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About Ana Chapman Productions

CISAC IPI# 1048263662 and ASCAP
Know that every single penny that is generated from the purchase of music, art, books, t-shirts, etc. Is used completely and entirely for the creation of the musical FOREVER JUBILEE, to save souls, the fruit that remains. When you give to this ministry, you are sowing 100% into the Kingd ... read more


Àna Chapman

Current goal, to get my musical made into a film.

Àna Chapman

Composer Festival Promoter Lyricist Songwriter Vocalist
Current goal, to get my musical made into a film.


About Ana Chapman Productions

CISAC IPI# 1048263662 and ASCAP
Know that every single penny that is generated from the purchase of music, art, books, t-shirts, etc. Is used completely and entirely for the creation of the musical FOREVER JUBILEE, to save souls, the fruit that remains. When you give to this ministry, you are sowing 100% into the Kingdom of Yeshua Ha Meshiach. (Deducting the costs for the merchandise and production,)

A novel can not contain all of the miracles from my Savior that are continuing to form my life and faith, and I am seriously considering writing a book, because I have had so many real, absolutely miraculous moments in my life. I have had everything from my car being flipped to the left and then to the right in order to miss oncoming traffic. Gone up hill with an empty gas tank...ask my son, pulled up from unseen hands out of deep sleep just as my car was about to be entered by a stranger, when I had stopped exhausted on the road. These unseen arms and hands sat me upright, put my hand on the key, turned it as my foot was placed on the gas as my car kicked up pea gravel...right as I saw a man's hand on the unlocked door handle! The car was an Oldsmobile Cutlass with bench seats. When I had stopped the car, I just flopped over and never checked the locks!.I have been healed from cancer MULTIPLE TIMES...etc, etc..a very long list, but most importantly, I believe in and love My Savior, Yeshua Ha Meshiach. Jesus the Messiah. In Sept of 1982, I ran down to the alter when the call was made. What led me to that commitment, after the influence of several loving people, was the song that was written by Rich Mullins, Sing Your Praise to the Lord. It made it to the Age to Age album by Amy Grant and was introduced to me by a pilot in Midland, Texas after flying in through a tornado. The car rental desk was closed and the airport was without power, so this pilot, who prayed next to me during the flight, offered a drive to my hotel. And thank God, he played this amazing song along the way. So I am a personal testimony to the power of music!

I have been writing songs and poetry since the third grade. Singing is like breathing to me. I have always loved to sing, yet was terrified to sing "out loud" where anyone but the sky could hear. My dad and brothers would always tell me to shut up... which might have had something to do with it. To say my dad was not encouraging is a gross understatement, and yes, he was abusive. But the Lord gave me the grace to forgive and I even wrote a song about it, "I Know, O Jesus".

So I would sneak out through my window at night and sing under the street light, making up songs and singing for hours. Somehow I had enough courage to audition for choir and musicals in High school and made it. After graduation and during college I was a Big Al's Gal, singing and dancing in four reviews a night, then was hired for the Added Attraction Musical Theatre ensemble at the Westgate Dinner Theatre. I could do solos when I was playing a character other than myself, like Baby June in Gypsy. But singing out there, by myself as ME! SHEER TERROR. Years later, after receiving Christ, I committed myself to writing songs that I hoped would encourage the Body of Christ or save souls... For somebody else to sing....

Had just finished writing the song, "I Can't See Us Now" (available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Apple...etc), and looked up to heaven and said, "Lord, when I get to heaven, may I sing?" I heard Him say, "Why not now?" "Lord. I am singing now to you but I really want to sing, sing!" Again, I heard, "why not now?"

A short time later, I am at the Christian Family Theater for the first time and what I did not know is that Pastor Joe Simmons would invite people to sing while they were changing out the large movie reels. They were having difficulty getting the next reel to load and Pastor Joe announces, "Someone here has a song to sing and you need to get up and sing it!"

I heard the Lord say, "that's you." I started arguing. "Acapella! No way! That can't be me!" Pastor Joe repeated himself. I kept arguing and felt like I was having a heart attack. Finally Pastor Joe says, " Somebody here has a song to sing and you better get up and obey God and sing it!"

It was either have a heart attack or obey. I got up. Sang. Sat down and shook like a fish out of water for about 30 minutes. Through the encouragement of Pastor Joe, I continued to sing on Friday and Saturday nights from tracks that up until then I didn't even know existed! Robin Creasman heard me sing one of my original songs and encouraged me to record. Six albums later... Long story...

