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Donald Morin
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About Donald Morin

Miigweech Thank you for stopping by. Here is the video I created for For The Spirit of Ahmaud Arbery on youtube. Take care, God be with you all XOXOXO YouTube
Donald gives credit to the Creator for giving him music to share to the world.

Singer/Songwriter, Modern dancer, and actor Donald Morin’s lineage is of the Gros Ventre, Sarcee, Cree, Saulteaux, and Ojibwa and Frenc ... read more


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About Donald Morin

Miigweech Thank you for stopping by. Here is the video I created for For The Spirit of Ahmaud Arbery on youtube. Take care, God be with you all XOXOXO YouTube
Donald gives credit to the Creator for giving him music to share to the world.

Singer/Songwriter, Modern dancer, and actor Donald Morin’s lineage is of the Gros Ventre, Sarcee, Cree, Saulteaux, and Ojibwa and French lines. He currently resides in Treaty 6 territory of Edmonton, Alberta. Donald just completed his third semester at Concordia University studying Music, Drama, Modern Dance and French working towards a second degree. April, 2020 of Donald received notice of a grant award from The Alberta Media Alliance Society for his current film project As A Koden, Talking Story Who Is Your Name? October 2019, he secured his diploma in Graphic Design technology from CDI College upgrading his creative skills from a Bachelor of Arts Degree FPA Major Film Concentrate at SFU School for Contemporary Arts. Summer last year, Mr Morin performed for his late Uncle Gary Pruden , An Indigenous Veteran of The Canadian Forces, and Father and Warrior and Currently Donald’s song submission 'Mad Dogs on The Run Sundown' won best folk/singer/songwriter for the January 2020 Akademia Music Award in the category of Best Folk / Singer-Songwriter Song. December 2018, He won the Alberta Arts Foundation’s Indigenous Arts Award for his film work and has completed essential work for the project 2019 toward. He is also writing Volume III of his Creator’s muse series of songs, poems, essays, plays, and backstory of the Artist and narrative of living and creating through the constraint of colonialism, and poplar culture. He performed his music for the May 5th Annual Events for murdered and missing Indigenous People, and he is a top player on the Number One Music Site and Number 2 at the ReverbNation website. 2016, his song Walking with Sweet Mary won best folk balled February for the Akademia Awards, USA. Previous work consisted of the lead role of “Sam Wolf” for Caravan Farm Theatre summer musical IOU LAND. His music has been performed throughout Europe, Hawaii, and Salish Territory throughout the years. Mr. Donald Morin performed at the Truth & Reconciliation Event in Edmonton, 2014 and the Neechie Festival, a benefit for the Siksika people flooded outside of Calgary Alberta. The event was held at Hobbema Reserve.
May 2013, he was the Technical Director and co-ordinator of The Edmonton Red Jam Slam event with coordinator Carrie Lawrence. He completed acting work on his recurring character Johnny on BLACKSTONE, a Canadian TV series
shot in Edmonton, AB. Other film involvement consisted of acting coach and camera work for auditioning aspect the film The Family by Jason Jeffery. 2012 Mr. Morin also appeared at The Calgary International Film Festival in The World Premiere of The Feature Film the Killing Games by Canadian Director Barry J. Gillis. He was also hired for the Aboriginal Arts Festivals held in Edmonton 2010 and 2011 and involved with International Artist Rebecca Belmore with her performance artwork at the Museum of Anthropology and the Orr Gallery in Vancouver 2010. 2008 Donald worked for Monroe Communications as an actor on a web-based project call The Law Project. 2007 he studied and worked with Gunargie O’Sullivan during the Ten-Day Intensive of The Activist Documentary Film Workshop of the Galliano Island Film and Television School in BC. He also co-produced radio programs for Coop Radio’s Community Radio Programs When Spirit Whispers and Snewaylh Language program with Co-host/producer Gunargie O’Sullivan”. 