The Static Dial
United States, Michigan, Detroit

About The Static Dial

Hailing from Detroit; a city with a fertile musical heritage. The Static Dial was founded on the idea of an "indie fusion", and the dynamic of a music trio. Initiated by guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Bill Gerazounis as a vehicle for solo material; the project developed into a full band sound shaped by the chemistry of it's chief songwriter and the various members who've been part of the TSD. With the release of their debut; "The Static Dial EP"; a sonic texture was established and further built upon with the extended single, "Move Along". With the release of the follow up single; "Desert Song"; the band worked with friend and film producer Jason Conley on a video that brought a vibrant, imaginative visual to accompany the track. As various indie and major radio from the (expired link). to the UK began picking up the band's catalog, and shows with national and international touring outfits began to fill up live dates; the trio began work on what would become their full length debut; "Audio Nomad". The band again worked with a close friend; producer Michael Skib; to capture the creative leap forward. Resulting in the sound of the 10 tracks that make up the album. With some time taken to work on new material and approach some new ideas with a fresh creative perspective; The Static Dial put together what would become the "New Sounds For Outlier Radio" 6 track EP; released in June, 2017. It finds the band at their absolute peak as writers and musicians.

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