My desire was not for fame or fortune so I chose to be a tent maker and freely give since we have freely received, instead of taking a different course that was offered. So I record songs when I can.

Years ago I was challenged by a book by Josh McDowell called A Ready Defense. In it he states that if just 48 of the Messianic prophecies were fulfilled it represents the statistical odds of 10¹⁵⁷th power. I took him on and went in on a journey to search from the Tanach the prophecies that Yeshua had to fulfill. There are approximately 396 direct prophecies. I started presenting them when I would minister to youth groups to show the foundation we have in Christ. Did I forget to mention that I started ministering to youth groups....anyway

One day, while sitting at the piano, the Lord said SING IT. (Music gets in the heart). So I sat there and wrote out an outline. The setting is Paul with the Bereans as they examine the prophecies together.

I have recorded the entire audio version of the musical, including the drama scenes and narration. (It can be heard on SoundCloud, called Forever Jubilee, Act I, II, and III on my Playlists). I pray it will encourage, bless, teach and reach out and save souls through the power of the truth of God's Holy Word, to both Jew and Gentile. The entire Gospel is in the Old Testament/Tanach. In the musical I address the Rabbinical objections to Yeshua/Jesus being the Messiah. By the finale, 137 prophecies have been presented. Really seeking a church or venue willing to perform the musical so I can record and send out as a witnessing tool. So if you know of one... HELP!

Have also just started a new album project called, "A Call to Arms". It is getting VERY REAL, as we watch current day prophecies coming true. Better "Get Ready", the sky is about to split! ( title to one of the songs).

So much more I could say, but I pray for you as you listen, that you will be blessed and grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus THE CHRIST!

If u listen, would love to hear from you, good or bad. That is how we grow. And I really want to be effective in this ministry and impact lives... To have fruit that remains until His glorious return....

No more crying. No more tears. The former things are ALL passed away.... And death has no sting, when the Alpha and the Omega sits on His eternal throne in victory.

One more very important thing. If you can not point to a time and place when you gave your heart to Jesus Christ and made Him Lord of your life, please don't wait. If you have any questions, I will gladly talk to you about this important decision that changes your forever. Or talk to a Believer that you know and pray for the Lord to guide you to a Bible believing place of worship.

Praise you Yeshua. Amen

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This is long. This is why it is divided by sections. Read what interests you
1. NIECE MISSING 8/10/2022
link niece, Amanda Stiffler, 32, has been missing after work from Toledo, Ohio since August 10, 2022. Please pray for her. Her picture and contact information is on my Facebook page Ana Chapman Wydrinski. Toledo is at the crossroads of all major link. freeways and turnpikes. So, wherever you live in the link. you might see her. Please call it in even if you think you might have seen her. PLEASE.

link have adopted an orphanage in Uganda called Bridge to Hope. These children have been listening to my music and I had become a friend with the director. Found out that they were struggling and had not eaten for three days straight. I verified that this was a real orphanage and sent emergency funds to feed them.
I believe the Lord inspired me to start the Ana4Uganda Foundation to get sponsors for each child. Since COVID, this orphanage and Uganda, have been hit hard. I have been begging for Sponsors on my Facebook page since June. I have posted hundreds of pictures. I have received a lot of THUMBS UP. Quite frankly, if I wasn’t a Believer, I would tell them what they can do with their thumbs up. These children are truly starving! How many of us have had to share our nighty meal with another child so everyone can eat?
For only $50 per month, you can Sponsor a child! That will feed them, clothe them, and send them to school. You can talk to them on Messenger. Encourage them, laugh with them, be a long-distance foster parent! There is joy in knowing you have saved a life. We are raising them to know and love the Word of God, that they have worth.
For more information WITH NO COMMITMENT, just to get information and then decide if you want to help, contact me at Ana4Uganda@link. Any help is appreciated.

