Sudden Madness - Prelude for Piano

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i am in love with your music, its great to know

i have been listen to your music and its great to hear your song, i really love the way it sound , it show that you have put in alot of time to make its perfect song, i am proud of the sound that you have made, it make want to listen to it every now and then , i really can say much but i want to tell you are someone that has the knack for something great and good , i want to say thanks again and is there a place i can get more of your music from

United States, Maryland, Bowie

Magic moments

The intro reminds me a classical tango, but after the melody dance around an unexpected variation. It seems an improvisation,but is not. The following moments show the changes of temperament, the desolation of the madness that the title indicates. Great technique, interesting rythms supported by a very original composition.

Germany, Berlin


I listened to the performance of your piece which shows what limits you, your fear of offending others of breaking others rules about how things should be done above the right to play as you want want to play. I will not outshine you except to those who are freer and lnterested in what they like rather than how correctly it is played. I will continue to play the Moonlight despite your advice as I have alot if positive, consdered reviews but thank you for dropping in. Every comment always provokes reactions from others which is good and helps the world to grow.

United Kingdom, Oxford, England


Thank you for sharing this classical smooth track I really enjoy the piano I love the intro I love the keyboard sound very clear where composed. Thank you for sharing I love classical music r&b jazz gospel just language you I produce music myself and I like to listen to All talks and music to get an idea on what I'm creating. Hope you enjoy your day so far enjoy the rest of your week thank you for unique song Thank you for your creativity and never stop making great music and never be afraid to take chances in your gifts

United States, California, Every Where

Love this Music

I am not that good a pianist, so I really truly enjoy those who put their heart on the strings of their instrument. It has the emotions that draw you into the symphonics of every change. I am mesmerized

United States, Missouri, Kansas city

On top of my world

Good day all it's been some time whereby we have listen to such sexy grooves complement the artist and style within their music but now O.V.P have done it again and this time as a group whereby each individuals have their own identity as solo artist the history behind each one tells a story and so do their music. Cape Town Local group new single released. SAMRO numbers GROUP *O.V.P* SONG: ALLIE KINNERS GROUP NAME *OUENS VANNIE PLAIN* Available for all radio and press interview Regards Quinten Swartz

South Africa, Cape Town

cool song

Really good composition. Its a Song with a deep message behind, that touches something by the listener. Keep on doing you' re Kind of music, expression you want to. I wish you really all the best for the new beginning year - 2022- Stay healthy and happy as well! Hope you'll get in a creative process to create more songs, music can heal and gives us hope all over the planet! That is what I think about it. Hope you'll understand the mean conetent ?! Greets, Judith M, Germany

Germany, Schwerin

Review for Gibar - Gianluca Song Sudden Madness

This composed piece by Gibar - Gianluca is a composition piano piece that has some fluidity and good repesentation of the feel to the expressions dureing the inital start and the after essances of the primary expressions of the caiotic and as expressed madness sections i do however want to say some of the madness sections do seem to have a reminisance of some film score expressions in places and thatsome sections even have a compleatly disjointed compostion from the inital overall arrangement the fist part of the composition was expressively played and showed true feeling applied to the composition i was drawn in to the premis that i was about to experiance the true nature of an artist that had developed a mastered polished composition and the live essance to the recordeing did show the flow to the players thoughts but i became a little dismayed when those expressions stated to show through of a person that had obviously had let the modern world show through in parts of a section that should have held his attachments and not that of other modern media scripted developments one the whole this could easily be remedyed as to have ones emotional attachments and flows in the production at the time when expressing thus allowes for better evolvment of a feeling and not alloweing for a bleed through of those commonalities that are ever present arround us overall i enjoyed the composition but also found some disjointed and uninposeing places within the composition this is worth an audition and an audience and does hold a fragrant fun aspect to the piece i hope this gets further development

United States, New York, London,France,China,World

Absolutely Amazing

Absolutely amazing is the best way to explain this song. I could tell right away just from the introduction this was going to be a wild ride across the scale. Very well composed and performed. The piano tells a story every time and man did you tell one. I’ll be sharing this to my friends that I know will enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you so much for uploading this.

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Brilliance of the Highest Order!


I have to take my hat off to you - think this is one of the most imaginative pieces of music I have heard in a very long time! Bravo! It starts of with rich, melancholy – but mellifluous chords with a lovely jazzy lilt. It is very happy-go-lucky and nonchalant at times with lovely runs and riffs. Around a third of the way through, there is a dramatic change in atmospheric with sinister foreboding tones, both in rythms and notation. Things become very erratic. There is an air of uncertainty, jeopardy and discomfort. The mood changes dramatically. There is a good use of dissonance. Yes – there is confusion and a jangling of the senses as you are taken on a roller-coaster ride of bedlam. You really have no clue what is going to happen next. Some parts are tranquilly and soporific. You are lulled into a sense of security and comfort – as if you are being sung a lullaby. There is calm, peace, serenity – safety. Again, the pace, tone and rhythm changes, as things slow down towards the end. Your ending is superb. One thing is for sure – this is exciting and innovative music. It is unpredictable - in a nice way! You simply do not know what is coming next! You cannot predict where things are going to go next. I liked it a lot. It is very original. The piece is indispersed with variety and beautiful phrases. There is no doubt in my mind that any section of the piece could grace any movie to create a scene or to create an atmosphere. Well done, my friend. Keep up the good work! This is truly brilliant!

