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Paul Yambasu
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Paul Yambasu

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About Paul Yambasu

Paul began his career in his native Manchester. After moving to London in the mid 80's, Paul quickly became a sought after bass player and quickly put together a Funk outfit " Cosmic Side", together with former Foundations member, Eric Allandale. This time musically the emphasis was on Funk music, fusing together world music, rock and jazz. Cosmic Side were basically a three piece outfit, drums, bass, and Eric on trombone. It was here that Paul cut his teeth as a writer, writing the whole set for Cosmic Side. They became a much sought after outfit, acquiring a residency at London's 100 club, a venue exclusive for London's finest outfits. Several publications named them as one of the finest outfits in London, and the band had successes with tracks such as "True Connection" and "Space age blues".

Cosmic Side were known for the originality, and also became one of the first bands in London to incorporate Rap music, Funk, Rock, and particularly drum and bass. The were highly innovative, and received rave reviews for the works. Paul being the writer described it as very fundamental to how he writes and records today, infusing many different styles, mixing strong melody with innovative rhythm. The band were at the cutting edge of the Funk renaissance on to, and into the 90's. Again they were a highly polished live outfit, and toured with the likes of District 6, one of South Africa's premier outfits, they also worked with the French jazz funkster Manu Dibango, a highly acclaimed Jazz fusion sax player from Paris. Cosmic Side rehearsed at the famous Diarama in Camden, London, which became a melting pot, and a home for a host of Afro bands from the UK and abroad, and the legendary jams formed a host of fine music, which was recreated in live shows the length and breath of the UK and Europe. Many outfits passed through Diarama, and their music which was basically in essence the Cosmic Side, influenced and created a whole new vibe of Afro /Funk/ blues music, the influence reaching far and wide.

Cosmic Side spilt around the mid nineties, it was at this time Paul honed his talents and continued his writing, also playing bass and writing, and working with the likes of Loose Ends, Soul2soul, together with his new outfit, DJazz, together with vocalist
Danny Campbell. Djazz had great success, enjoying popularity with various dance anthems, at the inception of the dance/drum and Bass era of the late 90's. They were again a very live outfit, and toured the UK and Europe to some fantastic acclaim. Again DJazz were hailed as one of the best outfits to come out of the London dance music scene, which had now evolved into a very influential force, influencing a myriad of bands, from soul2soul, the a host of female vocalist's who were enjoying great success at this time.

After leaving DJazz just after 2000, Paul continued his writing, the live sessions were still there, as he played with and wrote for a host of UK funk outfits. Paul's writing ability hails from a combination of all he has done before, changing and evolving in the same way as music has since the revolution in music technology. The adaptation from more analogue based recording, to todays midi and sequencing form of wring was no mean feat, Paul has managed to stay at the cutting edge of this musical renaissance, writing for and recording with many UK MC'S, rock bands, and particularly Funk outfits. His music has always been cutting edge, and at the forefront of the many musical changes over the last few years.

Paul Yambasu brings a rich blend of fused music's, incorporating many different style's , particularly poignant in today's eclectic music scene. Funk music has evolved, fusing many forms of previous dynamic sounds, and the likes of Paul Yambasu is very much at the cutting edge of this transformation in musical styles. Paul recent recordings such as the musical mayhem in" Take it Higher", and particularly "Behind the Veil" attest to this. They bring a rich fusion of all that his music has evolved into. And as music transforms and evolves, the likes of Paul together with today's many talented and expressive musicians is the the cutting edge of this.

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