link MESSIAH RADIO will officially launch on September 25, 2022, Rosh Hashanah. This is a very significant date as it starts the SEVENTITH Jubilee Year that Israel has never kept. It lasts from 2022 thru Rosh Hashanah 2028. Should be a very interesting time. Do a study on the Jubilee.
The vision of the station is to reach the Messianic Jewish Congregations and provide an outlet for Jewish Musicians to minister; to reach the Jewish population and share the joy that the Messiah already came first as the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53; and to help Christians know the Jewish Heart of Christianity. If they are Anti-Sematic, they are anti their own Savior. The branch is not wise to curse the tree that it is attached to, nor the promise of its Root. Replacement theology is a great error. We stand on Genesis 12:3 and Romans 11. I hope you listen. You will be blessed.
link movie plans for FOREVER JUBILEE continue to move forward. There was an Orchestral reading of my original score on August 14th in Plano, Texas. A special thank you to these musicians, who were brave enough to test the score for errors and to make suggestions, in no particular order: Debbie Brooks - cello, Ronnamarie Jensen – violin, George Anderson – bass, Robin Karevaar – clarinet, Abby Hawthorne – oboe and English horn, Monika Fryklund – viola, Renee’ McGee – trumpet, Susan Frazier – horn, Heather Test – horn, Miles Johnson – trumpet, Amy Mora – flute, Barney McCollum – bass trombone, Ordabek Duissen – violin, Jack Courtright – trombone, Drew Lang – percussion, Yeeun Kim – keyboard/harp, Paul Lees – keyboard, and Mike Drake – drum set.
Darby Kern is the scriptwriter that I am pursuing to help with the writing of the movie script. I am still in search of a church that will perform the musical so we can video the production, which is what has been requested by the movie studio. HELP, if you know of a church! I have all of the SATB sheet music, score for orchestra, or accompaniment CD’s. AND I WON’T CHARGE ROYALTY FEES!!! Keep an eye out for the GoFundMe page. Nathan McConnell from Irish Wolf Productions is creating the infomercial. We are discussing making an animated version of the musical. What do you think about that?
A GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO NOTESPIRE RADIO and Paul Gibbs, for broadcasting the entire musical (minus the Overture and opening Narration), eight times over Passover and Easter. What a blessing! Take some time to listen to his station that gives indie artists and Music Ministers the chance to be heard, like me!
link out the YouTube channel, ANA CHAPMAN PRODUCTIONS. Have posted several new videos. Please do not be fooled by the postings of DistroKid of one of my songs with an album cover. My channel has real videos. We did do a striped down version of My God while the video is being worked on to draw attention to the orphans. Here are the links to new videos. KING DAVID CAME DOWN, YouTube A RESCUER, YouTube NEON TOWN, YouTube ORCHESTRA/KING OF THE UNIVERSE YouTube MY GOD, MY GOD, YouTube. And there are more on the way even as I type this.
I am currently applying for monetization of this channel. One way that you could help me with the orphanage is by supporting this channel. Listen, hit the thumbs up, and continue to Subscribe, if you have not. And thank you for the great response when I asked you all to support the YouTube channel and Spotify. WOW! In the 1,000’s on both. Thank you. I pray you are blessed in Yeshua.
link. Our God is truly an awesome God. I currently have over 7,345,432 listens on N1M. Over 100,000 on YouTube, and over 100,000 individual listens on Spotify. ReverbNation has picked my songs for several “Most Requested” in Dallas, broadcasts. I am thankful for the message of Yeshua, and praising Him, being heard.
link section for ARTISTS. I have several different people that are helping me to grow my musical reach. Perhaps they can help you as well. Here are their names and contact information.
MDRIYAD. This young man from Bangladesh has really helped with my reach on both YouTube and Spotify. He only works with people to grow each site and has helped make my ministry go worldwide. I highly recommend him. Not only did he grow my numbers, but he walked me through monetization, etc. Here is his contact information. Mdasaduzzamanriyad2612@link.
NATHAN McCONNELL of IRISH WOLF PRODUCTIONS. I met Nathan at an art show where he was helping his grandmother. This young man so inspired me, as he showed me his own artwork and just talked. Immediately recognized that I was listening to a young, creative, and intelligent, genius. I hired him to work at my art gallery and he was so competent, resourceful, reliable, and trustworthy. Have watched him go to school, start his career, and marry a lovely wife, and become a father to a beautiful precocious, son. He is now using his talents to create wonderful videos for me. We are also discussing turning the musical into a full-length animated film. If you want truly moving music videos, contact him at link. As an off note, they are facing a real need for prayer and finances as they face together a medical storm of his wife’s. PLEASE PRAY. (sorry Nathan, had to share) If you have been thinking about doing some music videos, HIRE HIM NOW!
REGINA DOWKER of GEMS OF GRACE. Regina is my MUSE! And no, you can’t hire her for that. But, Regina has helped create some beautiful YouTubes for me using photos. (Nathan uses film) She is quite the visionary and has the gift of getting down to the theme of the song and conveying it. She is affordable and so pleasant to work with. She will care about your project. Contact her at pinkydowker@link.
link true BIBLE STUDY. Does it matter which version of the Word that you read and study from daily? The answer is unequivocally YES. Some very disturbing changes have been made, and are continuing to be made, that every true Believer should protest against and ask for these new versions to be pulled from the pews. We are very literally being set up for the Reset and the anti-christ world system. Go to the Bible you own and look up Matthew 17:21. If it is missing, you especially need to go to these YouTube sites and take notes. NEW AGE BIBLE VERSIONS, YouTube, and NEW AGE BIBLE VERSIONS EXPOSED, YouTube. Or purchase and read the book by Gail Riplinger, NEW AGE BIBLE VERSIONS. We are being prepped for the World Teacher. In the Gospels alone, 26 times where the KJV uses the word MASTER, in the new versions it is changed to TEACHER. 31 times the word DOCTRINE is changed to TEACHING. Alice Bailey called for the elimination of doctrine. In II Timothy 4:3, the Apostle Paul warns: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall heap to themselves TEACHERS”. Please watch the videos. Protect the truth that is in you. Blessings, Ana

