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I've been playing music since before I can remember. When I was only 4 my father noticed, while I was banging on pots and pans with with wooden spoons and other utencils, that I was keeping tempo. He was amazed by this so he always made sure to exploit the drummer in me. He bought me my first drum pad when I was probably 5 or 6 and by the time I was 7 or 8 I had my own drum set. My first set and it was a cb700 made by pearl with zildjian cymbals and high-hat. At this point in life I was already jamming with my dad and cousin and was considered the drummer of our little music group. We never played in public and just jammed together all throughout life writing song after song along the way. I have a stage fright problem I've had since a little boy. When friends would come to hear us play when I was only 9 or 10 they would have to ait in a different room just so I could play. Later in life when I was about 17 I had to give up the drums because the cops were getting called too often for the noise disturbance in my neighborhood. It was then that I first picked up the guitar and at the same time started playing piano. I have many different musical influences, ranging from rap to rock from 2pac to the Beatles to led zeppelin to Michael Jackson to al green to red hot chili peppers and more. I'd like to think that my influences come out in some of my style. I try to keep up on all 3 instruments except I recently gave my electric drumset to my nephew because I want to see him play. Music runs deep throughout my family on both my moms side and my dads side of the family. The music you hear on here so far has been of me, my dad, and my cousin Jeff. My dad passed away at age 60 from suicide after battling cancer in 2013. He was a good man and worked at a non-profit organization called EHP (Ecumenical Hunger Program) in east palo alto, California. I'm now 45 years old and wanting to get back into music. I have 2 brothers who both can play musical instruments. One brother is actively in music and is in a rap band called "Kompound", he was part of "Riff Merchants" also and the "Shedwellas". My cousin and I have dozens of 4 track tapes that we are currently archiving and wanting to master each song we have. I I atleast 50 tapes of music recorded but not mastered yet. We first will rank them by what we think are the best ones and then one by one master each one and get them out to folks. We dont really know what our genre would be because we have songs that are so vastly different from each other. I'd say we have some funk songs, some folk tunes, some rock, some Christian, and even some classical style songs. What's odd is that they may have to come up with a new genre to describe our music as far as I see it you cant put all of our music into one category. You shall see and I will work very hard to get this stuff out to all of you. Thanks for reading

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