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Music is my passion. My love of music started when I was just a little girl. My loving grandmother taught me how to play the piano when I was 7. Ever since then I've been performing in various places. I then learned vocal technique in high school. I would sing solo and duo vocal performances. I incorporated the 2, and performed many songs of Sarah Mc Lachlan, Norah Jones, Adele, Mariah Carey, Celine Dione, Whitney Houston and other powerhouse women.
I additionally went on to receive Broadway, Oprah, Country, Jazz, Pop, Rock, vocal training. I've also learned the guitar and percussion, as well as music production. I wrote my first song at 13, and I've tried to write as much as I can. The more I learn about music, the more I grow as an artist and as a person.
My priority and focus has been raising my 4 beautiful children. I wrote songs and books for them, and I would write books with them to help them engage in learning and to thirst for knowledge. I completed my first solo pop/country album while I was raising my toddler children.
I went back to school after my divorce and got my Bachelor's in Business Administration. School and my kids kept me very busy to say the least.
Now I've graduated, literally work at my dream job, and I'm able to give more attention and focus to my music. 2 of my children are now adults, 1 quickly approaching, and my youngest is 14.
I'm so excited to share my new music and lyrics with all of you. My hope is that the messages and emotions I'm trying to express and convey will touch others and leave them inspired. The main message I am trying to convey through my music is, there is beautiful light always shining even in the midst of intense darkness. There's always hope. You can find your way back. What we focus on changes everything. That which you focus on expands. Fill your heart with graciousness because we're always blessed. Even when we think we're not. I've learned this tower moments in our lives are catalysts for change. Rather than focusing on what you lost, or looking at the struggle, focus on all of the blessings you still have and could have. Focus on what those dark moments in life are here to teach you. The most beautiful and wonderful lesson I have learned through my struggles is. I can't choose for other people. I can't change other people. I can however, choose for myself. I can choose hope, light, healing, love compassion and healing. I can choose gratitude and see that gratitude expand more and more. There is healing, there is light, even when you can't see in front of you. Light is coming. You need only believe.
I hope you all enjoy my music. It's really so therapeutic for me. I play because it helps ground me and express my feelings and emotions. One of my songs I wrote about my grandmother (who was my neighbor, my piano teacher, confidant, friend, my sunrise, and more of a mother to me than my own mother) after she flat lined twice on my 17th birthday and went into a coma, sums up the how sacred my music is to me. "I can't stop playing. It's how I FEEL you. If I stop playing, I won't know what to do. If I stop playing this'll all be real and then I will be forced to heal. I realize you've given me a life long gift. When I play music my thoughts start to drift, back to my childhood when you were there. When you'd call me "dolly" and brush my hair. I find this is my happy place, so I'll keep playing songs that feel your grace. " Bottom line, "I keep playing and writing songs that feel her grace.

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