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If you sent me an email and I did not respond yet, please forgive me. The response has been a blessing. However, my email provider assumed several were spam and I am sifting through the spam folder. Please feel free to send a message on n1m and tell me that am email was sent and not responded to and I will quickly get to it. And THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR GRACIOUS WORDS OF ENCOURAGMENT!!!

Not only am I currently over
4,500,000 listeners WORLDWIDE,
but the ministry keeps expanding into different directions! I have barely paid any attention to my ReverbNation account, but it is a good thing I checked up on it this week...it seems two of the songs I posted were some real crowd pleasers and I was one of the top listened to artists this past month, etc... So I am going to be featured TWICE, once for each song, on their home page. I will let you all know when that is going to happen. There are restrictions on how often I can post emails to you, so if I can't let you know here, I will put the dates on my Facebook page and the Event page on n1m like I did the radio broadcast..... AND....
( Yes, it is still #1 for 24 weeks running n Contemporary Christian, but this means it is the Number One Song on ALL OF NUMBER ONE MUSIC in the entire world in every style of music.) Pretty miraculous!
And MY GOD, which has been #1 in Musical Theatre for the entire year..
Just moved up from #3 in the All genres of music category globally, to
.... SO BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS OF THIS MUSIC MINISTRY.... WE GET TO LIFT UP OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST WITH A ONE AND A TWO!!!! And as I have mentioned before, MY GOD, is not just a song. It is wall to wall THE HOLY WORD OF GOD WHICH NEVER RETURNS VOID! 17 specific Messianic prophecies to be exact! And just as it is said in His glorious Word....He will draw all men unto Him if we are faithful to LIFT HIM UP!
*******Here are the scriptures*******
Psalms 22:1, 16, 14, 17, 18, 7, 8
Psalms 109:24, 25
Psalms 69:21; Psalms 40:7-17
Psalms 16:10; Psalms 31:5
Jeremiah 31:22; Micah 5:2
Isaiah 53 (all) emphasis vs. 12 and
Psalms 2:2-12.
***There are actually more than 17 verses of scripture, but pretty incredible mathematically statistically!!! If anyone here deals in probability, God Almighty is the house and I would never want to gamble my soul stacked against these odds!!!
THE HOUSE DEFINITELY WINS! ALL of these scriptures were written over 4 centuries before the birth of Christ!
(and thank you for still being here!)
I HAVE BEEN INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN A VERY IMPORTANT CHRISTIAN SONGWRITING COMPETITION. ( please don't get hung up on that word. It is to help find people like me, so our ministries can be heard, grow, and reach)
€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥€¥I PLEASE. I NEED EACH OF YOU WHO SAYS MY MINISTRY IS A BLESSING TO YOU AND THAT IT NEEDS TO BE HEARD, TO LET ME KNOW YOUR FAVORITE THREE SONGS SO I ENTER MY BEST THREE SONGS. If you only have one or two, that is ok. But I don't think you Subscribed to my page without liking at least 1-3 songs.
( I want to be known just as Ana, ...... but this makes it impossible to be listed on these platforms.....................
I am on the following, and they may have added more, so please check if you are not sure, but positive here:.....
SPOTIFY, iTUNES, DEEZER, APPLE, YOUTUBE ( I have 6 videos right now on my channel, and DistroKid has added so very many postings of just my song album cover and then the title of one of my songs... So confusing when I ask folks to listen and watch my videos. Please Subscribe to anything you find, but especially the real videos. Here are the song titles and links:
One Breath Left


Coming for Water

To Your Promised Land, version 2


SoundCloud and ReverbNation .....

