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Rikki Todd, whose given name is Richard Todd Kearsley, is a singer songwriter from Austin, Texas. All songs were written, produced, and sung by Rikki Todd. RT plays acoustic GTR on all songs. David Grissom handles all electric Guitars, except on "One More Minute" where he shares GTR duties with Sam Cohen. David also plays acoustic GTR on "One More Minute". Bukka Allen plays all keyboards, except p ... read more

About Rikki Todd

Rikki Todd, whose given name is Richard Todd Kearsley, is a singer songwriter from Austin, Texas. All songs were written, produced, and sung by Rikki Todd. RT plays acoustic GTR on all songs. David Grissom handles all electric Guitars, except on "One More Minute" where he shares GTR duties with Sam Cohen. David also plays acoustic GTR on "One More Minute". Bukka Allen plays all keyboards, except piano which is handled by Floyd Domino. Howard Kalish plays all fiddles and shares Mandolin duties with John Miller("I'll be around") and RT("Missin Me"). Pedal Steel is handled by Bob Hoffnar for the most part, except on "One More Minute" and "Vida" which were played by Sam Cohen. Drummer Lisa Pankratz and her bassist husband Brad Fordham keep everybody in line with their precision timing on all songs except "One More Minute", "Judy Rose", "Missin Me", "I'll be around", and "Vida" whose grooves were regulated by Dan Swift on drums and John Miller on bass. All songs were written by Richard Todd Kearsley (expired link) Rikki Todd.

"Howdy! First of all I would like to thank everyone in my band for actually wanting to play with me. I can never thank you enough for all the joy that you bring into my life and I am forever grateful for the privilege of playing with each and every one of you. A very close second to that last statement, I would like to thank everyone who listens to and likes my music. My family & friends, my Fans, and my fellow musicians. I love Country music, always have loved Country Music, and always will love and love to play Country music. This is not a fad with me and I don't need to tell you who my influences are. Anybody who KNOWS Country music can hear them in each and every song I write. And yes, there are a couple of Rock influences in there too like Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, The Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, and some others. However, I've been told by a lot of people that it's pretty clear who I admire musically since imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Thanks again for listening", Rikki Todd

All musical compositions were produced by Rikki Todd for Rikki Todd Music ASCAP. All licensing, booking, and other business inquiries please email rikkitodd@(expired link). Thank you for listening to my music. Y'all are THE BEST!!! Happy Trails to you, RT

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Rikki Todd
2 years ago

Howdy Y'all...it's been a minute or two!

Howdy Y'all, I've been out of pocket now for a minute or two. Unfortunately, I had to go to the free side of membership here on (expired link) due to financial constraints and they cut me off from my people on my email list. I didn't like that much, but there wasn't anything I could do about it at the time. I'm really sorry about that. I really missed y'all, but I'm back in the saddle and I came with the album I promised in hand! Some of the tracks are here and It's available on over two dozen digital platforms as well as on Spotify and Pandora FOR FREE! It's also going to be available in CD form real soon on my web site which is in the process of migrating away from Reverbnation to my own stand alone site hosted by LiquidWeb. The site is presently under construction using WordPress and should be up and running in about a week or two. The site URL is (expired link) and will have my music, music videos, merch, stickers, patches, band news, photos, band trivia, contests, show information, and lots of other cool stuff. I'm also working on the design for the "Without You" CD's jacket, graphics, and liner notes.

On another front my music video for the title track, "Without You", has been pretty busy lately. It's getting a lot of press in the film industry. Why? At the urging of a childhood friend I submitted it to a few film festivals and low and behold, it got into two of them so far! The Austin Revolution Film Festival 2020 here in Austin and the Hollywood First Time Film Maker's Showcase out in (expired link). both in the Music Video category. Yea, that news totally blew me away when I found out too! To vote for my video, which is number #102 "Without You" you can purchase tickets for $15 to view over 100 independent films and music videos. So, go to: Tickets are now available for purchase by the public, via the link below:

(expired link)

So, we're waiting to hear from several other Film Festivals and will let you know as soon as we get the news of any other acceptances. The next two videos we're going to shot are going to be for the songs "Vida" which will be shot right here in Austin and for the song "One More Minute" which will be shot on a road trip from (expired link). to Austin on Interstate-10. More details on that one soon. I'm thinking of having a contest with the winner making a cameo appearance in the video with their boyfriend or girlfriend. What do you think of that idea? Let me know by sending a message to me right here at (expired link). Also, soon you can reach me on my web site at fanmail@(expired link). So, please let me know what you think of the music video cameo appearance idea. I'm not sure how we'd work that if we did it, but I think it sounds like a lot of fun. In the mean time, please check me out on Spotify,, Pandora, or download the album on Amazon, iTunes, or from your online store of choice for less than $13, You won't be sorry. Or you can wait for the CD to drop. Thanks for listening! Take care, have fun, and stay safe out there. Happy Trails, Y'all Rikki :)

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Rikki Todd
3 years ago

Rikki Todd's "Without You" Album Drops on Valentine's Day across all digital platforms: GET IT NOW!

