Great composition

I have to say that this is my first time listening to this artist. I got a sense of tranquillity when listening to this composition. I really liked the melody. It flows really well. If I had to say one thing negative, there is one very minor part where the lower notes in the section almost sound as if they're rushing. Its not something that you'd notice if your not paying close attention. I caught it after my second listen but I have to say this is an exceptional piece of music! If you haven't heard this composition, you really shoud! Its fantastic! I look forward to hearing more from The Antique Harmoniums! LS

"The Antique Harmoniums" - DESIROUS REVIEW

Hi... Super Hi. This piano sounds very well, the melodies the rhythm and velocity are tranquil. I like a lot even if is just a 2 min music ohh I hope for more!! Continue this 2018 with a great vibes. Check my profile... You'll love it.

Little is plenty here

The numbered name of the song does not open to me without an extra explanation. But it is not needed either. This is a little simple song, a song without words, as I hear it. Clear peaceful piano tunes are streaming. The little poem could be an opening part to something interesting. I would be eager to know what would come after this. Nice to hear such a short pure presentation in the world of too much of mega sounds. Little is plenty here.


extremely elegant and vintage but very nice. the piano is the instrument that I love the most and in your work is used in the way I like it. a soundtrack of a romantic movie. it lit my imagination

The Antique Harmoniums My Review!

Hi how are you well another great song on the rise great tune the music was well created background was nice and sounded really good song played well keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing more great music from you from J.Milligan President CEO,New Experience Records/Universal Music Group best wishes.

Lovely, nostalgic improv

This short and sweet piece is sentimental and nostalgic, and with a turn that surprises. It evokes contemplation by a character from an earlier time. For solo piano fans, this piece will fit beautifully in a playlist with Satie.

A very cool composition!

Hi there, the first thing that I’d like to do is apologize for taking so long to write this review. Now with regard to “Lullaby”, my first impression or vibe was the guitar started out sounding a bit like Tom Scholzof BOSTON, but that slowly went away as you brought the other parts and sections in and the way you arranged everything is nothing short of beautiful. At first I thought you were bringing up synth pads and some other elements then I discovered the you were bringing in vocals which I really thought were very well done. Lastly I like compliment whoever had what seems like the daunting task to mix the song, they did a superior job and one the best mixes I’ve heard on the site. Great job and thank giving me the chance to listen, cheers!

Very beatiful

How wonderful a piano sounds when played by a true artist. It's an absolute pleasure listening to your recordings and not just because you play very well but because your recordings are so clear and capture the nuance of the vibration which allows all the harmonics in the notes to breathe. And then there's the mix. Everything floating in a well defined space easy to hear and follow. Outstanding again


A Rhapsody of melancholy love is what I hear in this song, with all the heart aches and the lows and highs of being in love with another who is also only human. Beautifully rendered, this is a tender discord with hope rising at the end. I loved the heart of this piece. Be still at the end and you will hear it.

Very beautiful musical composition ....

And a very good performance on the piano ... enjoyable measurement of musical measures ... fantastic harmony ... a music that comfortably enters the cinema and the theater ... it takes great orchestration, but with the piano it is just a simple and Unmatched musical themes ... you are pleased with the pauses that fill the listener with expectation and sentiment and give the melody a glimpse of gentle waves that do not sink anywhere but just fade in the colors of the fall of an autumn day .... ..

beginnig of end

yes , the tittle suggests me a return back to the end of a loving mandkind, sicle XX seems to be the beginning of a natural mankind losing love and changing, we prefer machines stealing our feelings, than keep the union between persons through at least a kind word said at time. This is a nice song that reminds me maybe better times and nostalgic of romantic love. who knows! good song of course.

Sweet melancholy

Lots of emotion in this piece. Relaxiation and reflection are automatic. The mind wonders and wanders about in the melancholy ambiguity ambience with a longing for relief which is subtle and brief at various moments. Lovely piano and very nicely executed. If one is in the mood to relax and reflect this composition will be your catalyst.1902... it was like that somewhere.


The Antique Harmonious honors its own name and takes up a brief musical form, the prelude, as well developed by nineteenth-century composers as Chopin and his 24 preludes for example. The Antique Harmonius not only retakes the musical form of the nineteenth century, but also the harmony of the late twentieth and early twentieth, as its name 1902 to delight us with a beautiful composition. Of nostalgic mood with a certain melancholic touch, the composer uses the pedal resource very well to sustain the extended notes and to create that climate with the harmonics as the impressionists would also use it. With few and careful materials manages to transmit that proposed climate.

Old & New

This is a very interesting composition with old scales played on the modern grand piano. The piece sounds like a well-made improvisation. Also nice touch and sound by piano playing. Bravo!

Love the music

Your great on the piano love the music ive lostened to some classical and i would listen to this most of the day and its something im adding to my list of favourite music love it and give it 5 stars
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