2006, he performed for Rebecca Belmore and acted for Infinity Films of Florida, USA. Other work consisted of a showing of his 1995 animation Sky People, Spirits, and Transformations, the 1988 SFU Film Workshop dual screen narrative collaborative Take It Easy When You Talk About Me, and a short film montage for Aboriginal Film Night. 2004, he did film mentoring work for The Indigenous Media Arts Group (IMAG) and completed teaching the Professional Development program for Native Artists at IMAG. He showed a 45 minute version of his 7 Fires 4 U Kitchi Manitou film and presented his academic paper NDNs In the Age Of Terror in Atlanta, Georgia, USA at the University Of Georgia, Art & Design and for The Society for Cinema and Media Studies 2004 International Conference. He was also one of the keynote Speakers/Presenters at The Annual AGM for The National Alliance for Media Artists at the RimShot Media Festival in Vancouver and did the lighting for the short The Birthday produced by Wendy Nahanee.
2003, he completed the link program @ The Alliance for Art and Culture, sat for the 2,003 Canada Council for The Arts selection committee and continued at the Digital Film program at The Native Education Centre. The 7 Fires 4 U…Kitchi Manitou film was also presented @ the 13th. Annual La Terres En Vue Film/Video Festival in Montreal of June, 2,003. That year he also completed the direction of two video shorts for Monique Giard entitled VICIOUS ATTACK, and I’M FIRST NATIONS AND PROUD OF IT. 2,002, 7 Fires 4 U…Kitchi Manitou premiered @ the 5th. Annual IMAGeNation Indigenous Film/Video Festival in Vancouver. 2002 he directed and videographed the one-hour DVCAM production promoting Elder’s Care for Producer Rasunah Marsden. Work also involved Film Consultant for German Company Relevant Film’s project “BluePrint", photographed in Europe and Canada. In 2,001, Donald shot 16mm film for 7 Fires 4 U…Kitchi Manitou and worked with Robert Free of the American Indian Movement in Seattle Washington. 2,000, Mr Morin also worked on various Television series such as First Wave, and So Weird. He also published the magazine edition of The Metis Sauvage European Tour website for Mannitou Creations and shot 16mm film footage of his 2,002 release. 1999, He produced and toured The Metis Sauvage European Tour in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, and London. March 94, he worked as a principal actor in the NBC Movie of The Week with Richard Crenna and Beverly De” Angelo in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Morin produced and edited the 96-minute documentary dance video of Karen Jamieson’s cross-cultural production of Gawa Gyani in Tokyo, Japan 1994. Donald was also the Writer/Director and Producer and fellow actor for NDNs & Dogs, A Multi-media theatre event at Neo-Nativist festival (90), Earth Voice Festival (92) & The National Native Youth and Multicultural Conference (94). Donald Morin performed the LEAD role of Eddy LaRoche in the Quebec 35mm film Windigo in 1993. 85/88/91, he was drama instructor/director for the Spirit Song Theatre Company, Vancouver, BC, where he re-wrote Sea Street to an eight person play for Native youth from a two person show for the 1987 Indigenous World Native Youth Conference, UBC, from one man play for Surrey Teachers Assoc. 1985, he was also the lead Actor for Soul Survivor, which toured the Edmonton Fringe Festival & Vancouver Fringe Festival. Donald Morin was with the Directors Guild of Canada from 1983-1989 and The Jerry Lodge Talent Agency from 1981-1992. Early start in the “biz were parts on Mars Need Hellen Production and First Blood as a Stand-in. In closing , his personal testimony as a 60s scoop survivor was presented Nationally and Internationally at the Truth & Reconciliation Event of Edmonton 2024. Mr Morin began his 40-year career in September,1980 and continues to work as a performer and filmmaker today. All inquires for Mr. Morin can be directed to email donaldmorin@link, or website at link or link

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2022, Sending Light in All The Dark Places

