Three in Four


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Beautifully captivating !!!! Brilliantly done !!!


I would like to extend my congratulations to Alessandro Ferretto on this masterpiece. I was very captivated by the sound and the feel of this track. Mixed very well, the instrumentation on this one is great. It has a old time jazz feel that brings back the memories of jazz back in the day. An outstanding performance on the Piano on this one compliments to the saxophone and the drummer as well !!! A recording done very well. Congratulations on this well done piece of audio artwork !!!

United States, California, Los Angeles

Excellent playing, just a few ideas musically that can help


Hello, I enjoyed this. Well done and nicely played. Musically, I would suggest moving the harmony a little more in the intro (you could even try improvising over the song changes for the intro) The two-chord vamp before the melody doesn't add enough excitement to preface the melody. I could also use another section after the melody the second time to transition to the solos—the solos have nice ensemble playing and energy. For the drum solo, I would suggest a unison vamp that you and the bass can double for the drums to play around. Maybe the last couple of times the sax can join it. For the very end, instead of just the melody ending like the other times, add a bit more to it (a coda?) so it distinguishes itself from the other times as a definite ending with some flair since it ends tight with all. I would work on the recording aspects (close mic'ing and mixing) in a professional studio. It sounds like one mic in a room. You guys deserve better sound! Anyways, keep up the good work. next time I am on tour in Itlay, I will look for your name to see if I can meet, hear your group in person, and say hello.

United States, New York, New York City



I was really impressed and so surprised with this song. I've heard some of your other music but this song seems different. I thought this song had a really good sound and seemed well put together. I really enjoyed it.

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Nice feel nice composition

Very nice. I would've liked to hear the rhythm section louder in the mix. Low end (primarily Bass & Bass drum) were pretty soft and a little muddy, sax a little too loud. Overall nice feel, nice composition.

United States, Missouri, Kansas City

Very cool!

This song is VERY COOL! I really appreciate the groove and the musicianship is superb. Parts of it remind me of Chick Corea and at other times, it makes me think of Gato Barbieri. Give us more!

United States, Arizona, Mesa

Alessandro Ferretto Is A Wonderful Pianst!


My first listen to Alessandro started enjoying his sensitive beautiful intro to his composition "Three In Four". At first, I thought it would be a journey into introspection, but it turns out, that shortly after that sensitive intro, a band arrived full of spirit and energy. Beginning with a drum entrance that opens up to an ensemble offering, then arrives the tenor saxophone with a clear tone and perfectly punctuated melodic phrasing of Alessandros's melody. The band grooves along with a spirited accompaniment to the saxophone solo. The drums lay down a funky, uplifting rhythm for Alessandro's piano solo which is interesting and adventurous. Alessandro builds his solo with 8 bar phrases that give the music a forward motion feel. The piano leads into the drum solo with the drum's great tom-tom sound, clean percussive execution, and seamless intro to the final melodic statement. All in all a thrilling listen for those who like contemporary jazz with a smooth jazz kind of feel but with energy. Recommended listening and perfect music to hit the road with. This composition is well-played and well-recorded. Bravo!

United States, New York, NYC

Outside looking in review of 'Three in Four'


Alessandro Ferretto has delivered on this song 'Three in Four'. He has done a masterful job of composing this classic jazz piece of music. All of the musical elements are on point. There's the solid foundation of acoustic drums & upright bass. The melodic piano and saxophone play round out the excellent performance! Very good tempo and flow. Superb arrangement, and instrumentation bring the 'live' sound to the forefront. The meticulous mixing of the song and expert mastering glued everything together. It has outstanding production value. On a scale of one to five, I give it a solid five! John W. Bailey Jr. aka Solo/Etcetera.



I like the originality of your work. Strong message and creativity is a big plus. Good production, I can hear some good vocals to this, good job on the final mix-down. I can tell you have your heart and soul into what you do. Keep on pushing and never give up or get distracted in pursuing the dream of making it. I like the instrumental blend of sounds with some vocals and the production on the track is good. Keep up the great work! Peace!!!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

very listenable


beautiful intro with dreamy harmonies that immediately makes you want more. reminds me a bit of Giovanni Allevi.... Then sax, drums and bass.....yeah! a successful mixture of jazz and more. definitely listen to it.