United Kingdom, Singer Songwriter - Birmingham


Very good playing by this mysterious Italian pianist. His soul is in his music. Bit of real madness but musically and technically in total control . Love it . Great temperament and composition.

Belgium, Antwerp


Che meraviglia e che dinamica! Questo è quello che la musica dovrebbe essere e che moltissimi musicisti faticano a capire. La tecnica non basta, la dinamica e l'espressione devi averla dentro... e tu sicuramente hai entrambe le cose ! Non ho alcuna critica (in genere ho sempre qualcosa da dire) e tu sei sicuramente un gran professionista :) Un caro saluto dal Veneto, Alessandra



It reminds me f Ravel's pianistic pieces... maybe a mix of Ravel And Debussy but the composer keeps his personal touch. The pianistic expression and the rhythm is very well done, with a glimpse of tenderness preparing for the euphoria of the second movement. I would not call it a contemporary music but certainly a beautiful remembrance of the impressionist composers. Lovely!

Brazil, Brasilia

Sudden madness

This song sounds amazing the vocals wow................ the guitars amazing the tone of the singers voice wow wow..... this song sounds to so good it's put together extremely well. Iove the melody and the chorus.... this song is far from boring I canister to this song over and over....I want to thank for letting me review your beautiful song just amsxing......I want to wish you the very best of luck with this song and your amazing arrangement and vocals all the best................. Steve from voodoo dancer just love it............................ .....

United States, New York, Middle village

Sudden Madness

Quite relaxing and beautiful at first.But I understand the tittle "Sudden Madness" when the explosions in the tune begins. I would quite like this with a glass of red wiine or as background music in a movie.

Denmark, Brande

Sudden Madness - Prelude for Piano


"Sudden Madness - Prelude for a Piano", presents an inner merging of Debussy, Keith Jarrett, and shades of Ryuichi Sakamoto. And listening to this composition, it is best interpreted and enjoyed through osmosis. The central theme draws you into an adventure of counterpoint, easily wafting from Major to Minor and climbing arpeggios, the bridge accentuates that yes, you are on a auditory voyage. Gibar - Gianluca performs this selection as a soloist, allowing the piano to breathe and fill the track with rich overtones, sublimely, the listener is all but captivated. Upon engaging the bridge section the music builds a fiery tempo with defined attack and control displaying a mastery of the instrument, then gently returns to a variation of the theme in a softening gait allowing the passenger to take in the beauty of the sonic landscape. And we are rewarded with a finish as gentle as a feather falling from the sky. This track is mastered professionally, the balance overall is excellent. Bravo! Well done.

United States, California, Los Angeles

Sudden Madness

Nice piano, the piano introduction is captivating, lovely playing, the more you listen to this song the more you can hear there is alot of heart with the playing, i like the the crescendo of the song, ahh the title of the song now has meaning as the playing has some sudden madness ;) good work, i enjoyed this track, if it's an original then congratulations because it is an interesting piece.

Australia, Melbourne


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United States, Texas, Houston

Recensione "Improvvisa Follia"


Trovo che questo preludio sia a dir poco meraviglioso. Oserei dire molto impressionista in quanto crea delle immagini ben concise. La prima parte sembra dare un senso di calma e beatitudine ma molto riflessivo con un pizzico di leggera malinconia. Poi però tutto muta improvvisamente e il discorso diventa folle con questi bassi insistenti e questo forte improvviso. Bellissima la coda ritmica nel finale della seconda parte. La terza parte sembra richiamare di nuovo il senso di calma ma il discorso questa volta è malinconico e si porta dietro l'accaduto precedente. Trovo interessante questo elemento tematico dato alla mano sinistra nella prima e nella terza parte, che poi è l'elemento peculiare del brano. OTTIMO, BELLISSIMO ED EMOZIONANTE!!! Brano elegante.

Italy, Abbiategrasso

A few comments and suggestions


Very relaxing. As I am listening to it, I think that the stereo image needs some widening, just a little. What would also help is to add a little more reverb, just a tad. The composition itself is well executed and arranged. I don't know exactly how many microphones were used, but maybe a little experimentation with two microphones would add that little sparkle that it needs in the higher frequencies. The recording itself needs a little presence in the higher frequencies to add a little more excitement. Overall, I enjoyed it. Hope that some of the comments help. Sincerely and Respectfully, José René

United States, Texas, Pharr

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