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Paul (Gizz) Martinez
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Paul (Gizz) Martinez

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About Paul (Gizz) Martinez

2015 Texas Tejano ROOTS (Remembering Our Own Tejano Stars) 'Hall of Fame Museum inductee in the Million Dollar Band member category. The youngest of (6), and raised in Central Dallas, Texas - Little Mexico Village 'Projects' on Harry Hines Blvd. - Started playing guitar at 12 years old, then drums at 14 (8th & 9th grade, Spence Jr. High marching band), saxophone in 10th grade, at 16 along with ... read more



About Paul (Gizz) Martinez

2015 Texas Tejano ROOTS (Remembering Our Own Tejano Stars) 'Hall of Fame Museum inductee in the Million Dollar Band member category. The youngest of (6), and raised in Central Dallas, Texas - Little Mexico Village 'Projects' on Harry Hines Blvd. - Started playing guitar at 12 years old, then drums at 14 (8th & 9th grade, Spence Jr. High marching band), saxophone in 10th grade, at 16 along with Bass guitar. - At 12, I was under house arrest (grounded for life it seemed) for being a bad boy, so I picked up the guitar and learned by ear and sight. My older sisters' had all of Sunny Ozuna songs playing all the time, and I was subject to their torment, and that is where I started to learn La Onda, from Sunny Ozuna. Songs like "Las Morenitas" and "Amorcito Chiquitito" with that 'bad ass' horn section, which you can hear on YouTube. He inspired me during my learning years, along with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berrys' "Johnny B. Goode", Freddy Kings' "Hide Away" & James Brown with "Cold Sweat" and "I Feel Good". By 16, I was in recording studios with 'Fatz & the Allstars', then merged with Omar Lopez "Big Man & the Night Creepers" who earlier played guitar with Sam The Sham & the Pharaohs of "Wooly Bully" fame. I was playing Onda Chicana music on tenor saxophone, and then Bass guitar at 17 with the Centennials (11th grade) after my brother got drafted - until my life was saved by 'ROCK & ROLL'. Traveled and recorded with 'many' groups & bands, met loads of people & loose women - from ALL over.... that I can say: "I've Been There, and Done just about everything it means, and 'Then' - some".

First combo, 'The Sun Daps', was in the 8th grade with Moses Olivo and Arthur Moreno. We learned 5 songs and played them over and over at someones birthday party, and made 5 bucks a piece. Today I can feel how embarassing it must've been, but I was too nervous at the time to know it. Kinda like your first kiss, it's something you'll never forget -

9th grade we won the talent show in Jr. High, and played the Mobile Stage at Fair Park, sharing the stage with Jesse Lopez, brother of Trini Lopez ("If I Had a Hammer", and "Jimenez" in the movie "The Dirty Dozen" with Lee Marvin, all from the same neighborhood - Pike Park. We had to play a half time at the Cotton Bowl where our school (Spence link), was playing a football game. Then had to make a run to the stage. We were late, but got to play and make fools of ourselves, but hey....we were on that stage and it was all worth the _____ that happen'd that day. We were the only fools with Go Go Dancers up there with us, by the way. That's a whole other different story. Monitors were not used in those days, and our equipment really sucked in the open, but our school friends were there and it wasn't so bad. Still a very scary time paying "my dues to play the Blues".

Started out on Bass guitar, then switched to 3rd Tenor saxophone for about a year, touring with Lonnie Aguilar and the Latin Souls, and Carlos Landin y Los Rondels, also with Ruben Ramos along with the Mexican Revolution Bands all together on a 3 month tour thru Indiana, up to Aurora at the 'Foxx Gardens' in Chicago...the summer after high school graduation, then went into Business College since I did not get 'drafted' or lotto'd into the Army - like most my friends, and brother did.