The wait is finally over!!! The Singles "Laura Ann" & "One More Minute" ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic, Amazon, Deezer, iHeart Radio, & across over twenty digital music services for sale and streaming. Now taking Pre-Orders for "Without You" the long awaited debut album from Austin Outlaw Singer-Songwriter Rikki Todd. With all original old school Country music from twangy shuffles, to hard driving Country Rockers, and heartfelt love songs this album is true blue Country to the bone. Alex Harvey who penned the classic "Delta Dawn" for Tanya Tucker said "Rikki could be the next Charlie Pride." Stream it today and decide for yourself ;) Happy Trails!

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Rikki Todd
4 years ago

Thank you...

Mr. White,

I would like to thank you personally for signing up. I do not take it lightly that you decided to make this commitment. We understand the gravity of this situation and are keenly aware that if we do not keep up our respective ends of this arrangement...there will be dire consequences. At this time I would like to invite you to the inner sanctum of the operation. Please go to (expired link) This site is collocated on (expired link). Once inside you will find our colleagues: Mr. Orange, Mr. Yellow, Mr. Green, Mr. Black, and the illustrious Mr. Pink. We'll see you there shortly ;)

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Rikki Todd
6 years ago


Howdy Y'all! First of all I want to thank everybody for all of your support by listening to, subscribing, and sharing my music. THANK YOU!!!!! It really means a lot to me that y'all like the music that I write and take the time out of yer day to listen. As I said before, the only reason why this works is because of Y-O-U ;) I also couldn't do this without the help of everyone on our team. Sam Cohen on telecaster and pedal steel, Dan Scott on drums, John Miller on Bass and that sweet mandolin part on "I'll be around", and Aaron Michael Orth on acoustic guitar. I also need to thank Joe Podlesny of Avocet Recording for engineering the fat tracks that Cooper Anderson of (expired link) mixed down to the songs y'all have been listening to. I'm blessed with some truly amazingly talented friends.

Okay, this is what happened this past week. My debut on N1M was pretty incredible. I didn't expect any of this to happen when I signed up, but Y'ALL REALLY MADE IT HAPPEN! I was ranked No.1 in the country category for Austin, Texas all of my first week as the HotShot New Artist! Yeehaah!!! And I'm still ranked No.2 in Austin this week without even putting a whole hell of a lot of effort into it. "Vida" debuted at No.1 in Austin, No.42 Nationally/Globally. "One More Minute" Was in the top 50 in Texas and is still No. 66 Globally. This means that all of my songs are in the top 100. Two of them are in the Top 50 Globally! I was stunned and amazed by your response to my music. I'll try by working harder to get more of my unrecorded music out faster. I have limited resources, but I know that I can find ways to do better. Also, I'm now on Reverb Nation. You can find me just by looking or Rikki Todd on that site. Also, my rikkitodd dot com site is moving over to Reverb Nation and will be hosted there. You can buy downloads there and on Google Play. However, it's better for me if you buy them on the rikkitodd dot com site because google takes $2.00 off of the top of each sale. You get the picture ;)

Well, that's what's going on. And it's A LOT! I'm so happy that y'all like my music :) I know that you're taking time out of your busy day to listen to me and that means the world to me. I hope to be able to get out on the road and play some shows in the near future. I want to get out and meet ALL Y'ALL!. So, please tell your friends to subscribe so I can email details about the record and upcoming tour dates when we announce them. In the mean time, take care, have fun, and happy trails to you :)

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Rikki Todd
6 years ago



I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Victoria in Grenada, Mississippi and everyone else for listening to my music here on N1M. As y'all know, YOU are the reason why this site works. Victoria you are my first email subscriber here on this site. So, as a thank you I'd like to send you a rough demo of a song that's real special to me. Look for an email from me within the next 24 hours. You'll know it's from me ;) Thanks again and thank you for being a country music lover. Without all you, we'd all be playing to crickets! Peace be with you and may God bless you and yours :)

Happy Trails,


(expired link). I hope to be able to meet you someday when we come to play somewhere near your town. I hear that Grenada, Mississippi is The City that Smiles. That's a really wonderful motto for a city and I know it rings true because you have smiled upon me ;) Thank you. Realistically, we'll probably end up playing either in Memphis or Jackson. Memphis would be awesome because Elvis is there, but I'd kinda like to play in Jackson because of the Johnny Cash song of that same name. Either way, I'll let you know. In the mean time thanks again for liking my music. You're the FIRST AND THE BEST!

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