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Jamaica, Kingston
Rivah jordan
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About Rivah jordan

Having the ability to perform most tasks neccessary for today's musician, like graphic design, video making and editing, engineering, mixing , mastering, playing instruments and making riddims, b Rivah Jordan (of Sound Killaz) previously EARL J of Lotek Hifi (expired link) Jordan Bailey.

Tradition is defined as the passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral c ... read more

About Rivah jordan

Having the ability to perform most tasks neccessary for today's musician, like graphic design, video making and editing, engineering, mixing , mastering, playing instruments and making riddims, b Rivah Jordan (of Sound Killaz) previously EARL J of Lotek Hifi (expired link) Jordan Bailey.

Tradition is defined as the passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication. Suprising then it is not, that a son may follow in the footsteps of his father, especially when the element of culture is one of vocal expression. All 3 of Jack Radics sons will readily display their talent for crafting lyrics and melodies to create a listening experience with both rehearsed pieces and off the cuff freestyles, the elder two of them teaming up to form the group Sound Killaz. The younger of that pair being Rivah Jordan, Soundkillaz vocalist, producer and beatmaker.
Kingston has been his home since returning to Jamaica, the place where he grew up and can recall his earliest of childhood memories, in 2006. He lived in London England, the place he was born for 10 years before, and it was here that his musical journey began. Most of his life he has spent between the 2 places.
Music was not always the focus for Rivah Jordan, who used to play basketball for England at under 16 level, and it was around the age of 16 music began to be the focus of his attention. First writing lyrics and then making rhythms, which led to engineering and mixing. The requirements of the modern day musician coupled with advances in technology since his fathers era of making music, gave way for the opportunity to begin building his own studio, something which in times gone by may have been near impossible. Since returning to Jamaica with his studio, he has achieved his dream of recording artists such as his Father Jack Radics, Anthony Red Rose, Mykal Rose and many other artists including Prezident Brown, whose "Do Thy Work" Ep will be released on Sound Killaz Music.
Kingston being what Rivah Jordan calls "The Mecca" of Reggae music, is the place where he has worked with producers like Reggae Legends Sly and Robbie, Fatta "Fat Eyes" Marshall, Fattis "X-Terminator" Burrell, "Computer" Paul Henton and Jack Scorpio amongst others.
Rivah Jordan is still working with his brother as Sound Killaz making albums, as well as having done work in the Jamaican music video industry with Ras Tingle and his TD films, and the likes of Ras Kassa to name a few. Working on videos for artists such as Taurus Riley and many others.
Working as SoundKillaz with his brother they been shooting and directing their own videos since around 2004 when they shot the "Ride On" video, which happened to be their first, Lonely and Farmer Joe from the Album "JA RYDAZ" followed an incredible
5 years later in 2009, although they were shot in 2007. Rivah Jordan puts this down to life's journeys and having to relocate the studio in 2008, also they have previously worked with the BBC.
Now he is filming an editing music videos and footage for his most recent endeavour: Sound Killaz TV. The first music video was released in October 2011 and featured italian regaae icon Fido Guido, performing the single "A Tutte Vanne" from his latest album.
All that as well as taking many pictures, some of which have already appeared on the front of Jamaican newspapers.
In 2011 alone Rivah Jordan has performed in many countries, his most memorable performance in Jamaica being alongside his father at Rebel Salute, which he said was a very good start to the year and a sign of things to come. His collaboration with Prezident Brown has taken him from the shores of California, to Denver and many other states on the western coast of the (expired link). and the summer brought on The Chiemsee Reggae Festival in Germany, as part of Prezident Brown and U Brown's European Summer Tour, which also visited Switzerland and other countries in Europe.
Raffo Fest in Taranto saw Rivah Jordan perform in front of a crowd of over 10,000 alongside Fido Guido, who he did many other festivals and shows with in the southern part of Italy, to add to some solo appearances where booked to Headline as Rivah Jordan.
In 2012 he has already spent 3 months touring the West Coast of the Usa With Prezident Brown, and performed in Austria, England and had massive audiences at the EXIT festival in Serbia.
In his words music is a mission and not a competition and he looks forward to carrying on the tradition that has been handed down to him as best he can, continuing to uphold the values his father taught him, which state that Music is supposed to inform, educate and entertain.

Collaborations include : Sly and Robbie, Jack Radics, Anthony Red Rose, Mykal Rose, Governo Sombra, Foriegn Beggars, Fido Guido, Lotek Hifi, New Flesh, Part 2, Roots Manouvre, Dolby D, The 1 Shanti, Dum Dum Project, Henry P, Marcus I , Everton Chambers, (expired link) Krew and Prezident Brown to name a few.

Rivah Jordan has performed in : Sheperd Bush Empire, the Jazz Cafe, The Forum and Cargo to name a few venues in London, also in Brighton, Oxford, Great Yarmouth, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, California, Utah, Denver, Munich, Cologne, Oslo,
Geneva, Rome, Bologna,Pescara, Taranto, Lecce, Porto, Amsterdam and Negril to name a few places...

