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About Red Bungie Band

A band that is 23 years old and has progressed and changed from a small group to a large group back down to a small group of musicians. We started mostly as a jam band but now we have refined our sound. It started with two teenagers, a basement, a conga drumset, keys, and a guitar. It elevated to 4 members, a house, a shotty drumset, an old amping system, a crappy bass, keys, and a half broke guitar. It evolved 11 to ? member jam band, with the ability to record well into 2 hours, a ludwig set with Evans hydrolic heads, 4 keyboards, including a korg vocoder, a fender bass, great amps, 4 or 5 guitars, and at least 2 sometimes up to 5 vocalist. The Band is no longer just a fun group of people, it's a movement for better music and musicianship.

There have been many versions of the band and many movements or style periods of music. Since anyone was welcome to come to practices and jams the band was a diverse arrangement every time. The first real location outside of parents houses was the Chapel Street house, where Briagorn and Jay lived, the set up was in the basement, and once outside before the cops told us to go inside and stop making so much noise. The basement set up featured a mixed parts drum kit in bad shape, a few small amps, a guitar, bass and a keyboard. There were 3 to 4 players at that time, Kevro was on drums and vocals, Briagorn was on guitar and vocals, Juantia Hemp was on bass and occasionally another would join on keys or vocals depending on the song. Songs that were written during this time were "F the Hurricane," "Cowboys," "Andy Griffman," and "Ride."

The next major place we played was at Lovett Ave, in a small studio known as "the heatwave" or in the basement a few times though due to water leaks that was deemed unusable and the porch where we did our recruiting. Since it was a college campus we would pull in new artist who were walking by by creating songs about them. This house for many years was the center also known as the Red Bungie Manor. This first phase of the band was known as The Red Bungie Jam Band. Most of the known Red Bungie Songs were written here, the first Album "Bungie Chords" and the most played song in our history "Want Me Too." So many artist came through that there was a sign in sheet. The setup was a Ludwig stand 3 tom 3 cymbal (Kevro added a cymbal) with hydraulic drumheads which Kevro won at Accent Music in the fastest drummer competition, a large mixer, many amps monitors and speakers, guitars, keys, bass, and occasionally horns or a violin. The room was lined with sound proof material so it got hot as hell, but we were able to fit quite a few artist in the room at once and recorded the most audio content there. We never did any video however this was before we all had phones with cameras so there's only pictures of what it looked like. The Red Bungie Band entered a phase called Red Bungie Presents during our time in the Manor. This is when the Red Bungie Symphony was written by Kevro Drunkins and contained multiple Red Bungie artists, seven total and was built to show off each artists unique style and abilities. More new artists were added in this time than any other, and we jammed almost every weekend. Briagorn and Kevro were the only constants but Breezy and E Rock, Rockin Robin, Ronny Meadabuck, Skittle, Jay, Silent Al, Nat Queen Soul, Dyna Mike D, Ryan "The Face," Mike Stoner, Pope Fox, Keyks, C Watts, Gothic and many more became active members.

There were a few other places we played during the same time period, The Good Shot bar, we were the house band for a few months, Benny St at Briagorn's place and at Breezy and E Rock's place on Main Street. The setup at the Bar was the standard you'd expect, the other places were more low key or acapella or drum circles.

After we left Lovett, there was a small time where there weren't many jams, and the band didn't play as much, though Kevro and Briagorn practiced either at Kevro's parents or Briagorn's place. The next major phase saw us at Ryan "the Face's" place with the same basic set up as Lovett but a lot more space. Beside the first 2 video which were filmed at the Gnapper's place in Wilmington, the first real video jam at Breezy and E Rock's new place in Pike Creek started the video era of the Red Bungie Band. One of the first new songs was "Walk Away" followed by "Give Me That Money, Honey" at Ryan "The Face's" place, which was recorded in a room with a smaller setup, but we usually played in the larger covered porch space. We alternated between the two places during this time. We had hits come out of both places, videos like "Go Walk Your Ass Home" and "Don't Post Us" and "We Rock" which were full improv jams but also great songs. We continued to play more at Ryan's and Breezy's and added Briagorn's place and eventually Dyna Mike D's place as well. It eventually became mostly the last 2 alternatively.

The next phase of the band saw the end of Ryan and Breezy's places and the start of the Gnapper's place where the equipment moved to, so similar to Lovett and Ryan's place but more square. It was also known as the "icebox" and quickly became the main Red Bungie Band music center, though Briagorn and Mike D's were also still used. Songs such as the OH my Damn Cover and "Help Myself" made their debut here. This was the second longest era of Red Bungie music and was the last bigger jam band set up we had. This time has the most recorded content as video capture software was much more readily available.

After moving, and many members either moving away or leaving the band, there were some jams here and there, at Nat Queen Soul's place and at Briagorn's in San Diego, the band shrunk dramatically as there was no place to play music. Kevro joined a band called the "Fedoras" which he was in for 2 years, which started Red Bungie Band's official hiatus. After the Fedoras broke up, Kevro went back to his solo work under the Red Bungie banner. He continues to produce, write, record and create his own music and videos. During this time songs like "Get it Together" and "Black Hole Summer" were written as Kevro finishes his solo album "World's End" while at the same time working on The Red Bungie 20th Anniversary album which consists of all Red Bungie originals redone in Kevro's 2020 style or Briagorn's 2020 style.

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