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Hi my dear friends and listeners!

Hope you enjoy these last summer days!

Yesterday, I was just improvising with my electric guitar, with echo on my amplifier. I like to play with this effect. After a while, I decided to record it and why not share it with you? It´s not a new tune, but this is also a part of my music life, that I sometimes just improvise, and sometimes new songs and tunes come out of this.

I hope you will like it and please send me feedback, if you want to!

I am very glad for, and appreciate all of you, who listen to my music! Just want to let you know that!

Wish you a nice week!

May God bless you all!


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A New Song.

Hi there, my friends!

I hope you enjoy the summer time! I myself am on holidays now!

Just wanted you to know, that I just finished a new song, some days ago. I also added it with this letter. It is unplugged, with just a guitar as it is now. Later on, I will probably record it with drums and other instruments as well.

I hope you will like the song, and I appreciate if you give me response to it. Expecially now when it is new, but feel free of course.

What more? In the autumn, I will play with my band, at an event in a city near by. I think I can record a video from this gig and upload it here on n1m. I will come back with more info later.

I wish you a good and pleasant summer!

May God bless you!

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Some news and things about me.

Hi my dear friends and subscribers!

I hope it is well with you!

Just wanted let you know whats going on right now....

Yesterday, I played my song, "I Was Hungry" at a breaking up feast for students. This, because I work as a teacher, and students asked me to sing this song. Many of those young people have found me at Spotify. We teachers also formed a band for this day and there I played the drums. It was fun!

By the way, maybe you didn´t know, that I also play the drums sometimes. Tomorrow, I will probably play the Cajon drum, if you know what that is? I will play it at a church meeting. It is also actually I who play the drums on all my songs here at N1M. I sing, play the guitars and drums. Other friends help me with the keybord, the bass and some back up vocals.

I hope that I can send a video soon, when I sing and play live. I tried before to attach a video, but did not manage. I think I know how to do now.

You are in my heart and thoughts, and through this letter, you may know a little bit more about me, and whats going on, in the music area.

We´ll keep in touch! Bye for now and may God bless you my dear listeners!


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Happy Easter!

Hi my dear friends!

I hope it is well with you!

Just wanted to send an Easter Greeting!

A priest I listened to during Easter another year, encouraged us, to take time to think these days, what Easter really is about, and what Jesus did for us. I think this was very good advice, and I took it to my heart! Easter is for me, and for you my friend.

By this, I attach my song "There´s Still a Chance". In this song I sing in one of the verses: "take your time, set apart, and listen to your heart, life is much more than things around...."

So my friend! By this I wish you all a good and Happy Easter!


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My Latest Song!

Hi my dear friends!

I am glad to write to you again, since some time passed since last time. I hope it is well with you!

I will also say a big Welcome, to all new subscribers and for you who have joined my network!

Some days ago, I finished a new song, with the name, Just a Prayer Away! I just uploaded it here on N1M. I hope you will like it! It´s just recorded with my acoustic guitar so far. Maybe I will present it with more instruments later?

The last time, I have presented new songs in this way. Later, I plan to make a recording in a studio again, but I will come back again about that.

Please take care! May God bless you!


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