BAND BIO: 1st band was in High school in 10th grade - with trumpet player Edward Fuentes ('Fatz' - from Austin) --- 'Fatz' and the Allstars - I played 3rd tenor and alto sax with 'Fatz' along with Mando Benavides on 2nd tenor. when we recorded "Wild Onions" at the age of 16 and Mando was 17. Then merged with Omar Lopez band 'Big Man and the Knight People in 1968. Sam the
Sham was in Big Man's group way before the 'Pharohs' and
"Wooly Bully" and "Littl' Red Ridin' Hood".
I was just an 11 year old kid just beginning to learn to play guitar,
dreaming to be up on stage like them. It took 5 years of hard
practice time to do it. On Saturday nights I would sit outside the Red Jacket Club on the corner of Maple and Wolf streets, selling Sunday newspapers to people coming out. But the reason I was there was to listen to the Rev. Filmore James and His Swinging Flames play till 2 in the morning, through the walls, I could hear the music, and I would practice what I heard when I got home. One night he came out and showed me some moves on guitar. I was outside picking along with what they were playing, and he came out and showed me some chords. One day I was walking home and he was passing by, he gave me a ride home in his pink caddy all the way into the projects. He had a beautiful blonde chic with him. All the neighbors saw me come out of the car and I was the talk of projects ever since. I was destined to be a player. Lost alot of friends practicing all day, but
guess who was at the back stage door when I made the band?
Yeah, all my rowdy friends who made fun of me, that I'd never make it, kissing my ass for a free pass. The girls got in. That was the whole reason I wanted to be a musician. The GIRLS!!! Thank You Rev. Filmore ~ wherever you are. One night in 1976, I saw him at one of MY shows. He came to see our show when I was in a show case band called 'The Funk Family'. He didn't remember me, but I told him who I was, and he just lit up. Never will forget that night. We came full circle ~ Now I had the chic, but no caddy till 1981.

2nd band When my brother got drafted I took 'his' place on bass with Sal de Leon and the Centennials in Dallas, Texas - Recorded "Siempre Junto a Ti" and "Segue Llorando" with Mike Martinez, and "In a Moment" and "Never Gonna Give You Up" with Joe Luna in 1969.

3rd band Lonnie Aguilar and the Latin Souls - Ft. Worth - Recorded "Mamas Pollo" and "Me Despido de Ti", "I Got a Line on You", and "Yesterday" in 1970.

4th band Stone Free - 1972 Rock & Roll

5th band Sweet Sound Trio with Isreal Cavasos and Jesse Rocha - '72 - '74 ~ House band at D's Lounge and - Big Lou's Club

6th band Joie Jay and the Funk Family Show/Case Band toured all states including Alaska and Canada ~ Opened shows for bands like Tower of Power, The Pointer Sisters, and The Kingston Trio to name a few ~ Followed acts like Carol Lawrence at the Pink Garter Club with Moses Olivo on drums, and Mike Hensley on guitar...Jerry Burgess Quartet - in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and Pat Boone in Florida a couple times with Joie.

7th band Click band in Hollywood , Florida ~ show/case backup band for- Cathy Chaney (daughter in-law) to Lon Chaney,Jr.(The Wolfman) who was also a Golddigger Girl on The Dean Martin Show.

8th band "Icarus" Rock & Roll - Featured on PM magazine on ch. 8 in Dallas with local bands like Buggs Henderson at KZEW 102.1 at the Convention Center.

9th band Wedding Band, ~ Finally really fell in love/lust (balls to the wall) - after 11 years - with a 5ft 2 Irish/French/Cherokee - green eyed red head, ten years older than me. Didn't last long ~ rag'd out and 'mental-pause' hit the fan - and I hit the 'road' -

10th band Latin Percussion 20 piece free form with The Latin from Manhattan and KNON radio in Dallas. Featured players like Gilbert and George Cortez on congas.

11th band "Blue Jones" ~ Blues Band

12th band Ricky Smith Y La Movida band '86-'87
visit: link




13th band 1988 high school reunion with The Tunemakers. Came back from Detroit and put it together in 10 months at my house with a bunch of rag/tag buddies from 1967 & '68.

14th band Last but not least "Control" Environmental band with songs like "XLR rated Particles", and "Brenda" ~ original music featured on my DVD for Bass Players.
For more info on it, contact me at RockandGizz@link

Have jam'd with countless bands for short while's but bands listed were for more than 1 year stays and I can't remember or list all of them.

Favorite Videos, Songs & Albums:

Fav. Videos - "I want my MTV" - "Hot for Teacher"

Fav. Songs - "Bad Boy" - The Beatles
"Hot Legs" Rod Stewart
"Just What I Needed" The Cars

Fav. Albums - "East Bay Grease" - Tower of Power
"Laugh Your Ass Off" - Redd Foxx

Finally ~
I created my own destiny and lived all my fantasy dreams thru all my tours at least 6 times, or 6 life times of a year or more on the road.

My only regret is that I did not save any of the money I made cause I was living like there was no tomorrow, I called it the "James Dean, Rebel without a Cause" - syndrome. Don't know how I've lived this long, but I think someone up there loves me. Thank You Jesus, My Lord, for everything that I have - now that I pulled my head out my ass in 1990 and got a 'Real Job'. Quit drinking and smoking and used that money to buy a place near Lake Bonham on 2.7 acres, with a white picket fence in front. Go fishing when I can, ~ Would like to meet a 'smooth and creamy peanut butter woman' this time around...who has 'her own shit' and leave when she wants too ~ without my shit! ... ~ It's the Rock & Roll mentallity I have developed - Blame it on the Beatles...it all started back in 1964.

