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Find us (expired link) more information! Life is hard... Then you die! - Eternity is eternal lie... "Highland" We are from USA, Spain and Finland... MATD - Team

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3 months ago

Dear friends,
Check out our new song " A Man Who Cries"!
Life is, love is ... Tears and joy.
(expired link)

Stay safe on the sea of love. MATD
Video: (expired link)
Facebook: (expired link)

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6 months ago

Hi dear friends,

There is our new instrumental song Highland! It´s a story when we have to climb to the final mountain to meet our God!

Check out our video. It includes the poem telling a message of this song.
(expired link)

We hope this will calm you down and let you think all valuable things in your life.
Crazy times we´re living...
Be strong and stay safe.


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11 months ago

Hi! Its time to brake out a new Alice song. This time Alice returns to wonderland and spoils all the fun!
This original story is also story between England and Scotland. Lion beats Unicorn...
Is Brexit an exit to wonderland? Tweedleedee is EU and Tweedledum USA... What's going on in the world today?

This is not only a rock song! Take your popcorn and open up wonderland! Rock saves the world!

Rock - Peace - Love MATD feat Nida

(expired link)
(expired link)

Check out our lyrics video: (expired link)
Spotify release at midnight today! Spanish time.

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1 year ago

It is time to release our first ever MATD song.
We are Veli and Marcos living in Spain. Our amazing singer is Hana Muftic from Los Angeles USA.
She used to live in Johannesburg South-Africa, but now she is in USA.

We found her on internet and heard her voice. It was perfect for our new song.
This new song is based on Alice in Wonderland story and the movie.
We have always loved Lewis Carroll, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp... but who was a star... Alice? Who knows Alice who?

Who The Fuck Is Alice is out now. Check out our video: (expired link)

Find us: (expired link)
(expired link)

Have a great spring coronavirus or whatever...! Enjoy your life. Marcos, Veli and Hana

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