The Calling (main song 9/11 ver.)

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Nice sound fr the beginning,interesting drum intro,don’t think I’ve heard a vocal arrangement like this,well done could lead from the guitar,good melody and harmonies,I can’t hear the words,but I heard unit us as one nice change there with the horns and guitar lead again.i like the women’s sound that just came in,big dynamic ending,good vocal counterpoint,and harmonies.i was expecting this but love composers that aren’t stuck in a genre good job,very well done.

United States, Oregon, cannon beach

The Antique Harmoniums Here is My Review!

These are my thoughts this is a wonderful song with lots of meaning I like structure of the music all the background in this song is well done and it is exciting I hope what I have said will be of some use that leads to a wonderful music career and you get a lot of airplay keep up the great work from J.Milligan President/CEO.New Experience Records Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Very nice song

I've yet to be disappointed by anything I've hear by this band yet. Here is a band that lets a piece of music become what it needs to become while they become messengers for the message. This song goes beyond the boundaries of my normal listening comfort zone with the battling church choir voices and yet I can't help listen and love it. A set of styles I never thought I'd hear together and yet here they are blended together so well.

United States, Illinois, Aurora

This is what you want to hear in the hours .....

So very good production and orchestration a few times listening to one another ..... gorgeous introduction ... extraordinary counting on drums ..... essential and melodious bass .... amazing choir .... expressive guitar ... an excellent From every point of view a job .... a song that makes you think that the really good music exists and at the same time you feel lucky that happened to be heard .... where else ... at number 1 of course !!!!!

The Calling....

The intro has all the best notes for hope and a new beginning thus leading the listener to a percussion of bells and drums that sets the pace for a progress of ascending access into the higher realms of The HOLY Presence of Love who is God. Then the rocking out to the aria sets the tone for this song is a waving banner under the melodious Anthem of Love. The words express a Truth in The Heart's Calling and Awakening to the inner light of LIghts. The Father of Lights "Uniting Us As One" For is it not said by The King of Kings that....."The Kingdom of God is within you!." This Anthem of Love unites the listeners to a common cause to do what we can with our time on this earth to make a difference with our Love Lights to shine dark places renewing minds to the call of Love. Amazing expression of unified yearning to follow our callings in Life for The Sake of Love. This Song is A Tool in The Hand of The Master to quicken His People to Awaken to perform together in harmonious acts of love mandated in heaven. His Deeds of Grace yet to be performed. The ending is triumphant in it's expression of all the instruments and voices lifted up in a cry that I am sure pierced the throne room of the Holy of Holies!

United Kingdom

Classical Infused Rock Makes For A Compelling Sound

The Antique Harmoniums are the brainchild of Composer and artist Jon Charles Fortman and his Texas based group. They are achieving what they set out to do some 13 years back- to blend classical orchestrations, classical instrumentation and choral productions with a gritty rock sound. Their unique taste for counterpoint and accessible rock progressions are setting their music in a vein that I can see getting some radio support in modern rock and eclectic formats and even as far mainstream as pop with the right song and promotion. The music is very well put together and is both catchy and musical. This production called "The Calling" brings the listener to a cinematic piece starting with a dynamic unison choral sound that breaks into 2 parts and sets up the rock portion of the blend. The lead guitar is elegantly played with an edgy yet clean sound. This nicely breaks down into another choral section that does more musically with counterpoint and melodies intertwining. The instruments build into a neo-classical horn canon that is quickly answered by the rock influence. It is particularly nice as neither the classical nor the rock sounds seem forced for the effect, rather a natural melting union of two very different musical world working in tandem to bring about a fresh sound. one that's both modern and familiar. I look forward to hearing more for this talented artist.

United States, California, Studio City

The calling indeed!

I love your music I am a huge fan because I can feel your passion in every note you create and it is moving, comforting and beautiful listening to your music. Great arraignments, singing and skilled playing all around. Honestly every time I listen to your songs I feel my heart lift and soar. The personalities of each singer, player, song writer seem to manifest themselves through the air. I envision images soft and sweet lyrical goodness notes drifting and floating through the air searching for a new resting place and calling it home. I congratulate you all, this is a beautiful song one worth listening to over and over again! I cant say enough of your talents and great music. Always well produced and always hitting the heart. Thank you for your hard work.

United States, California, Los Angeles

My thoughts on "The Calling"...

