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How it never was and never will be...

Hits the point of a feeling, you have, if you think about how it could be, and how it could had been. Nice dramatically and full of emotions you maybe call "love". It has a nice structure and transports very well the feeling of a christmas eve spended with your loved one, a broken promises, a burned love, which will never be, as she said. Its a dream you dreamed once, but has gone to a war which never ended.

UTE'S Xmas Song

Well as usual, very passionate, what I would expect from UTE and quite different and just as well produced as I would expect. I really like UTE'S stuff and I am sure this will do well during the Xmas period when people are in the spirit. I just wish people were like that all the time. A great festive song from a great Artiste Xx Jona Bahookie Xx

review for I'll be home for Christmas

nice panio start but vocals are too low, nice smooth musicical flow but vocals are over shadowed by instruments. Organ music is nice and blends in with other instruments and develops an overall nice tune, other than one point I heard nothing else except panio an a nie job done by this artist, and what I could hear of the singer nice tones and words just a bit low for my old ears to pickmup all the words , but he mood was there and the lady sings from the heart and all are gonna be happy at Christmas this year.

Very Interesting !!!

Very good quality recording and the voice is amazing. A very nice Piano introduction then Violins. I am feeling it !!! The more I listen the more I like it !!! I wish all Good Luck on your venture :)

Nice Soft Track

I found this song to be a very sweet and relaxing track and would be in my opinion ideal for a film as it has great strong vocals that captures that smooth Jazz sound and makes you want to play it again and again,I wish you will with this song and look forward to hearing more of your great music in the future.

Beautiful arrangement

This is a beautiful arrangement!! Omg, I might actually cry lol. As far as vocals: the first thing I noticed was that your voice is pretty quiet in this mix. Turn up the volume so we can hear you over the piano! I'd also recommend making sure you have a really good pop filter/windscreen. Your consonants are nice and crisp, but, although that's good articulation-wise, it can also really put you at risk for some nasty plosives and having to do retakes over and over again. I don't hear any really bad pops in here -- but the consonants do definitely stand out. Another comment: your vibrato, although nice, sounds a tad pushed in one or two places. Keep an eye on that ;)

I'll Be Home

This is a beautiful song!! I always wanted to learn piano. I also wish I was able to write songs. What a gift! I'm usually not wild about Christmas songs. But holy crap!! This is good!! I wish you the best of luck in your musical endeavor!


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John's Corner..

This is a beautiful song...The lyrics are very descriptive...Your melody and voice adds such listening to your song...Great musical arrangement and your beautiful voice to accompany the lyrics......Thank you very much for the great score... .....I wish you all the best....Your friend in music,,,,John..

Just a Thought

Hello Ute, I really enjoyed the expressiveness of this composition. The piano and the accompaniment ebbed and flowed within the crescendo several times very nicely. I think one of the hardest things to accomplish for a lot of artists is to find a balance between the vocals and the music itself when recording. When I'm recording my music I try and do a 65/35 or a 60/40 mix vocals to music to allow for clearer comprehension of the lyrics. After listening very closely to this song I think the mix is about a 30/70 and I was struggling to understand the lyrics but I did enjoy the music all the same. Good job.


I realy liked your song, it souds like the song of Caetano Veloso Colled "In the hot sun of Christmas Day", it is beauty clean and ligthly, but it has something dark in the same time. If you dont know this song I recomend you to listen it like an reference for others compositions....sorry aboth my english.....thank you for your music! regards!


Beautiful song, haunting tune with rich embellishments, piano is very pretty and lyrical. A simple production, though quite effective. Vocals are sung with feeling and a sense of Christmas is achieved.

Wispy vocals

Whispy vocals at the beginning of this song are difficult to understand. This song never took off, it was short, sweet, to the point. No major turns or lifts. It made its statement then ended. I like the piano as always, and the vocals were sufficient for the type of song. A mellow less than dramatic statement about where one will be at Christmas. No real reason other than being home at Christmas was understood in the lyrics. If you did elaborate on a reason (say at the beginning whispery part) it was not conveyed very well as the airyness diminished the sound quality of the vocalist. As with the UTE voice she sounds like herself, sweet, serious and mellow. I gave this song a three stars because it just didn't have any real message. Hope this helps. - Namaste

Eine Rezension von 'Ich werde zu Hause mit meiner Liebe dieses Weihnachten sein'—'UTE'.

Mit einigen Ausnahmen klingen die meisten Vokal partien eher wie eine gesprochene Sprache als Singen! Es gibt jedoch viele Emotionen hinter der Stimme, die der Melodie Gewicht verleihen. Im Text versuchen Sie mehrmals zu versprechen, dass Sie zuhause sein werden. Bist du die meiste Zeit außer Haus? Sind Sie ein Shopaholic, der viel Zeit in den Geschäften verbringt? Einfach nur Witze machen;) Quite cute quiet music!

Home For Christmas

A simple and lovely message delivered by Ute in this 'I'll Be Home With My Love This Christmas'. Delightfully presented, in both a happy and melancholic melody. Perhaps pushing the boundaries of your lower register a little too far, a slightly higher key would be easier to sing and result in the vocal line being smoother. So lovely to hear such lovely new Christmas music being written.
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