HIT FOLLOW OR SUBSCRIBE. I CAN NOT EVEN PUT INTO WORDS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS. I truly need you to help build the foundation for the musical to be made into a movie. And every one who subscribes or follows this ministry will be thanked in the credits of the film!
( MUSICAL) FOREVER JUBILEE! HE IS A VERY GIFTED WRITER. HIS NAME IS DARBY KERN. One of his most recent works is working with Ian Bultmann on the radio drama, Ian Bultmann Adventures. The wonderful historical drama of the Pilgrim's on the Mayflower.

And everything is progressing with Jewish Messiah Radio.. About to be launched

Blessings to all and may the Lord richly bless and keep you until that day when He carries us home with His power and glory!
P. S. Forgive any typos or auto-incorrects

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An Amazing Six Months

Wanted to thank all of you for an amazing run so far on n1m. On Friday June 3, 2022 this platform reached 4,006,910 listeners, which does not include those that shared my music ministry with others on their social media platforms. I AM OVERWHELMED. And what is so wonderful with that, is all of you that I have started friendships with all over the world and all over the United States. In one day messaging Hong Kong, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Germany... Even met someone from where my grandfather's family came from in Germany when he posted a picture that I PAINTED from a photo my grandfather had. Pretty amazing. We now text back and forth in German!

Ten of my songs have consistently stayed number ones in their genres. Thank you.

And this week two songs made it into the TOP FIVE across ALL GENRES OF MUSIC ON N1M!
#1 globally A RESCUER!!!! WHAT A SURPRISE THIS WAS! This song moved from #14 globally across ALL GENRES to #1!!! I believe this is due to the kind reviews that I received.
#3 globally across ALL GENRES is
MY GOD, the anchor song from my musical FOREVER JUBILEE. This song was #3 across all genres the previous week, so I did a full court press trying to push it to number #1. I was blindsided when A RESCUER rocketed past it. I was rooting for MY GOD, because it is a song that contains 17 separate prophecies that Yeshua fulfilled from the Tanach. Starting with Psalms 22:1. Psalms 22 was written in 1000 BC. 1033 years later, it was happening in front of Israel's eyes in Jerusalem. When Yeshua cried out, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?" He was quoting Psalms 22:1. The students of scripture should have mentally recited the rest of the Psalm.
I have heard sermons where Pastors have said that Yeshua/Jesus cried this out because His Father turned away from Him because He became sin for all of mankind. But the Word says that even if we are in Sheol/ Hell, God is there.
When I say at the piano crying and writing this song, I believe that the Holy Spirit showed me that Yeshua cried this out in great love. One more time before He died, He was letting them know that He was the fulfillment of prophecy. The suffering Servant from Isaiah 53 and Psalms 22.
In the musical FOREVER JUBILEE, I have included 137 prophecies in script and song. So, why is this important? Why does this matter? There are over 4200 world religions, yet only the Juedeo-Christian faith has the proof and evidence of fulfilled prophecies. God said, "you will know that I am God because I have told you the end from the beginning."
Josh McDowell wrote a book called A Ready Defense. In it he stated that if just 48 of the 396 Messianic prophecies were fulfilled by one individual man, it equals 10¹⁵⁷th power. Ten with 157 zeros following! He said if just 8 were fulfilled, it equals 10¹⁵th, which is four times the world population EVER. This song has 17. The musical has 137. Pretty heady stuff! The Prophecies are so important that Yeshua/Jesus, after His resurrection when He met the strangers on the road who were flabbergasted that He didn't know about what happened and they were so dismayed....He started teaching them all the way from Moses (Genesis 3:15) the things that Messiah must fulfill.
These prophecies are also what the Disciples taught and why so many would get saved and became Believers, never to deny their faith even at the threat of horrific death.
All of the Disciples died from horrible deaths but one. John was exiled to the Isle of Patmos where he wrote I, II, and III John, Jude, and Revelations. But it wasn't for lack of trying. Before he was exiled they boiled him in oil yet he didn't die!
Why am I sharing this? Why did I want to push MY GOD to number one? The Word says that if we lift Jesus up, He will draw all men to Himself. I want to lift Jesus up because the night is coming when no men can work. Some harrowing times are coming. There will no longer be a grey zone.
All of the gifted artists on this platform, received their gifts from God Almighty. He is the giver. He is the Creator. Satan can't create anything. he can only pervert and destroy. I want the artists on here to recognize the callings that they have. Music is the language of heaven. We can use it to lift UP or tear DOWN. I pray for the choice of life over death.
The Lord is coming sooner than I think many realize. Prophecies are continuing to come true in our time.
The river Euphrates had dried up. A recent headline read, SYRIA CONCERNED OVER THE EUPHRATES RIVER DRYING UP! The Word tells of the army from the East crossing the dried up Euphrates. At no other time, even when I was born or any of my children, could the prophecy of the Two Witnesses that are killed in the streets of Jerusalem, have come true, that the entire world will see them die. It could happen now!
Many have listened to the teaching of John Darby that started in 1830 of the rapture coming before the week of 7 years of Jacob's Trouble. But I ask, if the Holy Spirit is removed with all of the churches, then how can it be that the Lord tells us in Mark that WHEN THEY DELIVER YOU UP FOR MY NAME'S SAKE, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT TO SAY OR SPEAK BECAUSE THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL SPEAK THROUGH YOU. I believe that the one who is removed is the Angel Michael from Jerusalem. We are definitely protected from God's wrath. But get ready. Persecution is coming and has already started . We need to decide what we will stand for and whom, no matter how the question of the timing of the Lord's return is answered. But Paul is clear in 2Thessalonians 2. REGARDING OUR GATHERING TOGETHER UNTO HIM, (pretty clear), that day will not come until TWO things happen first. A great falling away and the man of perdition is revealed. It goes on to describe the Abomination that makes desolate. The answer that Jesus DID answer when they asked what would be the sign of His coming.

