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Resist Hatred

I never thought I would see this day come to pass. We have become so disconnected from each other that we condone hatred as a way of life. When I think about the United States and what we have as individuals and collectively, I am reminded that what we have, we have from the contributions of immigrants. Everyone in this country is an immigrant except for Native Americans. Why then have we allowed fear to cloud our brains so much that we want to isolate ourselves from the world? How will that work? The parts that make up every electronic device you have comes from different parts of the world. Do we want to live without that? The houses we live in are made from lumber & metal from all parts of the world. Should we live without that?
To hate someone because of their race, gender, spiritual background etc is a road that has been travelled before and never ended well. We reject this type of hatred. We embrace diversity and the beauty that culture can bring to the world WHEN IT IS SHARED.
As we work on completion of our latest material, One song continually comes to mind from our past album. Ujima. Please listen to the song and may it's rhythms flow through you to Unify you with those around you in Peace.

We send this to you and ask that you RESIST hating those around you just because they are different from you. Have the courage to stand with them when the time comes to reject division. There is a Creator that created ALL of us, not just those who look, sound or feel like we do.

May The Creator bring you peace in your lives & love in your heart!

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Happy New Year!

Here's wishing all of you a Happy New Year! If you know someone who is in need or feeling troubled right now, lend a voice of support to them. You might just save them from doing something rash to themselves or others around them.
We must try to lookout for each other and what better way than starting at the New Year!

Musicians! Make some great music this year! We're looking forward to it.

Just a heads up....We've got some surprises on the horizon for 2016....Keep your eyes open for them!


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Be About Peace & Understanding!

When we wrote You've Got To Have Love, it was a response to the Second Iraq War and the devastation all over north Africa. It was our hope that something would be sparked in human beings to be accepting of each other and enjoy learning about our differences as a good thing and not something to pull us apart.

Since that time we have seen the world spiral into an abyss that looks as if it can lead to a World War. People are giving up their lives just to bring harm to other human beings. If you are about effecting change for the positive as well as creating music and art that will inspire the best of humanity, I am appealing to you to spread the word. Make someone think. Find a way to help them step back from hatred. Hatred is an easy solution. It is so much harder to love. It takes patience, a willingness to listen and yes even the ability to take the chance to let someone know what bothers you.

So this message is to all our subscribers. We are about the business of bringing people together. We truly are thankful for those who felt it was important enough to connect with us. Let's do what we can to change this hatred speech before it's too late. Please share this song to whomever you feel you can reach. It is our hope it will spark something inside them to change their emotions and realize we need each other. Whatever you do, even if you don't share this song or one like it, don't stand on the sidelines. Try to influence someone, some group to remember the gift of life we have been given.

May the blessings of the Universe find you, bath you with light and blessings and bring you PEACE!

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Thank You!

Thank you for becoming a fan of The Kwanzaa Project. We look to inspire and bring people together thru our musical journey. Your taking this ride with us means everything!

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Have a wonderful day!
Happy Holidays to you all!

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