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God bless:)

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United States, New York, Bronx

Review of "Wet"

I like this.

United States, Arizona, Prescott Valley

not for me

The production value is too low to peak my interest. The lyrics are cliche, style is cheesy. Sorry, maybe its just not for me. Not too into island music done by singer/songwriters. Voice is decent.


Its a good sounding track. Decent mix. The vocals could be higher in the mix and clearer. Nice Idea but seems unfinished somehow, not exactly sure what is missing, nice instrumentation though.

Jamaica, Kingston

Yeah man!

Nice little song. got some reggae strum going on up in here. I know some genre of reggae where those lyrics might be a big hit. Keep on working!!

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

forgot the stars ha ha

i cannot really rate anything over another or judge so i just say 4 on this stuff .. its honest song i suppose as well, since it seems to be about sexuality.good point there as well...

Wet song

i dunno what title this has, i downloaded the mp3 and it does not have a title..i think its nice number. No problem with the mix or sound, or vocal. The mp3 needs some metadata or is there a reason for this. It seems to show a title in my player though. I would double up some of the tracks and stereo it a bit... sounds good..easy listening, easy to listen too..go out there and play play play, in front of people keep it easy for high class folks.. sounds fine to me..ignore the negative people they never happy. good new year- rob

Review of wet

Lovely voice, beautiful tone, lovely song well arranged and mixed, nice recording, really enjoyed the feel and flow of the music you have done an excellent job. Well done keep up the good work.

United Kingdom, Dudley

Wet Review

First off I would like to say you have a very nice voice. You stay in great pitch and convey a complementary sexiness. The drums and bassline are perfect for this song and stand out as a backbone. The harmonica is really not a good choice for this song it killed the whole "Wet" image for me. If it must be in there it needs to be in perfect pitch and much, much shorter. The slide guitar is ok but is a little sloppy but is cool. I think if you killed the harmonica and shortened the song about 2 minutes and focus better on the structure you would have a nice little song. Put some effects behind the slide like reverb and a good mix with the vocals a little louder I think would improve this track immensely. Good luck. :)

United States, New Mexico, Albuquerque

Review of "Pine Lake Radio Release ©2013" by thekwanzaaproject

mix needs work, melody is weak, slide guitar is tinny, vocal is buried. needs to be reworked

United States, New York, Elmira

Wet Review

somewhat decent mix. Vocal melody needs development. Concept needs development.

United States, New York, Uniondale

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