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Franck Al Yamine / FAYNIX: "Franck Al Yamine Natural Indie Xperience"
(Ex "FAYC / FAYCpercussion®")

Producer & Indie artist ; songwriter performer ; teacher of African, Afro-Cuban, Arabic and Spanish percussion and ethnomusicology.
Playing the African, Afrocuban, Arabic and Spanish traditional musics & drumming styles to actual and clubbing music style (electro-house-rap-r&b-funk-soul-lounge), passing through jazz and musical interbreeding (world-ethnic).


- EL GHIWANE MAZAGAN & FAYC: traditional Moroccan music "Ghiwani" mixed with Mandingo percussion. The band:
Mohammed Essabouni "Hammouda": Sentir & vocals ; Mohammed Mahamsani: Banjo & vocals ; Bouchaib Essahnouni: Tamtam & vocals ; Brahim Er-rimi: Bendir & vocals ; Franck Al Yamine Cohendet: Jembé

- SOWO JAZZ TRIO: Soul Jazz & Latin Jazz trio, with:
Davy Grademanges: piano-keyboards ; Laetitia Camboulives "Looloo": vocal ; Franck Al Yamine Cohendet: percussions.

- JOSE LUIS MORAN & THE SPANISH ALL STARS QUINTET / Guest (tumbadoras) @ Festival International Jawhara, El Jadida - Morocco : Salsa - Baile : Rafa Guardiola Diaz y Patricia - Public = around 200 000 - with: Jose Luis Moran Landazabal: lead vocal ; Juan Aramis Viera: tumbadoras ; Cley-bass Giraldo: bass ; Jorge Vera Aguilera: keyboards ; Luis Alberto Hernandez Ramos: timbales and Jesus Flores: bongo.

- CUBANA BOP : More than 25 years playing together : Latin Jazz : Bruno Rousselle: piano, keyboards, choir and FAYC: tumbadoras, timbales, bata, vocal.

Franck's BIOGRAPHY / FAYCpercussion® foundation & development up to FAYNIX:

"I was born in a musicians and music teachers family, I started to read music and study clarinet, from 7 years old to 13, and at 17 I received a gift : old bongos, which initiated my way in the traditional drums sphere. I followed musical studies at the Music Conservatory to work the marimba and vibes with Frédéric Jeanin (Percussions Claviers de Lyon), and I learned traditional drumming with masters from different cultures, including Daniel Maldonado (Puerto-Rico) and Orlando Poleo (Venezuela).

My own and permanent research brought me early to be interested in the sound's vibration, the rhythms frequencies and their effects and impacts, as well as the ways they are expressed through drums, since ancient times, on the five Continents.
Ethnomusicology and Ethnomusicotherapy is a part of my teaching, and I stepped in the psycotherapists training program in Geneva (CH) from 1996 to 2009, at Musicotherapy Romand School.
Percussionist since 1984, singer and author since 1993, and composer since 2006 ; I work as much as part of traditional music from African, Afro-Cuban, Arabic and Spanish cultures, than in Jazz and actual musics genre (House music-Electro-Rap-Rn'B-Funk-Soul-World).
I aim at broadcasting the "Drum Tradition", which has ever been imparted orally, by cultures that knew how to protect and keep alive the elders knowledge, while developing it, without using our occidental music-writing mode (or lately).
The "musical interbreeding" is for me a way to present the wealth of this "drum's science".

In 1993, I played for the first part of Marie Miryam and Hugues Auffrey shows, and in 2000 for the overture of Manu Dibango's concert.
Since 2007, under the artist name of Franck Al Yamine Cohendet / FAYC (FAYCpercussion® Production) I'm Producer of my works, with the production of the album DRUMS IN DA HOUSE.
In 2008, I signed a contract for numeric distribution of "Drums In Da House" LP with Z Production, and since 2010 I signed with PAGeditions.
From 2008 up to 2016, I was partner of the INTERNATIONAL SALSA MAGAZINE editorial staff, as correspondent/writer for France and Switzerland, and since 2012 for Morocco.
In 2012 I leaved France for living in Morocco where I collaborated with various artists and music bands as José Luis Moran and The Spanish All Stars Quintet, Sowo Jazz Trio, and El Ghiwane Mazagan.
In 2012, the 6th of July, I played as special guest with José Luis Moran "El Gato Salsero", and the Spanish All Star Quintet, for the International Music Festival Jawhara of El Jadida (Morocco), front of a wonderful public near 200 000 people.

I have taught from 1995 up to 2009 African, Afro-Cuban, Arab and Spanish traditional percussion and ethnomusicology during lessons, workshop practices, seminaries and professional trainings. (...)".

Since 2016 I came back from Morocco to Paris, France; to pursue my research, investigations, share, collaborations, coaching, musical production and writing/publishing.

In 2019, I continued to develop my skills as a bioenergetic therapist and holistic coach more pragmatically, with the registration of the Suishō Reikidō® trademark, and the creation of the (expired link) website.

2021, the year of a great turning point in the evolution of the "human world", was a year of rebirth "in phoenix mode" and change. My artist name became "Franck Al Yamine" (instead of Franck Al Yamine Cohendet) and the name of the global musical project evolved to "FAYNIX" for "Franck Al Yamine Natural Indie Xperience" (instead of FAYCpercussion®).

Today, in 2023, I've reached a point where I'm bringing together the different paths of my life trajectories, as an extreme sportsman (freeriding and solo mountaineering in the Northern Alps), as an artist (graphic designer, musician and author) and as a bioenergetician working with cosmic vital energy, Quartz Crystals, Water and Sound.

A new life is taking shape, with "productions of a new kind"... to be continued.


My first LP DRUMS IN DA HOUSE, in a Electro or Acid House style mixed with traditional drumming, drawn towards Dance Music, presents a musical interbreeding among electronic sounds (sampled in Electro/House style) and the African, Afro-Cuban, Arabic and Spanish traditional percussion. Three main themes served through several versions (the project is born from the request of Djs I played with, and this LP was at the beginning destined only for the Djing) : with & without percussion, Club-mix & Radio Edit versions.

The following issue (2° LP) "MI ESENCIA" was begun, it's based on traditional music and musical interbreeding, like a return to "the roots". The target is to play a touch more acoustic.
At this time, this project is delayed, waiting for favorable circumstances to rebirth when the time will come.


Cubana Bop with Bruno "Madgik" Rousselle (Latin Jazz) / 'Jazz Tonic Big Band' (Jazz) / Egbé Ayán (Afrocuban chants & drums) / Ambianci Foli (Mandingo traditional drums) / Los Cabales with Sergio Vicente Ventura (Flamenco) / Arayé trio with Mateo Rossignelli & Pablo Aubia (Son, Songo et Latin Jazz) / Assia & Al Yamine (Belly Dancing & Drumming duo) / Al Bahja + Orchestra El Marrakchi with Hassan Kadouri (Folk Arabic Music, Khaliji, Chaâbi, Tunsi and Raï) / la Orquesta Sabor Picante (Latin Jazz & Salsa) / FAYC Drums & Mix with many Dj from France and Switzerland, ... and many more collaborations.

Past collab's music: (expired link)

Total Plays: 31,396

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