Here is the Dropbox for the broadcast on NoteSpire Radio of the musical. I am protected on ASCAP. feel free to share. I will let you know when the GOFUNDME page is up and running.

Blessings to all of you. Please, if you don't know where you stand regarding your faith in Yeshua ha Meshiach, Jesus the Christ, just ask Him to forgive you where you have failed Him. Thank Him for His free gift of eternal life and ask Him into your heart. He stands at the door and knocks. He will never force His way in. We have free will to believe or not. But He made sure that we had a guide to know the truth through His Word. And His Holy Spirit to confirm.
Blessings again on you all.

One last thing. The writing of the songs for my next album A CALL TO ARMS is continuing on schedule.

Please hit Follow on Spotify, etc. It will help get backing for the musical to become a movie.


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Last radio broadcast tonight of:
Ana Chapman Productions

Featuring GEORGE CALL as Yeshua
and KEITH KNIGHT as Paul, from
ASKA and

The setting is Paul with the Bereans as they examine the Messianic prophecies together from the Tanach. By the end of the presentation, 137 Messianic prophecies have been presented in script and song. Original score. (except for 3 songs).
To listen go to:
@ 6 pm EST.
PLEASE set your alarm and share with family and friends!

*Key Scenes that were accidentally omitted in previous airings have been put back in for this airing!)

*Please let Paul Gibbs from NoteSpire know you appreciate them doing this broadcast! As do I! Ana

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SO MUCH TO SHARE! 4/13, 2022, 5 mos w/n1m

Yesterday hit 2,043,299 LISTENS!
Reached 1,013,025 March 12, four months on n1m.
Obtained Second MILLION in ONE mo
I am over the moon with these results?
The charts are looking great. Going to give just the highlights. Last week, 14, all of my songs but 5, were in the top 20 in their genres. Most in the top five.
The following songs have shown the most staying power. On the new week 15 charts, they remain the same....ALL are GLOBALLY:
NEON TOWN, #1 - 19 weeks
A RESCUER, #1 - 14 weeks
YEAR OF JUBILEE, #1 - 11 weeks
MY GOD, #1 - 15 weeks
MY SONG, #2 - 9 weeks
IN PRISON REJOICE, #1 - 5 weeks
WE CRY HOLY, #1 - 7 weeks
I am so thankful to all of you for your support and for sharing my music with others.
Please, if you would, please go to Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Apple, etc... And press FOLLOWING! It changes their algorithm, which is so important for my songs to be recommended.

