work day. In the zone now, and it is feeling great. Stay true to your groove Antique Harmoniums! Your music is heaven-inspired and brings ease to many souls who hear your music.


From the beginning until the end of this fragment of the piece, I don't know exactly how to say in English, my whole body hair is up. It is a song so delicate and refined, well balanced high and low tones with lovely flavor. Quiet, the entrance is progressively soft getting a bit more profound lows, so after that wind instruments appear softly coloring the low tones. Until that moment, when the music stops all what I have heard is exquisite. This group has really brilliant and refined compositions. Sound music quality is really good. Though I don't know the complete song, because there is only a fragment, this is my review.

Birthday card for Tory

Like a slow movement of a suite for string orchestra, The Antique Harmonius delight us with a very nice melody and choral harmony. The style reminded the famous masterpiece Spring in the Appalachian composed by Aaron Copland, with the same sweetness and give us the sensation of a sundown in the mountain. Congratulations.


Keep up good work you have talent! Are on global or national or your local area? Am hoping you can go global as you should be glo al abo e the horizons. A lot more can happrn fir you so do t give up!

a single sound that branches out...

In listening to this piece [ I believe it is called ' a birthday card for Tori'] I found it interesting that the idea of a single sustained sound then branches off into some calming chords/sounds. It sounds very cinematic. My imagination was stirring up beautiful images of the countryside. rada

Birthday card for Tori

Solemn and austere postcard for a sad birthday. It's cold and sober and still soft. It is beautifully executed. It's a beautiful path to find the peace within. Very nicely executed. Great job


This music is real smooth and soothing I listen to classical in my car and I can listen to that when I'm driving keep on making that for people like me who need a break from the rest of the world peace. CaNy Entertainment

Smooth Sound

It sounds good for a special occasion type of instrumental sound for a wedding..The over all sound of the beat is real smooth and relaxing good for mind relaxation ya know but continue

A keyboard introduction

It seems like an introduction to something: a religious function, a church song, a romantic 80s style pop song. Personally, I do not find this electronic keyboard sound very interesting. At the end, tt also stops suddenly. Was there an error in uploading the file? It should be reviewed and rechecked
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