Switzerland, St.Gallen

Solid performanes


Great musicianship, solid groove, and wonderful solos - Alessandro and crew are very experienced sounding. Compositionally, from my point of view, there could have been a few things done differently. The piano intro could have included a few obvious snippets of the head played by the sax (I'm assuming the sax played the head as that was the easiest part to 'hum along with' and was repeated.) The head itself could have used a little more edge in the note choices - I totally get the repeated figure which modulated up, and then repeating figure modulating down to finish the section. I think that with the wonderful tension choices in the solos, there could have been a hint of that in the third repetition of the of figure as it modulated up, just a note or two to increase the tension which would have been released on the final repetition. And in the descending figure a note or two along the way to increase and release tension. These would make the head a little more interesting - especially since it was repeated twice - and give a hint of what was coming. Foreshadowing is great. The head could have also been partially quoted a couple of times during the solos to keep that in mind. These minor quibbles aside I really enjoyed the music.

Canada, Alberta, Calgary

bel piano


bel piano che suona solitario e per suonarlo cosi' bisogna avere padronanza dello strumento con piano e forte che danno colore. ma poi il jazz comincia anche con un bel sax che fa il suo e svisa improvvisando a piu' non posso come si fa nel jazz il tutto e' anche trascinante e tocca degli apici di bravura di tutti ma il sax in questo momento sembra impazzito qui e' un grande crescendo bravi

Italy, dalmine bg



Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Braviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Morphing classical into jazz


Starting as a classical piano recital it makes a transition to jazz by adding drums and a sax and therefore turning to 3/4 time and hence the title "Three in Four." To make this transition is not an easy one and allows the listener to come along with accomplished composition and improvization. All the time there is a sense of anticipation as to where it might lead or end up.

United States, Pennsylvania, Reading

Nice Musicianship of "Three in Four"


The piano begins a dreamy prelude reminiscent of Correa's "Spain" before introducing the two chords that are the base of the jam session later in the song. The drums enter nicely creating the new feel. This leads to the sax providing the head of the song performed twice before excellent solos on sax, piano, and drums backed by bass. The intro and the solos showoff their excellent musicianship. My only recommendation is to avoid the traps of musical sequences to write the head of the song. The melody is provided, then is extended by using the same melody up an interval (musical sequence). Then the melodic phrase is shortened and descends similarly by musical sequence. I believe the head could be even more engaging if when employing the first sequence, use just the first five notes up an interval, then expand the idea even further leaving the sequence, but expanding on the motif. That said, Ferretto is in good company using sequences in this manner, as many jazz composers use (I believe overuse) the same technique. I released Monk's "Epistrophy", which is full of sequences. I tried to add variation by adding new harmonies when the sequence happens and writing waltz bookends to the arrangement based on variations of the B section. That is why I originally titled it, "Variations on a Monk." I recommend all listeners give this song a listen, as the musicianship is fun to hear. Congrats Alessandro on a very good recording. Bob Hall & Friends

United States, New York, New York

Good quality classical sounds


Great to hear quality training. Jazz music is like fine wine in an bottle never to be opened. Hey 3 in 4 reminds me of making music, "on the 3 and the 4" temple or beat. We mix hip-hop and jazz in Las Vegas NV. Check out BUGLEBLACK whenever you get a chance

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

Jaz to bun to


When you put capable musicians together they can pretty much play anything well . It is immediately apparent that this piece has been performed my competent musicians . Starting with the piano intro there is an element of mystery , where will the piece go from here , once the groove sets in through the percussion the track progresses upwards elevating to a higher point . The sax adds another dimension both to the groove and melody and you can hear each individual musician is bringing something to the table . I would of liked a little more emphasis in the bass lines but it in no way detracts from the feel of the track . There's a great drum solo which I can appreciate being a drummer . This is a really cool piece lovely groove lovely melodies and great musicianship . What more can a Jazz fan ask for eh :) I wish you all the best for the future guys !! Jazbuntu

United Kingdom, London

Three in Four


Instrumental Great Instrumental great piece of work nice this AWESOME .this instrumental song has a really good.and ....................................the song was put together is very unique.......................................just love the way the sounds they were like instruments were spot on ................. perfectly........................can't say enough about this instrumental song......................................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thank you.................... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thankyou..................................

United States, New York, Middle village

Good jazz


Nice standard jazz, and some good improvisations. And good interplay, of course. "Standard" because the general sound recalls many pieces of that genre. Standard harmony, rhythm, and structures. Well crafted, but I have to say nothing very original, I don't see particular ideas, but anyway it is a professional performance playing.

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