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About H2eau Projekt

My name is Konrad (Konny) Zimmermann and I am the founder of the H2eau Projekt. I was born in the last millennium (18. Dec. 1958) near the dutch boarder in Germany, Bocholt. Grown up with Mozart, The Beatles, Tchaikovsky, T-Rex (Marc Bolan) Genesis, Zappa, NEU, Kraftwerk, CAN, War, James Brown, Prince, my music is as multifaceted and chaotic as the water. An I love the Water. I was 11 as I watched the Moon landing on TV live with my mother and the whole family. "A small step for a human being, a big step for humanity," said Neil Armstrong, the first human being on the moon at the time. We, the whole of humanity, watched the television live and kept our fingers crossed - prayed for the astronauts that everything should go well for them. The belief in world peace was in many hearts.
I belive that our fate lies in the water. If we save, help, cherish, Oceans, Rivers - our nature, we will manage a good future for all of us to make .

I create music and art with the elixir of life - water.
Water is the basic instrument of my H2eau AQUAPHONIE sound.
Acrylic glass bowls filled with water, equipped with hydrophones are the main components of my "H2eau water drum" (Many Thanks to Ambient Recording).
I play World Music, Chillout Sounds, Electronic Beats, Rock, Pop, and Jazz themes with my H2eau Waterdrum. The sounds will instantly immerse the audience into a world of new listening experiences, driven by a unique liquid touch.
Any H2Eau rythmics and beats are played live in and with water. Songs, Sound elements and grooves are linked to water poetry of famous lyricists (Heine, Goethe, Laotse ....) and also to compositions of Debussy, Smetana and Rimsky-Korsakow.

All rhythms of the songs (Love Youe Ocean / The Shore / Save the Water ...) are played live with the H2eau Waterdrum.
Acrylic glass bowls filled with water, equipped with hydrophones (underwater microphones) of the company "Ambient Recording" are the main components of my "H2eau Waterdrum".Youll dive in to an unexpected listening experience.
The highly sensitive hydrophones translate finest nuances, without any noise or feedback, and the water is making its own unique sound.
My Target!
Through my doing and creating and through my music I want to help protect and save our ocean with all my migh