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Know that every single penny that is generated from the purchase of music, art, books, t-shirts, etc. Is used completely and entirely for the creation of the musical FOREVER JUBILEE, to save souls, the fruit that remains. When you give to this ministry, you are sowing 100% into the Kingdom of Yeshua Ha Meshiach. (Deducting the costs for the merchandise and production,)

A novel can not contain all of the miracles from my Savior that are continuing to form my life and faith, and I am seriously considering writing a book, because I have had so many real, absolutely miraculous moments in my life. I have had everything from my car being flipped to the left and then to the right in order to miss oncoming traffic. Gone up hill with an empty gas tank...ask my son, pulled up from unseen hands out of deep sleep just as my car was about to be entered by a stranger, when I had stopped exhausted on the road. These unseen arms and hands sat me upright, put my hand on the key, turned it as my foot was placed on the gas as my car kicked up pea gravel...right as I saw a man's hand on the unlocked door handle! The car was an Oldsmobile Cutlass with bench seats. When I had stopped the car, I just flopped over and never checked the locks!.I have been healed from cancer MULTIPLE TIMES...etc, etc..a very long list, but most importantly, I believe in and love My Savior, Yeshua Ha Meshiach. Jesus the Messiah. In Sept of 1982, I ran down to the alter when the call was made. What led me to that commitment, after the influence of several loving people, was the song that was written by Rich Mullins, Sing Your Praise to the Lord. It made it to the Age to Age album by Amy Grant and was introduced to me by a pilot in Midland, Texas after flying in through a tornado. The car rental desk was closed and the airport was without power, so this pilot, who prayed next to me during the flight, offered a drive to my hotel. And thank God, he played this amazing song along the way. So I am a personal testimony to the power of music!

I have been writing songs and poetry since the third grade. Singing is like breathing to me. I have always loved to sing, yet was terrified to sing "out loud" where anyone but the sky could hear. My dad and brothers would always tell me to shut up... which might have had something to do with it. To say my dad was not encouraging is a gross understatement, and yes, he was abusive. But the Lord gave me the grace to forgive and I even wrote a song about it, "I Know, O Jesus".

So I would sneak out through my window at night and sing under the street light, making up songs and singing for hours. Somehow I had enough courage to audition for choir and musicals in High school and made it. After graduation and during college I was a Big Al's Gal, singing and dancing in four reviews a night, then was hired for the Added Attraction Musical Theatre ensemble at the Westgate Dinner Theatre. I could do solos when I was playing a character other than myself, like Baby June in Gypsy. But singing out there, by myself as ME! SHEER TERROR. Years later, after receiving Christ, I committed myself to writing songs that I hoped would encourage the Body of Christ or save souls... For somebody else to sing....

Had just finished writing the song, "I Can't See Us Now" (available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, Apple...etc), and looked up to heaven and said, "Lord, when I get to heaven, may I sing?" I heard Him say, "Why not now?" "Lord. I am singing now to you but I really want to sing, sing!" Again, I heard, "why not now?"

A short time later, I am at the Christian Family Theater for the first time and what I did not know is that Pastor Joe Simmons would invite people to sing while they were changing out the large movie reels. They were having difficulty getting the next reel to load and Pastor Joe announces, "Someone here has a song to sing and you need to get up and sing it!"

I heard the Lord say, "that's you." I started arguing. "Acapella! No way! That can't be me!" Pastor Joe repeated himself. I kept arguing and felt like I was having a heart attack. Finally Pastor Joe says, " Somebody here has a song to sing and you better get up and obey God and sing it!"

It was either have a heart attack or obey. I got up. Sang. Sat down and shook like a fish out of water for about 30 minutes. Through the encouragement of Pastor Joe, I continued to sing on Friday and Saturday nights from tracks that up until then I didn't even know existed! Robin Creasman heard me sing one of my original songs and encouraged me to record. Six albums later... Long story...

My desire was not for fame or fortune so I chose to be a tent maker and freely give since we have freely received, instead of taking a different course that was offered. So I record songs when I can.

Years ago I was challenged by a book by Josh McDowell called A Ready Defense. In it he states that if just 48 of the Messianic prophecies were fulfilled it represents the statistical odds of 10¹⁵⁷th power. I took him on and went in on a journey to search from the Tanach the prophecies that Yeshua had to fulfill. There are approximately 396 direct prophecies. I started presenting them when I would minister to youth groups to show the foundation we have in Christ. Did I forget to mention that I started ministering to youth groups....anyway

One day, while sitting at the piano, the Lord said SING IT. (Music gets in the heart). So I sat there and wrote out an outline. The setting is Paul with the Bereans as they examine the prophecies together.

I have recorded the entire audio version of the musical, including the drama scenes and narration. (It can be heard on SoundCloud, and Spotify, called Forever Jubilee, Act I, II, and III on my Playlists and CD's). I pray it will encourage, bless, teach and reach out and save souls through the power of the truth of God's Holy Word, to both Jew and Gentile. The entire Gospel is in the Old Testament/Tanach. In the musical I address the Rabbinical objections to Yeshua/Jesus being the Messiah. By the finale, 137 prophecies have been presented. Really seeking a church or venue willing to perform the musical so I can record and send out as a witnessing tool. So if you know of one... HELP!

Have also just started a new album project called, "A Call to Arms". It is getting VERY REAL, as we watch current day prophecies coming true. Better "Get Ready", the sky is about to split! ( title to one of the songs).

So much more I could say, but I pray for you as you listen, that you will be blessed and grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus THE CHRIST!

If u listen, would love to hear from you, good or bad. That is how we grow. And I really want to be effective in this ministry and impact lives... To have fruit that remains until His glorious return....

No more crying. No more tears. The former things are ALL passed away.... And death has no sting, when the Alpha and the Omega sits on His eternal throne in victory.

One more very important thing. If you can not point to a time and place when you gave your heart to Jesus Christ and made Him Lord of your life, please don't wait. If you have any questions, I will gladly talk to you about this important decision that changes your forever. Or talk to a Believer that you know and pray for the Lord to guide you to a Bible believing place of worship.

Praise you Yeshua. Amen

You can reach me at the following linked in urls, find out about my orphanage in Uganda, and the radio station that was launched by the inspiration of my musical.... And get the link to the GoFundMe account to save the household of Israel. He who blesses her will be blessed... Amen.

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