One More Turn

David Wayne Moore

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One More Turn


First the things I like about the song and production. The music was bright and the tempo was right. The choice of instruments was good and the clarity and mix were good. I will couch that however, with the comment that the fiddle was maybe a little to high in the overall mix in my view and personal taste. The vocal had good dynamics and delivery but there were a few lines where the notes seemed to stresss the vocal range. Maybe a key change could help relieve that. The idea for the song is a well accepted theme in country music and will be identifiable to a lot of the folks that have been there before. The melody made another song jump out from my memory and that was "Save The Last Dance For Me". The song as a whole I liked but a few of the lines are almost cliche such as "the pale moonlight" etc., so try to avoid those lines when you can or try to describe it another way. That's part of the challenge of a songwriter. Say the same thing differently. All in all good job. Keep plugging.

Turkey, Texas, Allen

Real Country

I really enjoyed listening to this real homespun country music song which is sung with a great sounding voice with depth and a lived in feel by David Wayne Moore. The relaxed rhythmic guitar work left me feeling so relaxed and calm in a trouble world of today which is so unusual when one listens to the so called music full of politics and anger .... I hope David Wayne Moore received the plaudits this song richly deserves - he has won me over - good luck buddy - keep it forever country.

United Kingdom, EXETER

old country sound

Very well done. Kinda got an old country feel to this song. Ronnie milsap old time country. Tracks are clean and well mixed I like it a lot. Looking forward to hearing much much more from you sir. Keep up the good feel sound. Doo White The Glass Poets

Canada, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie

One Good turn

Here's a great song for all you honkey tonk dance hall whirling dervish types who like to whirl'n, twirl'n, and scoot yer boots all around the dance floor. It's got a rock steady beat that lasts through most of the song and is up tempo just enough to keep your pulse goin, but not break a sweat. I'm not sure if this is a demo or the finished product. So, please forgive me if my assessment is a little off. The instrumentation is tasteful with a fiddle like track that lays down a really pretty melody line. In full production this fiddle would melody would be this songs John Hancock. It's memorable and acts like a melodic hook line that reels the listener right on in during the first verse and keeps you coming back for more. The vocal quality is truly heart felt and sincere. As is true with my music and most people's singing, we can always find ways to improve our performance by perfecting the spots where we breath while performing in a song...and every song is different. However, those are the finer points for the artist/songwriter to refine when producing the finished product. This is a great country pop song that's ready for full studio production. It's got a lot of raw appeal lyrically, melodically, vocally, and is totally danceable. I'd really look forward to seeing this produced with a heavily double stopped fiddle melody line, mandolin, banjo, stand up bass, pedal steel, telecaster, trap kit, and either a piano or B-3 in the background. Maybe even some really old school background vocals doing a call and response in the verses and at the end. Just a thought ;) Nice work!

United States, Texas, Austin

One More

First, I like how cool the music is. It has a laid back feeling to throw your cares aside and dance. Good lyric and good song David, it reminds me of George Strait and can almost hear the Mariachi Band in the background. A little coastal scene with the ocean waves heard in the background splashing against the shore. I am wondering what has happened to good songs like this. We need more.

Good music

Hi, this is a very good music with a good singer. The music is full of ideas and has a very interesting text. Violin me very interested in this genre. Lyrics about love is amazing. I like it very much.

Slovakia, Senica

One more turn

This has a good "old country" feel to it. I like the lyrics and the meaning behind them. However, I think it would be more appealing with female vocals. This is just my opinion, but that is what I hear from this song. I hope that doesn't upset you, because I think you have a good voice, just not for this one. Good job, and take care.

United States, Idaho, New Plymouth


this song reminds me of Jimmy Buffet. I like David's's warm a sincere. There is much here that is reminiscent of other artists that have a formula that is very successful in the pop world, David hits those marks of quality and the production is good. The fiddle adds a nice touch. There is a very good base of creativity here and the ways I would tweek this composition with a very different sounding hook that makes the listener sit up and take notice just a little bit more. You have all the essentials for this country "wardrobe". All you need are a few accessories to make it stand out more.

United States, Massachusetts, Boston

David Wayne Moore

good sound, really enjoy that good country music. Love the song One More Turn, had a good flowing feeling to it. Loved the instrumentals in it as well. Not sure if that was a violin in the intro but it sounded amazing. Good job David! One more turn around the dance floor... a good listen, could even see dancing to this one, easy! like the profile pic too...keep up the good work and post more songs like this one, it suits your voice very well. Loved it!

United States, Texas, Rye

Overall great

Love the fiddle. The overall production was great with the only thing I mention as an audio engineer, vocals perhaps just a little high...but just a little. Great bright dance song. Enjoyed listening.

Australia, Brisbane

Good underlying work


The song starts off with strength. The underlying work and structure is just fine. The instrumentation works well enough. The vocalist has the chops but they aren't quite sitting in the mix right at times. Too loud? (I know thats unusual to hear but it can happen) OR maybe they need a harmony? Not certain... but at times there are some pitch or stylistic issues. That can be fixed easily enough though. When the chorus part starts, the fiddle part is nice, but it doesn't quite lift the chorus out of the song. It works great as an accent but not a driving force. Remedy: There, on the chorus, it does need some harmony or backing vocals to go with it so the transition between parts is more clear. i.e. verse to chorus. And this type of song demands it. Some of the really nice lines in the lyric would also be helped by having a harmony part or bg vox. "kiss you beneath the pale moonlight" is an example. Great line. I hope that is helpful. Art is very personal, and sometimes you just need to use a different "brush" or a different "frame" for it to shine more.

United States, Missouri, Marthasville

One More Turn


The vocals can use some polishing and need a bit more excitement. Your voice is pleasant David, I would just like to hear more confidence, especially in the opening of the song, and a little more enthusiasm. The band is nice, simple and drive your tune well. I would like to hear less midi and more real instruments but I understand how hard that can be for indie artists. The lyrics are lovely and I love the feeling and idea of the tune. Definitely has the makings to be a great tune. Best of luck.

United States, Nevada, Reno

David Moore

I really like this song. It fantastic. bit of rock and roll my favourite music. Your singing, need bit more practice, like the words there great. How about writing this for line dancing, and maybe for film usa they will like your music out in usa. go gig out in usa youll go far hun x

United Kingdom, London

One More Turn

Hi David, listening to your song, and I think you've got the vocals just perfect. The song is catchy, well produced, The length of the song is good for today's markets. I think personally you've got a good song for today's market. Best of luck. I like your song. Guy

Canada, Ontario, Deep River

One More Turn


This song has potential for sure. The vocals are timid and don't sound like it came from the heart. The content is pretty good with a good story. I would enjoy this song even more if it had stronger vocals with maybe some harmonies in the chorus. The instrumentation is pretty good and the violin sounds really sweet. I did listen to it 4 times. It is not unpleasant.

United States, Texas, Waco

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