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Kind regards to all our subscribers!

I have received a very nice support from you with your interest for our music. That is the best a musician can get from people. This way, I have realised that our music is updated and people likes it. What a wonderful support! I am uploading songs from the album La Virgen del Pilar dice, now with voice, not only instrumental played, Once the three Jotas are uploaded, I will show you what I think is our best work : The song : La Virgen del Pilar dice, it is not a Jota style, but the main song of the album.
The composer was very inspired doing it, in fact the lyrics came to his mind after a hospitalization season when he was younger, and after a season thinking about that lyrics, the music came to his mind too, to complete the work. Soon Iwill upload it.

The first Jota lyrics refers to a season when Governors in Spain wanted to do a Pharaonic movement of the river Ebro to translate its water from the original course of the river to other way.

For the people who want to join us in facebook I give you my webpage:
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Kind regards!

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