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The Last Hope Road Show - Free Offer (Northfighters - The View From the Chrystallis)

Hi This is an update from The Last Hope Road Show

While we haven't updated any of you lately, we have been busy. Both band members have written books.
The first one is now in (expired link) TLHRS will be doing the soundtrack for the audio book, we want to offer our fans FREE Ebook copies of this critically acclaimed book, soon to be out in hard copy and paperback editions.

Just use Coupon Code UU95E in the checout process at (expired link).

Twelve year old Chris Talbot is the like-able protagonist, with his nerdy friend Josh, his bully nemesis Mike, and his heart’s desire Sylvia. All four of them end up avoiding near death on their school trip near Seattle. They are being pursued by ghoulish monsters that have been sent after them by the charismatic yet maniacal super villain Salazon. Salazon ‘The Evil’ as he would prefer to be known has supreme psychic powers and a pretty big chip on his shoulder. He has an elaborate scheme to trigger a massive battle between two of his world’s people that, he just doesn’t want to have around anymore.

Salazon has been given a forewarning that this boy Chris is somehow going to be a thorn in his side. Luckily for Chris and his friends, they are taken through a portal to a strange and beautiful land by the heroic Talbar, a lord of the Northfighter people. Talbar, with three of his fellow men, make it their duty to guide the children on a trek with war and deceit all around them, to try to find the real reason the kids have ended up here.

The spectre of Salazon builds throughout the book, but he is not the only stuff of legend that is to be found in this land. Fables tell of great and powerful beasts, the true Northfighter’s, namesakes of the people that came after. Do they exist? Salazon and Talbar both believe that they do. And this may be where the children are to come in.

Back in the real world the tough and cynical detective Janet Lansing is perplexed by the mystery surrounding the missing kids. Where this is all going and why is anyone’s guess. But it’s an entertaining ride, come jump on.

"This was a fantastic read. Some of the most original fantasy driven characters and creatures I’ve read in a long time"

"All in All I want to compliment the author on such a job well done in creating

such a unique, magical and thrilling plot! From the start, the story was alive and

compelling me as a reader to want to continue reading more and more."

" With a cliff-hanger ending that leaves room for a hopeful sequel, this is a must read YA adventure like no other"

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Just in time for Valentines Day - A break up song.

Hope 2018 is going great!

Not to be too cynical but thought we'd put up a break up song before Valentines Day.

Inside Outside
'The world is full of break up songs, that leave me stuck in a state of reflect.
Can you tell me where one of those break up songs tells me,
.......what in the world to do next!'

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Inside Outside

Hope 2018 is off to a great start! Our new song here is 'Inside Outside'

'Can you tell me where one of those break up songs, tells me...what in the world to do next!'

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Happy New Year and have a fantastic 2018!

Another year bites the dust and we're squeezing in this song on the last night of the year.
It's called 'The Martyr' and while it may seem a little bit despondent lyrically we can assure you we are very optimistic for the new year for everyone.
So Happy New Year and set out to make 2018 you're best year yet.

The Martyr
I'm the martyr, who died for a failing cause.
I'm a loser who sings for the lonely souls
I'm a junkie whose never at fault.
I blew it all.....on the two of hearts.

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He Said She Said (The Bells They Rang Out) ........Christmas isn't always Fa La La

Not everyone is happy at Christmas. Here is a melancholy song of two such people and their chance encounter, #ChristmasBlues (expired link)

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