Hello all, Best of The New Year all! Oh how torn I am, how hard it is for all of us these prophetic times. Watching dark and light events happening in and around this world, space, dimensions, and connected through the air, space, water we share in a world on its way to changes and the end of decay and misery. Yet it is so hard for me, you just to live, as the powerful and mighty let prophetic events unfold because the adversary knows he has little time. God bless each and every one of you in this day ,the day we breath, walk, and search for light in our dark places. And as well provide for the ones we love and care for in a world ready to toss the unfortunate ones aside. A homeless man froze to death in is tent outside of Edmonton, Alberta in a town near by. So tragic , and sad, yet we must carry on. Back to academic studies again, and I am thankful. it will be a challenge this semester, but I pray to do good and use my newly acquired knowledge to begin a program to help those on the street. This song reflects my time with many who lived on the street, , some still here, others not, now in the paradise of our Creator. Thank you all for listening to my music, I need to get back to playing more, and God willing I will. I am thankful to God for all of you, I am humbled by your choices in life and I thank you for allowing me to be part of your life . Take care. I have written ten now entries in my journey of late, so I will be writing soon, God willing of course and if so I will upload new songs soon. Cleaning up studio lol

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Donald Morin
3 months ago

Current Status and words of appreciation

Family, siblings, and the hours and minutes ahead of us

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Donald Morin
4 months ago
Donald Morin
8 months ago

Upcoming Online Event May 14th 6:30 Los Angeles Time

Miigweech Heavenly Father for another Day, words to give thanks and glory to you for the music, love and grace we all need today. Good Morning, Afternoon, and God Evening. God bless you all, who are dealing with this global pandemic. God help you all in these fragile times. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart as I think of all of you who passed by to listen to my songs of my past , present, and future. Thank for taking time out of your lives to listen to my songs, I have bene struggling lately, but everyone has, so I will not taint you all with my troubles. On other news tomorrow night L A. Time 6:55 pm a music academy is hosting an awards show where I have been as they write "...First and foremost, we are pleased to inform you that you've been officially nominated by the Akademia executive team for both the 2020 Artist Of The Year Award in your genre and The Akademia 2021 Rising Star Award, a special honor being bestowed upon those artists whose talent and perseverance in the field of music during extraordinary times have created a strong foundation for future success. during extraordinary times have created a strong foundation for future success. This is a significant accomplishment to be selected out of so many contenders from all around the world....This year's gala event will be a digital ceremony streamed live from Akademia Studios in Los Angeles. They will provid[e me] with the actual link to view the ceremony on Friday, May 14th, at 6:55 PM (Los Angeles time)." SO I will post the link on my FB site and hope fully here as well . Again, thank you all for appreciating my music, I would not be here with out al of you God's love to you all This is also my new youtube channel for my university work and then some: Following text from youtube :-) Good Morning, Rise above the culture pap of popular culture and The Mass Literacy of a culture gone off the rail. Fly beyond the reaches of earth to grasp the gifts of the heavenly plain. Compassion, Mercy, humility, and a servant to all. Love thy neighbour, give honor to the Most High. I give glory to God all mighty for his blessings of another day May 13th, 2021 I wrote this composition around 1992 after seeing a Vietnamese artist at the Western Front. Dana Claxton was at our home at the time , where I was living with Kim Soo Goodtrack, a beautiful woman of Hunk Papa Descent. We were discussing aspects of the work and colonialism, and she wryly suggested that I write something of that affect. So here I wrote a piece for four instruments. And it has transformed into this score today. Love and Grace to my twin brother, my son, and his mother the late Danielle, the late Jimy Sidlar, the late James Nicholas and Dana , and Kim these two sisters who I loved. Blessings to all of you who supported my work as an artist. God bless you all for stopping by. XOXOX Donald Morin

