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Toni Segarra
11 months ago

Much encouragement and thanks for being there. Taking care of ourselves, we will take care of others

Dear friends and friends.

We have to live some very difficult times and that at the same time help us to reflect on many things.
Perhaps now certain things that were previously overlooked are given more value.

Friendship is much more appreciated and above all being there, knowing that we have each other and that we are not alone.
Appreciate those little things that, perhaps because they are so close at hand, are not valued until we do an introspection and realize that, in many cases, we have no reason to complain and give thanks for being and being as we are.

From my life I can tell you that my two most loved ones (my parents) left me in a matter of 2 years. Sometimes I feel sad and other times I think they are lucky because they are now where they deserve, oblivious to this strange situation and should not go through this ordeal and this merry-go-round of incongruities that most of us who are still here are having to experience.

I just want to ask you very humbly to be respectful to each other. Which is our base for coexistence and survival as well.
I send you my best wishes and that above all you are very patient and respectful.

On the other hand if it is true that there will be (and there is) more boom in telecommunications. We have to live times of introspection and great caution.
I humbly want to ask you to be respectful with yourselves, since being so you will be with everyone else.

Nothing will ever be the same again, but we will move on.
Please, taking care of ourselves we will take care of others.

From Barcelona (Spain) with all my heart and respect, receive my love and best wishes.

Thank you for being there. ;-)

Toni S.

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Wishing the best

Hi everyone,
I hope and wish that in these times that we are having, you and yours are well and take good care of each other. For your own good and for everyone's. God bless you. I love you. A big hug from Barcelona. ;-)

Toni S.

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With all my heart

Hello dear members of this community.
It has been a long time since I have offered you new singularities (as I call them). I want to thank you with all my heart for your expressions of support and sympathy towards what I have offered you.
For family reasons, I haven't produced for a long time and I really want to offer you again.
I just want to beg you that in these difficult and complicated times we are living, be very cautious and not expose yourself or expose anyone to the good of all.
Take good care of yourselves and take care of yours.

From my heart, a big hug.

Toni S.

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Toni Segarra
2 years ago

ExoSpace = An invitation to get carried away ...

Hello my dear friends,
I will share with you a very special singularity.
Just get very comfortable, relax, close your eyes and let yourself go.
It is a very long long evocation by who knows where it could be ...
I wish it makes you experience good sensations. ;-)
You will tell me ...
With love.

Toni S.

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Toni Segarra
2 years ago

With love for those who enjoy it

My very dear friends,
Here I can offer you 5 singularities.
I hope you like it a little.
I want to apologize for not having done it before, but some of you know the sad reason.
Life must go on even if it costs and despite everything ...
Thank you for your samples of love and complicity.
And especially my select "guardian angels" for being the way they are.
I want to thank you with all my heart for your messages of support and, of course, for you to be there. ;-)
You are the best, really.
My best wishes accompany you.

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