Eagle Mountain Rose
Gifts And Testaments Of Robin Hood Road

Eagle Mountain Rose

Gifts And Testaments Of Robin Hood Road

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Country rock

Outfield/Babies....cool stuff. Keep up the great work. Good Vocals. Good arrangement. Im trying to count all the instruments..Back and forth with Female Vox is cool....Where did you record this>??

United States, Texas, Trinity

Hi The Antique Harmonius My Review!

Hi again to a very talented group this was very touching to me the lead vocal performer was very talented it is again radio friendly I hope the whole world hears this tune I could listen to it over and over take your time keep producing these great tunes and thank you for giving the world something again wonderful to listen to I hope what I have said to you in this review will be helpful to you I think you got a hit record on your hands from James Milligan President CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Great tune

Well done! Great tune - great layering of instruments with different textures and colours. Rich vocals that is wonderful to listen to - the lyrics create a beautiful story and I love the chord progression. I really enjoyed the guitar work too! Keep up with the fabulous songwriting :)

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Eagle Mountain Rose

This song tells a beautiful story of an Odyssey of true love during a turbulent time. I really enjoyed the guitar and percussion. The vocalist has a great tone and excellent timing. I have to say it is more country than I expected. The female vocalist in the second part of the song was an unexpected welcome surprise. Excellent electric guitar riffs too! She has a unique tone to her voice akin to Tammy Wynette. I think you would have a big gig following here in the U.K. so why not come for a tour?

United Kingdom, WALES

Eagle Mountain Rose, WOW!

What a great song and what an even better recording! The quality of this recording is as good as I've heard anywhere! You did such a great job, the mix, the production, everything so very professional! Keep up the good work!

United States, Arkansas, Elkins

Finally a professional level production worthy reviewing!

Finally, I stumbled upon this song worth reviewing out of the countless number of really subpar level productions on this site. It is really not easy to find good quality productions from truly professional level musicians, writers… etc. So lets review this song. For me it sounds exactly what it is, a well produced country pop or country rock song with excellent, professional vocal and recording quality, nice airy harmonies and instrumentation as it should be for a professional production. Even if this is not my genre of music that I produce, good music is good music and that is all that matters when it is about music, thus I am very happy to give this a 5 star rating especially after hearing the many awful productions I had to struggle through, this song suddenly hit me like fresh crystal clear air or like a bright Sun ray out of a very dark cloudy sky of hopelessness. All in all congrats for this song, it was refreshing to listen to it and gave me back my hope. Thank you!

United States, California, Los Angeles

The Antique Harmoniums

`Eagle Mountain Rose' presents a well balanced well constructed composition. Deeply though out story and lyric line. Really good harmonies and strong lead vocals This song has considerable potential in the commercial marketplace. Worth listening to and worth the time investment for on-air personalities. Perhaps a good sale to any established performers.

Canada, Ontario, London

Awesome Just Awesome!!

Exceptional is this song that just blew me away! I got the unexpected. I am a big fan of yours so I thought I knew what I was getting into when I hit play. To describe my notions: By the end of the song when the two voices came together reinvented everything I thought I knew. Great song, well put together, Inspirational, Beautiful. 5 STARS on all points of the register! HAMMERED HOOK☆☆☆☆☆ ARRANGEMENT☆☆☆☆☆ MUSIC☆☆☆☆☆ MUSICIANSHIP☆☆☆☆☆☆ ENTERTAINING☆☆☆☆☆ RADIO READY☆☆☆☆☆ ~AWZ~

United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh


Mate , what a great voice. The music is nice and tight. Love the mix the way the bass and drums are working together. I really can't say any more except how totally professional this song sounds. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. cheers Rick.

Australia, lockhart

Big Sound!

What a terrific song! That Great Big Sound that one would expect from Texas! I thoroughly enjoy listening to anything from Texas, especially Fort Worth! You do the Lone Star State Proud! I love the Vocal Dynamic, and the interplay of the two front Vocalists. I don't like to read the Bios of other Bands before I listen to the tunes, But now I'll have to go check this Bio out! Great Job! & Best of Luck!

Canada, Nova Scotia, Port Howe

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