NOTESPIRE RADIO IS HAVING SPECIAL BROADCASTS OF MY COMPLETE MUSICAL to honor the Passover/Easter season. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE set your alarm to listen to at least one of these broadcasts, and share this information with your family, friends, and places of worship.

This musical is already producing fruit that remains to both Jew and Gentile. This musical incorporates 137 Messianic prophecies that Yeshua fulfilled from the TANACH, what Christians refer to as the Old Testament. The GOSPEL, the GOOD NEWS, is all there. There are over 396 specific Messianic prophecies. I only included 137 because of time constraints.

HERE IS THE SCHEDULE. ( Go to NoteSpire Christian link to listen on line or cell phone)
APRIL 13(Wednesday) 10pm EST
APRIL 15(Friday) 6am EST
Passover Starts at Sundown Friday
APRIL 17(Easter Sunday) 6am EST
APRIL 17(Easter Sunday) 5pm EST
APRIL 23(Saturday) 6pm EST
Passover ends at Sundown Saturday

Please set your alarm to listen and please take the time to thank Paul Gibbs from NoteSpire for sharing this
(soon to be made into a movie)

Did you know that there are approximately 4200 separate religions on this earth? Pretty astounding when you think about it. But here is the kicker. Only one has an empty grave. Only one has sworn witnesses even unto horrible deaths of not only our Savior, our Messiah, living again after the three days that He said He would, Mark 9:31; but they witnessed Him ascending into the heavens PROMISING that in the same manner, He would return.
But there is so much more. Our heavenly Father told us that we would know that He is God because He was going to tell us the end from the beginning! And EVERY SINGLE PROPHECY written down by the Prophets has come to pass, and is still being fulfilled with the household of ISRAEL. We are witnessing the pages of Revelation unrolling like a scroll before us. A headline recently mentioned less than a month ago, Syria 's concerns because the Euphrates River has dried up. This is prophesied and it is important in our times, because this is the highway that the king of the east brings his army through to attack Israel. Prophecy matters!

In the future I will be discussing these prophecies more completely, but here are the words to the song,
MY G-D, MY G-D (the o is removed out of respect for my Jewish brothers and sisters)
They have pierced my hands, my feet
(Psalms 22:16)
I can count my bones.(Psalms 22:14)
People stare and gloat over me (Psalms 22:17)
They cast lots for my clothes (Psalms 22:18)
My G-d, My G-d
Why have you forsaken me?
Why are you so far,
So far from saving me? ( Psalms 22:1)
All they that see me shake their heads ( Psalms 109:25)
They laugh and mock in scorn (Psalms 22:7-8)
But I was yours at my mother's breast
(Jeremiah 31:22)
Even before the stars were born.
( Micah 5:2)
My strength is gone ( Psalms 109:24)
My tongue is parched, they give me gall to drink (Psalms 69:21)
CHOIR: "He saved others, but not himself (Psalms 22:8)
What's left for us to think?"
You'll keep me from the dust of death
( Psalms 16:10)
My heart melts in my chest. (Psalms
But in your courts I'll sing again
(Psalms 40:7-17)
In this my spirit rests. (Psalms 31:5)
Father, forgive them,
For they know not what they do.
( Isaiah 53:12)
©1998 Ana Chapman

This one song fulfills 18 separate prophecies. If just 8 prophecies were fulfilled by Yeshua, it would represent 10¹⁵th power. That is more than four times the amount of people that have ever lived on planet earth. 48 prophecies, as shared in a book called A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell, would represent 10¹⁵⁷th power. That is ten followed by 157 zeros. That is one huge number to bet your soul's eternity against. I have included nearly THREE TIMES as many prophecies in this musical, of the over 396 specific to the Messiah. That is not including His various NAMES that describe his character, attributes, and personality.
Then you add in all of the other prophecies regarding the state of Israel, etc.... The Bible is an astounding and very relevant document.

I pray you are blessed. As always, please send any prayer requests, and I will diligently pray for you.

Next newsletter I will give an update on Jewish Messiah Radio and the Tsunami of Praise with a Cry for the Unborn Music Festival next spring in Athens, Texas. Please let me know if you want to come and minister in music.

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