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Breaking Free Tee Shirt

£20 including a signed and numbered limted edition 3 track CD our first single Breaking Free together with a letter on our label headed notepaper signed to you personally confirming both tee shirt and CD as authentic limited editions

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£20 including a signed and numbered limted edition 3 track CD our first single Breaking Free together with a letter on our label headed notepaper signed to you personally confirming both tee shirt and CD as authentic limited editions

Breaking Free Tee Shirt


Jeremy Holtom

Owner and Founder of Beyond Reality Music, Jeremy has been on a long and challenging journey. With a huge catalogue of music in multiple genres the music released on his label has been compared to genres as diverse as anarchic punk, Pink Floyd and Enigma. Jeremy wants to bring in music that has the energy,passion and originality of the 1960's and 1970's but is completely upto date fusing lots of styles together. Its time that music once again started changing and bringing in a sane world!

Jeremy Holtom

Keyboardist Pianist Recording Artist Songwriter
Owner and Founder of Beyond Reality Music, Jeremy has been on a long and challenging journey. With a huge catalogue of music in multiple genres the music released on his label has been compared to gen...


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Could I ask for a helping hand?

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I am hoping that I may tempt you to buy our music through this site and my newsletters.

I am old enough to remember how good it was to chill out and play a full album lying on my bed with friends- not watching television, playing with a phone or playing a computer game for only the television existed when I was young and it was downstairs.

There was something special about buying albums for albums often told A storie. You could see the story evolving. Today there is a whole dimension of experience that the audience loses by just buying or listening to tracks in playlists on Spotify or on a phone as background music or wallpaper. So I want to tempt you to buy our music as an album. For now, all but one of our albums will be sold directly from us.

Buying an album requires a little more effort but in this attention span of an ant world but that’s a good thing for when you make more effort the thing you buy becomes more special to you. When you download music its easy but it’s also meaningless.

Frank Zappa a big star in the 1960’s tells a story about the first album he ever bought at the age of 18. He had to seek out a used copy and searched in many shops for the album he wanted to buy was not the most popular. One day he found one in a second hand record shop at $5 in 1958, a lot more than we pay today for music. That first album felt as if it was made of gold it seemed that special. You see Frank had had to work to find the album and he paid good money for it!

I want to help those who see the way we live today as empty and meaningless to break free and experience music the way I and Frank Zappa did. I want to help you to find the greater sense of excitement that we felt. So here is what I am offering you today if you take the risk of buying without having listened to every track, only those uploaded to here which will have Breaking Free artwork by their side so easy to find. Every step increases the feeling of anticipation, excitement and meaning because that is what makes things special and gets your heart really beating.

Over the next twelve months I will be reducing the number of tracks on this site and changing them more frequently so take advantage of this very special low price for Breaking Free and the other albums in due course! I will be creating a shop from which you can buy our albums over time with a credit or debit card in due course.

Our third album Breaking Free has never been available in the shops or to download and it may never be. It’s a five album box set with five and a half hours of music most of which was created over one special weekend in 2005.

There are 48 tracks ranging from pop songs and dance tracks to rock, classical, jazz, funk and styles that we have invented. There are three minute songs and fifteen minute instrumental tracks It has an incredible energy and originality which led one reviewer in the British magazine Love It to describe it as “probably one of the most original albums ever”. A second in Pathfinder magazine said “if there was only one album I could ever buy it would be Breaking Free”.

If you have read this far you are already slowing down which is the first step back to sanity. Too much technology is sending us all over the edge. Slowing down you are already beginning to break free. I want you to slow you down some more and follow my magical mystery tour to the most special and unique album you have ever bought. Each step that you follow will make the album more special when you get it which will take several weeks to get to you but I promise that your sense of excitement when it arrives will be something that you have never ever experienced, so read on.

To buy this album will require you firstly to write a letter to me asking for it and telling me your dreams and what you fear today. When you write an old fashioned letter to someone there is a feeling of love that you put in what you write, a feeling that you don’t get from sending a text or an email because these are done without much thought.

You will next need to write out a cheque or go to the post office and get a money order for £20, $20 or twenty euros depending on where you live.
Try leaving your phone behind when you go to do this because then you will notice the beauty of the world. You will need to ensure that your payment is made out to Beyond Reality Music. Then you will need to put it into the post box and wait as we used to often when I was younger or when we were expecting a reply from our boy or girlfriend.

Remember to write your home address and post or zip code at the top of the letter with your name. Buy a nice bright envelope to send your letter in it increases your sense of excitement because when you send something special it makes you feel more special!

You will need to write the address on the envelope so here it is:

Jeremy Holtom,
Beyond Reality Music,
Syresham House,
45 High Street,
NN13 5HL

When I receive your letter this is what I will do.

