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I got my interest for music very early and started to play the guitar and drums when I was about 10 years old. That was after I listened to the Christian rock band Jerusalem, live. I had never heard something like that before. Very good music, with a strong message. That really influenced me!

Actually, me and my friends then formed a band. I got an electric guitar from my cousin and we made a drum kit of different tins of metal and plastic. I sang and played the guitar in this kids´band and we invited neighbours to come and listen to us in our basement.

Anyway, after that, when I was about 13, me, and other friends started another band. This time, I was the drummer, but we just practised and practised, but had no gigs, but it was nice to play together! When I was about 15, I played the drums in a rock band for some years, and we had lots of gigs. Later, when I was about 20, I formed my own band, with the name Foundation. In this band I sang and played the guitar again. We had gigs at youth camps, churches and at different events outside. It was a nice period of time and some of the songs we had, I still sing.

Later, I recorded my first EP in a studio, with the songs Follow You, Foundation, Kommer hem (Coming Home) and two more tunes. At that time, the bass player had quitted for family reasons and we had no drummer . Therefore, I played both the drums and guitar at that recording, and because of that, it became a solo project, with the help of other musicians. After that, I´ve made two releases: "Waterdrops" with 12 songs in 2014, and "Open Hands", with five songs in 2021. I hope and believe my next release will come sooner (with not so long time from my latest one).

Because of the fact, that I sometimes sing alone and sometimes with others, it became natural to continue to perform with my own name and make recordings that way.

Mostly, at gigs, with many songs, I play with a band, and when there´s just about 2-3 songs, I sing alone. One thing I always do though, is to sing about the deepest questions we all have, and that is about meaning of live.

Time changes, and we all face difficulties. Especially in those days. That makes it even more important, to present hope to the listeners, which I always try to do.

I am not interested to be famous, but rather to share something to people, that will help and make a change. Both for this life and eternally. If I manage to do that, I´ve reached the goal for what I do.

So please, listen to my songs, write to me if you have any questions, or if you would like to share something.

May God bless you!

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