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Erik Stearns, aka, White Soaring Eagle is an accomplished multi-instrumental musician who started out playing keyboards, then zither harp, and percussion. But many who know his craft would point out what he calls his “soul-native” instrument. This is none other than the Native American flute. His ten years experience in this journey has so far yielded three CD’s, his first solo, “Seventh Direction” and one as a member of Primal Space- Element Earth - their first and self-titled release. Currently, while performing around Austin both solo and with Primal Space, he also holds classes in relation to modern Shamanism, and leads ceremonies. He also is an energy worker in the role of Intuitive Advisor, and Reiki Master/Teacher.

He has had a life of musical, technological, and spiritual adventure which has served as an abundant supply of inspiration of creativity. Being gifted with what people would say is way less than perfect physical sight, his vision and visions grew beyond a knack to survive, but an artful celebration of what it is to thrive. Thus, his motto of resilience has been, “I don’t just survive, I thrive!”

Much of his life has been centered around the language of music. He started singing around the age of around three, reciting the hottest songs of the charts at that time. In 1986, the music bug bit him again on Christmas day when he received his first keyboard. For the next five years, he would spend much of his preciously spare time writing songs, recording, and cultivating his dream of being an accomplished professional musician. Soon, he formed his first band, Open Hearts.

In 1998, after a seven-year hiatus, He picked up the keyboards again and soon joined forces with Eddie Elmer of Hex Vector, Dick Ross of Poi Dog Pondering, and Chris Dye of Galapagos to form an avant-garde rock band called, The Space Lords. During this time, he discovered and began playing the Zither harp ass well as his keyboard prides and joy, an Alesis QS-7, and a Wurlitzer piano. A year later was when, after a long search for a Native American flute and a reminder of how to play it, his prayer was answered when he encountered his first mentor, William Gutierrez – a nationally recognized performer. Since November of 1999, he has used this instrument to regale audiences with stories, soundscapes, and even songs passed down through various traditions. It was then that he and Dick Ross decided to collaborate on an ambient project and begin performing and recording as the band 2 Birds.

After Dick left the project to work on other collaborations, much of the material stayed on the shelf where it would serve as the basis for his first solo release, “Seventh Direction”. After Erik Received his Shamanic name of Two Feathers, he added the name Ghostwood, in honor of the spirits who according to legend, inhabit the sacred Western Red Cedar tree in the form of the white streaks within the red wood, thus called ghost wood. Thus, the stage name Two Feathers Ghostwood.

In 2003 he released “Seventh Direction” and began touring and playing venues, both locally to Austin and around Texas. This also landed him opportunities to work in other projects such as the jazz band Red3, avant-garde projects such as Himitsu, Innocent Aliens, performing with poets like Thom the World Poet, and others. His music and reputation even afforded him the chance to spin and dance with fire.

In 2007, after having a vision, he changed his shamanic name to White Soaring Eagle. Later that year, he joined up with Edgar Pace to form the band Primal Space. For the next year, they’ve performed regularly at Café’ Caffeine and drew a loyal following. They released their debut CD, “Element Earth” which drew local critical acclaim.

He went on to release his second solo CD, “Ancestral Voices”, and a bonus single, “Sky Wolf’s Dance”. You can find his works on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music:

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In addition to re-releasing the remasters of his solo works, he’s been playing around the area at various venues, such as coffee shops, clubs, food truck parks, and private gatherings and ceremonies.

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