You and ONLY - YOU.... can Create your own Destiny and Live It!

Ignorant, prejudice people...love to be deceived; why present them with the truth? - Richard Boone (Palladin)

Up Yours.....La Tuya ~

The End ~

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Wow! that was a 'fast' 2 weeks and time to get back into some ONDA Tejana/Chicana music this time with a 2nd different version of "Dicen Que Soy Muy Boracho" (They say I'm a Big Drunk) that I have posted somewhere on the list of over 100 songs that I found in my stack of stuff. Seems like I don't have a limit on songs I can post, so I'm just gonna keep on adding them till they stop me. Hope you enjoy it if you understand the genre in Spanish. It's a 'busy' song that kept everyone on it on our toes when we put it together, that's the way we liked to do it so we didn't sound like an ordinary Mexican band on the scene. We liked to let people and bands know that 'we came to play and take names'. It's what kept us apart and helped put me in the Tejano ROOTS 'Hall of Fame' in Alice, Texas in the musicians category as a pioneer.

Well...it looks like another year has gone by and will soon be starting year 7 here at N1Music next month. I love the number of Plays and Profile viewers that have come to know me and the thousands of mailing list subscribers from ALL over the World and here in the States who write me all those great comments everyday. Keep them coming and tell your friends!

See you again in a couple weeks as I look for another song to post.

Thanks for Rockin' and Zapatiando with me this past year!


Bonham, Texas
2015 Texas Tejano ROOTS 'Hall of Fame' and Museum in Alice, Texas

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110 songs in over 17 genre/styles, Rock 'n Roll, Classic Rock, Hip/Hop/Funk, ONDA Tejano/Chicana, Blues and 'more'!

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This time we're going unplug'd in a sort of way with "Back in the link that I did with my brother Rocky in my Dallas studio. It's best heard thru some headphones. I'm on guitar and he's whaling away in this fast paced song that I hope you'll like as much as we did doing it.

Today we hit 4k on the mailing list and I want to WELCOME everyone who's joined in the last 2 weeks...You can download most all the songs on the play list 'free' and if you reply to 'this' News Letter, I will send you any and all the one's you want in MP3 form including "Rock & Roll Down in Texas" thus saving the .99 cents for being a subscriber. Tell your friends about it!

Got to make this short cause I had surgery and I've been resting a lot lately.

Enjoy the song/songs and I'll see you again in 2 weeks.


Bonham, Texas
2015 Texas Tejano ROOTS 'Hall of Fame' & Museum in Alice, Texas

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Here's a Funk jam cover by Sly & the Family Stone I did 'Live' at a party back in my crazy Animal Hair Days called "Nah...nah nah Naaa Nah". Hope you like it.

There are a 'lot' of new mailing list members that have not heard some songs I removed from the list when I thought 100 was the limit and this is one of them I'm bringing back for those members. Many of you have heard it on here before.

WELCOME to 'ALL' the new members from ALL around the World and here in the States.

We have a new one from CUBA that came in before the media black out. I won't mention his name for those reasons, but I hope he gets this News Letter over there. WELCOME!

For all the new members, please read the last couple Letters or more to catch up on things happnin' with me and my music. Also, that you can download most all of the list 'free', but if you reply to 'this' News Letter ~ I will send you any and all the songs you want that are not available, 'free' in mp3 form you want including "Rock & Roll Down in Texas" saving the .99 cents.

Tell your friends about it!

I'll see you again in 2 weeks with another song...Hang in there!


Bonham, Texas
2015 Texas Tejano ROOTS 'Hall of Fame' and Museum in Alice, Texas

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Uploaded a new song "Body Dancing" that I use to play on tour with La Movida band back in the Hair Days mid '80's. It's for streaming only but you can get an mp3 copy of it by replying to this News Letter if you're on the mailing list along with any others you want including "Rock & Roll Down in Texas"

This makes 109 songs posted and I hope that N1M doesn't put a limit on how many I can post.

I'm thinking of re-posting songs that I removed so that all the new mailing list members can hear them.

Lots of new folks joining every day from all over the World and here in the States. WELCOME!! Tell your friends about it!

Hope everyone is enjoying this 4th of July safely and responsibly with the fireworks.

I'm making chicken enchiladas with lots of side stuff for me and my disabled veteran brother. Hope your meal is as good or better than mine.

See you again in 2 weeks with something new or old again.

PEACE~LOVE & Rock 'n Roll!!!

Bonham, Texas
2015 Texas Tejano ROOTS 'Hall of Fame' and Museum in Alice, Texas

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