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About HAARP Recording

Welcome to HAARP Recording. This has been an internet based record label, as well as an audio recording and mastering service. The acronym stands for "Highly Artistic Aural Recording Project", in case anyone wondered. This got started as a service in 1995, first doing recordings, production, & some engineering for a radio talk show called "A Green Perspective" on link radio station KSJS 90.5 ... read more


About HAARP Recording

Welcome to HAARP Recording. This has been an internet based record label, as well as an audio recording and mastering service. The acronym stands for "Highly Artistic Aural Recording Project", in case anyone wondered. This got started as a service in 1995, first doing recordings, production, & some engineering for a radio talk show called "A Green Perspective" on link radio station KSJS 90.5fm. I was also co-host for the program. Then in late 1995 I started recording music with Skip Spence (formerly of Moby Grape & Jefferson Airplane), while also recording some of my other projects, plus getting various clients through the years. I'll have to provide more history when I get some more time.

HAARP Recording is home to 3 main projects at this time, more will be coming out. The current ones are:
1. Theatre Of The Mind (link.) Ambient, Spacerock, Progressive
2. The HAARP Unit (psychedelic, electronic spacerock, my solo project)
3. Strictly Nosehairs On Tap (Satire & comedy, both music & skits)

More data coming soon!

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Welcome 2019, Looking Forward To Making A Better Year

Greetings everyone! Even though we just got through the first month, we are off to a new beginning. Thanks to all of you who helped promote the tunes here, plus all the great positive messages, & a big welcome to all new subscribers.

The holiday season in 2018 was a lot of fun with The HAARP Unit album being released on 12-21-2018, & also the amount of plays here going higher than ever before (for me). On both 12-25- & 12-26-2018 this page had 1005 plays those days, which is no big deal for many more established artists at this site, but it was a first for me. Having tunes chart at # 1 five weeks in a row wasn't bad either, I never thought that would ever happen.

January has been a challenging month for me the past 3 years, this year included, as I have been getting a bad illness in the middle of the month each year so far. I've had "walking" pneumonia since mid January, but am in a very slow recovery, it's one of those viral infections that wants to stay around forever. I'm using a whole list of good remedies that work really well, but now & then the viruses are just too strong (biological engineering, anyone? LOL!).

Once I get healed, it's onward to getting more recordings done, there are plenty of things in the "pipeline", & I'll be informing you all more about those when things are really getting set up, it will include collaborations with other artists., & more different kinds of music.

I've noticed that when I post these letters my links & initials just get reproduced as "link" in the text?! One can never know what to expect at times.

I hope everyone is having a great beginning of the year & that we all do well the whole time & have more fun.


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"Live at the Mountains of Madness" by The H.A.A.R.P. Unit Is Now Available, Album Or Single Tracks.

Hello, all! Welcome to all the new subscribers & networkers who have joined & continue to come aboard. The long awaited release of "Live at the Mountains of Madness" by The link. Unit is available online in digital form in a whole list of different places, but the 3 main ones (iTunes, Amazon, & Google Play) are all linked up to the "buy" button on all the tracks for this project on this page. The complete list of sites this is on:
Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet, Instagram/Facebook
If you are into FaceBook & want to show some love there, there is the band page for The HAARP Unit:

The HAARP Unit

There will be work done on getting actual physical link made to sell as well, I have some good things to add to the link. booklet art. Stay tuned for that.

I have also uploaded most of the tunes from the comedy & satire project "Sensuous Nosehairs On Tap" by Strictly Nosehairs On Tap, which has caught on here like it did on another site long ago. All tunes are available to buy, & you can find a few more tunes at the "buy" button URLs. This project includes songs & skits that will either amuse folks you like, or alarm & shock those you seek to mess with!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Onward soon to the future, I have lots of plans for more work in music, which includes a 2nd album from the HAARP Unit ("Remote Viewing"), & also the 2nd release for Theatre Of The Mind, "Flying Saucer Mechanic". Keep your radar on!


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Fall 2018, Wow How The Year Is Racing By.

Hello! It has been a bit too long since I last sent a newsletter for sure. Welcome to the literally hundreds of new subscribers that have come here the past few months, it's great to have everyone, & thank you to all who have sent the positive messages about my music, you always make my day.
The best thing lately is getting a broken iMAC I had fixed, it's now running great. It is the "new" workstation (many components are actually new, anyway), & I will now be able to get more done more frequently. I'm getting prepared to do a lot more stuff & hopefully break some old barriers (hence the rocket launch photo here)!
The newest tracks on here as of this date are from the "Corporate Razor Blue" album, which was produced & recorded in 1997. I did a basic re-mastering in Logic 10 & got some cool results with the ambient music tracks, like more advanced effects, but they haven't gone too far from what they originally were, so it's not overdone, in my opinion, anyway. I am considering re-mixing the title track at some point, there are just a few things I could make a little more convincing. I wrote a short historical account of the album that I put on my LinkedIn profile:

"Here is a project I did in the late 1990s, the mix for this was done in late October 1997. I promoted it to radio stations & on the internet in 2000 & a little later. Locally it got airplay on KFJC & KKUP, & also was featured on Internet Radio Free Kansas, was well received in parts of Europe (it got airplay in Rotterdam Netherlands, Luxembourg, & Radio Mafia in Helsinki, Finland, which is actually a commercial station, plus was featured for a while in Andrew Garibaldi's link. Services in Scotland). Famous people who have gotten copies of this include Dave Brock of Hawkwind, Keith Emerson (who even said he was going to listen to it the next day), Oliver Stone, & possibly some members of Blue Oyster Cult (if the stage hand actually gave it to them!). I decided to get this back in circulation because the world is so weird now this doesn't seem out of place at all. The radio play was written by Dave Thompson, I did all the recording, composed & played all the music. 3 voice actors were also involved, names are forthcoming at another time."