I will mail you a copy of Breaking Free to the name and address you wrote in the letter together with a letter to you that will be personally written not written by a machine.

It will be addressed to you by your Christian name and the letter will be signed by me so you can frame it and put it on the wall to show that you have bought one of the first copies of Breaking Free ever to be sold. Your copy will have a number which will make it collectable and potentially valuable.
It will come in a beautiful gold envelope.

The price for now is just £20, $20 or 20 euros to get it started. I will also include one of our other albums released through Beyond Reality Music free. The second album is for you to give or sell to your best friend but only after you have listened to it three times over four weeks. To give it or sell it you must love it and that will happen only when you have listened to it enough times to fall in love with it.

Listen to Breaking Free at least twice over the next six weeks and then write back to me with a review from you over how the album made you feel, what you liked and what are your favourite tracks.

Be honest and give me the name of the friend who you gave the second album to and give me their address because I will then send them a different album and ask them to give it to you after they too have listened to it at least three times and I will offer them a chance to buy Breaking Free and send them a copy of your review!

If they buy it I will send you a cheque for selling the album for us with your review. Do you see what a beautiful thing I am starting by spreading love with everything you do

You see I want to create a relationship with those who buy our music that is truly special in the way that relationships with musicians of the past were special. I want those who buy our music to feel real love in a loveless worldwide locked down world. I want you to tell everyone you meet how special you were made to feel in a world where today very little is special because all that matters is selling the product to you.

Music is not a product it comes from my heart and the heart of everyone who plays on it!

Oh, and two months after your letter arrives with me when you have written back with your review a second letter will arrive from me that will help you to deal with your fears and start the journey to your biggest dreams for I know about these things for I am doing my biggest dreams and dealing with the scary fears that everyone must deal with to achieve those dreams.
With that letter will come the album that you gave to your friend to replace the one you gave to your friend together with a further album from us free. Guess what I will ask you to give that to your friend too and so life will go on but I hope that your own light will shine a little brighrer because of what I am doing for you.

Take care and look beyond the mad worl;d we are in because it is starting to change for the better and you can help that too.


Jeremy Holtom
Founder, Beyond Reality Music

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Hi Everyone,

We have all been living with the bullshit because of this virus which for most people will be no worse than flu which can give symptoms from similar to a cold to flu. It is only really killing old people and people who are already seriously ill. In Britain it had recently killed only 388 healthy people under 60 as was reported in the UK Newspaper The Daily Mail recently and that is from when it started. It has not been contested by the government and if it was not true I am certain it would have been.

For all this the world has been bankrupted and we have had our lives strangled and been infected with terror that like the cold creeps into every part of who you are. We are currently living in dictatorships as authoritarian as Hitler and Stalin before they became psychopaths!

Here is a track called Overload.....The Rats Rise Up that appeared on the fifth album of Breaking Free which one reviewer described as "Probably one of the most original albums ever".

Breaking Free is now on sale only as a CD. It contains over five hours of music created by me and my band called Six Foot Under the perfect name for today's world. For any one who buys it from here, all you need to do is send an old fashioned cheque, postal order or money order for £20 or $20 or the equivalent in other currencies made out to Beyond Reality Music and send it to:

Beyond Reality Music,
Syresham House,
45 High Street,
Brackley, Northants, NN13 5HL

Don't forget to give an old fashioned postal address to send it to!!!

The image is from Singing In The Rain a clip of which has been on here for a year which is on the fourth album of Breaking Free.

Enjoy it and turn it up loud and it will breath life into you I promise. Wearing masks and fighting through loads of people wearing them and stooping is like walking with vampires as they steal your energy. All that they need is teeth!

Anyway lots of people have said they wanted to buy an album and this five album box set that contains some of the tracks on here is our third album,

It will come to you with a personal letter signed by me in a beautiful gold envelope.

Have a great year- we all deserve it.

Take care and be strong,

jeremy Holtom
Founder, keyboard player, occasional keyboard player, songwriter and Producer Beyond Reality Music and Six Foot Under

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I am today uploading the Crappy Christmas Song.

It has been a crappy year and the twits that lead us are working hard to make it even crappier.

This is why I have uploaded the Crappy Christmas Song. Its available to buy from most leading sites around the world. Its also available to stream from Spotify and others. However if you buy it you have it for life and can do what you like with it. If you spend the small price to buy it then in six days it is possible to get it to Number one with no airplay on the radio so no one will see it coming. These things happen if they are meant to but it might be this year!

Before we are again locked down why not buy the Crappy Christmas song. Its fun, surreal and it parodies every Christmas song you have ever heard. It also had a powerful message for the peddlars of crap of all kinds. We have had enough of crap- crap leadership, commercial crap, crappy attitudes and we want to get back to a Christmas with a bigger meaning. That message is so much more powerful when it comes out of nowhere and you can help. Get sharing, pass on this message, buy the song tell people about it.