Performed alongside or opened up for : Jack Radics, Governo Sombra, Joseph Hill, Prezident Brown, Tony Rebel, Toots and the Maytals, Beres Hammond, Queen Ifrica, Fido Guido, Mama Marjas, Moddi, Lotek Hifi, New Flesh, Roots Manouvre, Mavado
TY, Talib Kweli, Foriegn Beggars , Marcus I, Sanjay, Rootz Underground, Mutabaruka, Swallow, DubbleEdge, Skrein, SkinnyMan, Klashnekoff, Focused Few, Raymond Wright, Pure Love Sound, Zakalicious, TLD Krew and Mad Kid to name a few

notable press:

DJ magazine, IDJ magazine, Vibe magazine, Gargamel magazine, Future Music magazine, Pride magazine,Touch magazine, Hip Hop Connection and Search magazine as well
as other magazines.

Recieved airplay in the UK, (expired link), Jamaica [Irie fm included], Italy, Australia and Portugal

Appeared on tv in the UK, Holland and Jamaica

Sponsors: Dirty Jerz- Ecko Italia, Gov Som, Ecko Uk, Shalom Cultural Peace Project

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Rivah jordan
7 years ago

Herbs Talk from The Hustlers World Album - Available now!!

"Herbstalk" featuring Cookie The Herbalist, taken from my latest album "Hustlers World"(expired link) at all digital retailers now!"Rivah Jordan is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, and Producer of Reggae, Dancehall, HipHop & R&B. His debut album, Hustlers World, is scheduled for international release in 2015, while he is touring the West Coast of North America with Prezident Brown. Born in London as the son of Jack Radics, a Musician with hits topping International Charts worldwide, he grew up in Jamaica and is growing to accept his place among the new generation of Reggae Royalty. " Hustlers World brings a diverse blend of music of Jamaican origin. The tracks take you on a journey from the original Roots with which most contemporary Reggae music is associated, tracks like "For The Moment" get the lovers rocking."Each One Teach One" delivers a message of upliftment through supporting others over a smooth "Steppas" style Reggae Rhythm, while tracks like "Meet Again" "Street Girl" and "Deceiving Girl" display how Reggae Music started covering older classics. Hustlers World also brings fusions of today's modern Hip Hop with songs like "Creating Affluence" and "Herbs Talk". Jamaican Dancehall is represented by songs such as "Do Di Ting" and "Grow Better" while songs like "Tek Weh" and "Fairy Tale" supply an R&B flavour. The title culminates both Rivah Jordan's observations during more than 10 years in the business and his ambitions to bring some real business back to Reggae music. A Hustlers World may best describe the present condition in Reggae music. From Rivah Jordan's point of view, he aim's to find success by putting proper business ethics and etiquette behind quality products with both entertaining content and powerful positive spiritual messages of substance.

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Rivah jordan
8 years ago

New Music from Rivah Jordan

Subscribe to Sound Killaz music Youtube channel to stay up to date with the latest from Rivah Jordan!
(expired link)

We've already shot the video for All Night and are planning the release, hear the audio in the attached video!
This week we will be mastering the Album "Hustlers World" to be released this year, so stay tuned!
Our newsletter comes from soundkillaz@(expired link) so be sure to add this address to your contacts so you will get our newsletter to your email.
We hope 2015 has been prosperous for you so far!
Guidance and Protection

Sound Killaz Music

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Rivah jordan
8 years ago

The Best New Reggae Music

Rivah Jordan brings a broad display of creativity to music. His mastering of the Reggae grooves of his father, mixed with the youthful flame of modern styles such as dance hall and hip hop, produces an aptitude for delivering music as he "intends it to sound".

His live performances are always full of energy and emotion whether delivering cover versions or original songs. He brings across the original reggae feeling of the seasoned entertainers such as Culture (Joseph Hill), Gregory Isaacs and many others he used to watch on Negril beach in Jamaica, but effortlessly mixes the modern style of today's Dance hall artists which often stirs crowds into a frenzy.

His intention is to bring Roots and Culture back into dance music and respond to the emerging trends of Hip Hop and Dancehall, while at the same time trying to be true to himself lyrically, and play quality music to the highest degree.

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Rivah jordan
9 years ago

The Best new Reggae!

Rivah Jordan is a part of Team tower along with Prezident Brown, one of Jamaica's most conscious artist's!
They have been making great music and touring together since 2011.
Check out Rivah Jordan's Music and join our mailing list to stay up to date with us!
Visit his page and download some of the free songs available!

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Rivah jordan
9 years ago

Keeping Reggae Music ALIVE

Carrying on the tradition his Father Jack Radics has upheld for decades, Rivah Jordan is a part of Prezident Brown's Genereation Next and Leader of the Sound Killaz Music team.

"Rivah Jordan - Jah Works" is #5 for Reggae in All Countries

"Salvation - Cranberries Reggae Cover" is #6 for Reggae in All Countries

"Rivah Jordan - 1 Place At A Time" is #7 for Reggae in All Countries.

Check out his music here on Number 1 Music, join him on Facebook @ (expired link)
or visit (expired link).
Thanks for your time and your continued support.

SoundKillaz Music
Music Consulting & Production
Graphic Design & Video Production
Digital Distribution
Artist Liaison

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