So, even when I first put it out folks at various independent radio stations seemed to really like the album. Just for easy identification at first glance, here is some info on the tracks. The title track is a radio play, a very strange Sci-Fi political thing, the soundtrack music I did is in 5 pieces, "Voyage Of Mystery", "Guardian Of The Otherworld", "Trance Of Ages", "The Destroyer Arrives", & "Lifescape On Twilightworld". What you see here now is the first time the whole album has been online since the original link existed, I was there back in the day. The URL is now owned by a commercial site.
I will do my level best to write more often, things are moving forward.


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Happy Spring 2018, Everyone!

Hello everyone, & a big welcome to all of you new fans who have come on board here since I last wrote (it has been a lot longer than I intended it to be, but here we are). A lot has happened since the end of 2017 & the beginning of this year. As usual for the past 2 years, the beginning of 2018 was looking rather uncertain, having caught that nasty flu in mid January, & having no new prospects for a regular day job, plus some health problems that were going in the wrong direction, but fortunately things are going much better now. I found a new job with a good company as a musical instrument technician, doing setup work on acoustic upright basses, it's so good that I wish I could have been there for the past 12 years instead of where I was! I got some medical stuff done & I'm better off than I thought (I originally thought I may have kidney disease), but it turns out I have high blood pressure instead, & that appears to be the only thing wrong with me physically, all other tests came out good. The medication my doctor gave me does the job thus far.

I'm now in the process of getting to a better place financially so I can keep up the good work with music, & in a more secure situation overall, so I can proceed with the plan for digital distribution of tunes, along with other things. A number of folks have been asking me "Where can I buy this stuff at?!", which is great, it's a good "problem" to have, so that is a big priority to finally get done (it's been the old story of 'If it ain't one thing, it's another'). Getting more income streams would be good because I can't afford a premium account anywhere currently, & those do have certain benefits.

Today I just put up another tune here, "Light Years Away", but had to take out "Shifting Sands Of Sumer part 2". I know some folks will still want to hear that tune, so here is a link to it:

"Shifting Sands Of Sumer #2- The HAARP Unit Live

The "new" tune added here, "Light Years Away", was the very first tune in the set I played live on the "At The Mountains Of Madness" radio show ages ago.

Naturally, I have lots of plans for working on new material as well, I've been working on some new recordings since early 2016. I'll have updates as things continue to develop. One thing I've been considering is doing internet live streams of my live performances, since the returns of going to outside venues are always diminishing.

For those of you that love comedy & satire, there is an old project that my other half & I collaborated on, here's some links:

Strictly Nosehairs On Tap (bio-hazard?!- page)

MP3 Music page:

Strictly Nosehairs On Tap
"A loose joining of unlikely members from different countries, backgrounds & levels of sanity (or lack thereof). If it weren't for that tour bus having 4 flat tires at once, this couldn't have happened!"

If you like anything from these crazies, you can actually buy tracks here:

This is it until next time, thank all of you for being here & giving me the good feedback & appreciation, you really rock.


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Happy Holidays & Have A Great New Year!

Here we are at the end of 2017, I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holiday season, & as we anticipate the coming new year, I hope we all have a really fantastic one. Thanks again to all of you who have been here, to all of you who have written me, & to all of you new fans for coming aboard. If anyone had told me 30 years ago people would be liking my music this much, I wouldn't have believed it.

In the last 2 months I've gotten into shooting videos for rock bands, I did 4 videos for 4 different bands, I'm hoping to have some of this work become a new "day job" if it can work out. One of the things I'm offering is my audio skills, I can give folks a basically good visual with better than average audio, so I'm getting my collection together for my resume. This is a current plan for me, more work worth doing. Some of these will be on my YouTube channel, along with the concert videos I've shot of myself:


There is a good chance you might like a bunch of the channels I subscribe to also, I'm into a lot of things.

Another thing I would like to share is a project that I've had for some years now, Theatre Of The Mind. It's a studio band thing, & the music is in the same range as my solo stuff you folks like, but with 2 other members on board, there are some very interesting things going on that go beyond what I would do by myself.

Theatre Of The Mind (link.)

I originally thought of that band name in late 1996, but since then there has been an endless number of "Theatre Of The Mind" things on the internet, including not only bands, but also a magician! I decided to keep the name anyway, since I was in the first wave of users (there was a band in Philadelphia, Pa. back then by that name too, doing very similar music, but I haven't been able to find it since about 2004, it was a case of parallel evolution).

Until next time, always remember that I appreciate all of you, even if I don't seem as active around here, it means a lot.


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