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Donald Morin
10 months ago


Hi all, thank you so much for your time and love. This young Indigenous man mentioned in this stream is at a cross road. All I ask of my friends and the children of our Most High is to pray for this man in this stream. I created it for Issac in God's Glory because he is you and me at a crossroad. God bless you all: YouTube Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening.
This post five hours ago this morning was to share new work and the creations of a new video stream given to me in God's Glory to later help a special person, The words written after a hard day's work in responsibilities and prayer. So why worry , does worrying add a single day, take your troubles, worried thoughts away? "No my little children, For I am love, mercy, kindness, and the spirit before the fast. Clean ones body, mind, and spirit, the soul is washed clean as the whiteness of the lamb. God is great." He gave us today, words for a new song, a new idea to create change. He allowed me to transition over into this day five hours ago to write this song, of which then I laid my head to sleep, struggling to stay wake. Sleep in the mess of the world, I wake up to this same day to work for my thoughts and prayers. I will see Issac, give him the video I am creating for him, and God willing the notes of the universal heavens will transcend down as gifts for you and me. The Cave of Treasures may be a story from one's time of the flesh. Flesh the same as your and mine; twisted into to weapons of hate, war, and death by the EVIL reality of this time, close and so far, smiling so sweetly, In my face, in a machine with wheels, in my thoughts as pride becomes my downfall. For I will be nothing not here, there and everywhere, but possibly pulled by minions using the communicative hot wires of the hell bound train. Myth, shit, , The excremental culture book broken into two, my songs on the floor. It is only through words, our life and deeds wil be remembered. For better or for worse, they say? Oh how ashamed I will be, on the floor before the Throne, the lamb, pierces moves his hand. Metatron shares what he records. I go to the right, I go to the left,
A dream and a nightmare, I go do good deeds and works, still nothing to show, hand in hand.
"Ya Ya ya ya", like my song before; Norm Bullion said, as I say today; "This is for the Native People!...{to late Baby Tramp}..You got to back me up!...)". I can write and say the truths or the lies to appease the crowd of swans and ducklings swimming in the pool of watery life, like this or that cyber-matter, ego stroked by the midnight madness of day shopping blues, TP no-where to be found. I can pretend like #45, but the flesh is the same, slowly melting away, the one of the two hundred shared the beautiful colours of illusion to tease all men of wants and pleasures. So God bless everyone one of you. Thank you for your wonderment, as words transcend time and space. One soul had his words, demons , and dreams, I visited him once, with the lack of respect for the village of the dead, I was taught a lesson that day. Mon pere lachaise cemetery, the story within the sauvage story of life, as my burgundy queen reminded me of the weakness of my flesdh, blook spilling on the ground from my foot. Unworthiness to share time with the souls of greatness and shame. I walked to find my friends, Gave tobacco and prays to the one I smeared, meeting late Morrison laying there every so sweetly, humans giving praise to a pop culture idol transcending time and space. I gave tobacco again, as ones and others asked for a picture of me between the "Morin" family grave, and the grave of the one who wrote "...light my fire." God rest his soul. Merci Michelle Campbell, you were there, that fateful day, we walked among the great emptiness of life, creation and death, Artists and great humans to remember what was won and lost? BREAK I apologize for all these words, , the taking of time and space, but should I? Conditioned to please, symbolic connected to "To plead". Janice Toulouse said "please" transformed from the notion of the poor pleading, begging from the rich. The great Artist Janice Toulouse, an artist and medicine woman who saved me. IF people do not know, we lived together for year and some, but my addiction was the worse of me then. Forgive me Janice, IT is through our women ,we are taught the "Goodness of the Creator, and men watch today, as Naomi tells Ruth about the rewards of an over flowing cup. God, work and humility governs the day but we are all fallen, and words will be remembered. as God teaches me. IT was a battle in the mind, as this song started in the back ground of life 2017 when as Job, the cards were dealt, cosmic words shared and exchanged, my writing changed and began that day in praise of God, an angel of passed time , now over my son and grand daughter.
Dorian, I miss you daily, you are the blessing she gave me. Grandchild, read this some day.
So yes, you will worry, but please do not, Understand why I write these words, "For [our] days are numbered. as Metatron records the day. It is for Isaac I realized yesterday as today continues. God bless you again for your time and ears and eyes. XOXOXO
Now . .. If one wants to hear the audio of the video, I am creating now go to my number one music site to hear it. We have all been there! END OF ADDENDUM
Tansi? My days are numbered, God is great, thinking of a young indigenous man at a crossroad, just like me so many years ago. Now today, at that same crossroad, I put my hands in the Creator's hands for the battle ahead. YouTube

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