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Hi Everyone,


Firstly, I just want to thank everyone who has subscribed since I last sent out a newsletter. We are now up to close to our first 1,000 supporters. I really appreciate all of your support.

A lot of people have emailed me and said they want to buy our music. From today you have a short window to do so and perhaps help me to get out a message about the sort of world we all actually want to live in. I don't think many people are happy to live in a world where they must stagger around in a ridiculous muzzle because the idiots who lead us say so. I don't think many people like being subject to brainwashing daily. I don't think many people believe that dealing with each other at a distance is normal or even sane. I don’t believe that many people really believe that taking a vaccine rushed out with unholy speed is the real solution to COVID-19.

We have all lived through the madness of covid and for years we have watched the true spirit of Christmas being trashed by supermarkets selling us their trashy commercial version of Christmas. The devil whatever he or she is has run free for far too long. Add to that tv companies who believe that Jesus watched TV when there is absolutely nothing to suggest he even wanted it to ever be invented. He believed in connection and I believe he would rise up against all this.

I am quite certain that most people actually want a Christmas that has real meaning. Whilst everyone enjoys shopping I don't think many people really want it to be just another selling occasion. I think most people want some real love at this time of the year and for that love to spread out into the new year. Many people want to hear carols and to remember the Christmases that they had as children before cynicism and money became what was forced on us all. Many people seek the real magic of Christmas. Most people want this to be the one occasion that they can worship even if they do it once a year, this year is a really important occasion to bring us all together in churches, mosques, synagogues and temples.

Many, many people prefer God to figure in it all somewhere.

This is the message of the Crappy Christmas Song and its a message for the whole year not just Christmas.

The Crappy Christmas Song is a parody of every Christmas song you have ever heard. Its also a beautiful Christmas song with a beautiful and powerful message for everyone and if you listen to it, it will connect you with what is best about everything.

You can make it a hit by Christmas if many of you share this post on Social Media. Anything can go viral in two weeks if people get behind it. You can help it to remain in the charts for the whole of the first quarter of 2021. You can help me to gain a far bigger voice to say the things that you want to say. You can say that you too have had enough of all of the crap wherever it is. The power of the message in the song will be so much greater if it becomes Number One from nowhere without any advance publicity or marketing, it rises because the people want to!!

So tell me what you want me to speak out about for you.

Share this post with as many people as you can. Buy the song and share the playlist on our YouTube page on your facebook pages, twitter and any other social media sites you are on. Buy the song as a present for a few people to help it to spread. All of these things can make the song a hit if it spreads virally because I believe that many people will this year in particular connect with its message and really enjoy, be empowered and laugh with its message.

Laughter is the best antidote to the fear of the virus that has been spread deliberately by the control freaks that lead us who neither give a damn about any of us or want the very best world either.

I have shared a video we made of an ad that was going to appear on ITV a few years ago. It was going to be pitched in a slot with the X Factor. Then sadly they listened to the song and recognised how anarchic it was. So, they bottled and pulled the ad because they thought it might piss off Simon Cowell. Ridiculous! It’s a short taste of the song so go and buy it to enjoy the whole thing with your friends.

If you click on Buy, Apple ,Amazon and Spotify you will find links to buy the song. If you buy it not only can you listen to it and give it away to friends on a cd as a Christmas present but you will also help me to change the world.

My Grandfather was a lifelong pacifist, helped found the Ban The Bomb movement that began with the Aldermaston Marches in 1958 and designed the world famous Peace Symbol. My Father stood up to a doctor who lied to him and played God and issued a private prosecution against him. This action when he was dying of cancer both shortened his life and changed what Doctors can do because he gained worldwide publicity. I took on a coroner after my Mother died because without telling me and my brother of her death they went ahead with a post mortem and I took exception to their abusive belief that they could do what the Hell they liked because she was dead and therefore in some way their property. This too led to profound changes as a result of the national publicity I gained in the UK. None of this will be anything compared to the shake up I will start when I finally breakthrough. We are living through a time of abuse when many basic rights are being challenged and we all need to stand up for those rights or we will lose them.

If you are with me message me.

I am from a family with real, real passion who are prepared to stand up for what we believe in. Come with me and help me become who I was born to be a Pied Piper to lead us all out of the sewer that we have all lived in for far too long!

This has been a long post but somethings are too important to break down to a meaningless soundbite and those who want a better world will understand this.

I wish you all a happy Christmas and I hope that we can all create a better, saner world in 2021.
Share this post everywhere and every time it comes into your mind


Jeremy Holtom
Founder, Beyond Reality Music

PS: Here's a link to a one minute clip of the full video and song. Several versions of the video and my Christmas songs will be in a playlist within a few days and certainly by 12th December


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