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8 months ago

Happy New Year!

I just want to say Happy New Year! If your reading this take a moment to be thankful, that (You Made It). These last 3 years have been a trip. But here we are! I want to say thank you for supporting the music. I hope you all are getting a message from it and not only listening to the beat lol jk. But going into this New Year I dont want to make new resolutions for them to never come to fruition. Lets keep going hard everyday and chasing not what society tries to feed us as the norm. But rather go after what we know is possible and thats anything we have faith that is. Everybody be blessed and safe and I hope to hear from you all soon.

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We Made it through Covid 19

Hows everybody Doing? I hope you are all doing well I know its been a while since I messaged you all. I was going through a lot in 2020. We faced covid 19 and battled our emotions because the news was spreading fear and unrealistic numbers of passings. I was facing a divorce 5 months into a fresh marriage. And the bank froze all my accounts for 6 months for something that was no fault of my own. But after all this we are all still here alive and prayfully in a better place. All of your words of positivity and support allowed me to keep going and pressing forward. So I want to tell you all thank you. I attached a song to this message its called (in my bag). After everything we've all been through let's go harder moving forward with Self Happiness and self Love at the precipice of it all. I pray for more success and more blessings and overall more Life. LETS ALL TALK SOON. (Sincerely Dixon)

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Many Blessings To You!

Many blessings to you, I hope you are doing well. I am writing to you because from November until now we have all come together and formed such a great unity. 622 that is amazing I want to say thank you. I know that this past year has been hard on us all! With unexpected happenings. But I'd like to say I see the negative but at this moment let's look at all the positive things that came out of covid19. I'd say we all found new talents and creative ways to survive in hard times. And just as I am a member of our over all team BRN. I am in the same everyday situation. We all want to be happy we all want to be financially free. It takes time and calculation its not overnight given to most. So knowledge and relentless action and belief that it has all ready happened in your favor. Epic Manifestation. I Hope you all enjoy the Song it's the last song on the Playlist at the moment. I hope everybody has a blessed Sunday and going forward into the week. Thank you for the support. If you ever want to chat don't be afraid to message me if your subscribed its family tings 100. PEACE!

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I hope That everybody is doing well! I know that some of your are in a hot area and some are packed down with snow. I want to let you know no matter the situation. I hope that you are in high spirits ! I am keeping you all in my prayers and hopefully you all are blessed and highly favored! I want to thank you all for really taking the time out to listen to the music and I really appreciate you all. In turn I have dropped new music for you all! The last thing I`ll say, take a moment and look at your situation. We all are in covid together but if your seeing this you made it! Your alive breathing and have an opportunity to be the change that the world needs. I hope this sparks some joy and inspiration in your day to create something new that has never been done because you are the special formula of greatness. Out of a plethora of a million you made it (sperm lol) so why make it here to not be the great that you were hungry eager and destined to be from the instinct you had that would ultimately land you in the world we know today! Food for thought.

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Many Blessings

Hello, Everyone I'm praying and hoping that you all are doing well. Its Monday everybody always hates Monday. Well let's change perspective. And not only look the stresses. But look at all of your opportunities. Take the time to analyze why today is a great day and the wins you achieve through out the day. The song talks about wins and losses but always ending off in positivity. Hope everybody has a blessed day. Hard work dedication!

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