To begin with, the sounds are amazing to open the song! The sound of the snare is perfect to add a majestic sound, and the sound of the synth doing melodic lead is very tasty indeed. The choir vocal arrangement is very delightful, though I did have trouble making out the words clearly... The song has a very original sound to it, so it is definitely not the "same old same old". The dynamics are great, with soft parts, and more lively parts giving the song a robust and energy that is easy to follow... This song would be fantastic to hear in a large auditorium for sure. My favorite part is when the music drops to let the choir of voices bring the song out into the open - and then off freely soaring like a beautiful bird in the sky! Lovely and inspiring ... this song has power running through it from beginning to end. The crescendo at the end is the perfect ending to a great song. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful song with the everyone who has ears to enjoy. This is "ear candy" at it's best!! Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

about The Calling (main song 9/11 ver.)

i think it has exserlent music it has exserlent lyrics perfect song really well done i do love this song it is awesome i think it is a very telentant composition it is the st time i hurd something like this i think the lord be with you in all you do may he bless your jerney in life and in music may you reach to where you are heading like i tell everyone to follow there dream where ever the lord may lead it so as for you also may GOD also bless your family and also your freinds and those around you so as everyone may you always remain in good health and if you get ill sick that you recover so on may GOD BE WITH YOU i really enjoyed my listening today hear i think your song is tops so i gave it top rating ok this is my true opinion

Australia, Warragul 3820


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Venezuela, Barinas

The Calling

Well I must say after listening to the calling I feel enlightened what a great song I mean just from the opening notes of this song and and how the builds up and then you have the whole choir singing there may have been a few things that I personally would have changed but sounds great guys if that's not good enough for a record company to come and give you guys a record deal and just do everything that you all need to praise God for your music but it's all believable to me because that sounded great if I if I had $1000000 I guarantee I put it right behind what you guys are trying to do cuz that all sounded great to me and I love you and I hope that you continue doing what you're doing God bless you and all that you do hallelujah praise the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord Savior and King and just keep it up I mean when the guitar came in the guitar was rock solid and I loved it and into the soul of the guitar solo that I was listening to it was right on point it was great and then you came back in with the choir after that, that sounded awesome I really like that like I said there are few things I would do it but I'm not the guy with the money so you think about that . Thanks for the opportunity to review this just know you guys deserve to be in the studio and deserve to be able to record this song another time and then you know God bless you like I said I love you guys Vision Red loves you and keep going with what you are doing in Jesus name amen Kenny, Marc and Jeff, Vision Red

United States, Texas, DFW

Great Song & Production!

Excellent intro with the acoustic guitar picking and bells etc. Drums awesome, beautiful choral arrangement and awesome to hear the great chorus. Love the heavy guitars that come in later, 6/8 time signature a great choice. Excellent guitar work, well executed production. Hard to understand the lyrics and difficult to hear the bass guitar - could be my poor laptop speakers. Fantastic all around, 5 Stars! Keep the great music coming... I would be honored to participate somehow in the future.

United States, Arizona, Phoenix

The Antique Harmoniums

Nice sound to the intro of the song. I like what I'm hearing in the intro of this song. Would love to hear the rest of this song some day. I am curious to how the rest of this song sounds. Great intro.

United States, California, Sacramento

Review for the song

I can surely say that this song is absolutely a really good song. Sound is perfect and i like it so much that i could listen for hours and hours. A really good work...your style is unique...go on in this way ;)

Italy, Benevento

"The Calling" called out to me...

....and something in my spirit answered. What a sweet song, what an easy production to listen to. Nice blend of mellow instrumentation leading a quasi-TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) rock melody. Nicely, nicely done. I'll be sure to answer again the next time the Antique Harmoniums put out their musical call.

United States, Michigan, Canton

The Great Commission To Share The Gospel To The Four Courners Of The World Is Our Calling!!!

A Tingling Sensation Of Harmony and Wonder!!! Seriously This Song Gave My The Tingles. :) High Five!!! Let us Get The Job Done For Christ!!! I share this to help fulfill my destiny's work and yours & add Armor Of God Upgrades to you and yours as you are doing the same for others!!! :) Hugs... & the eternal spirits I shared this On LinkedIn, FB, RN & Twitter and so had to share with You and Our Kin Under Noah: This is my "Eyes Of Infinity" painting (Here on N1M) that was pulled outta the Abstract into Realism February 2014. 16" by 2' Acrylic On Board. I waited 6 yrs to finally have the Abstract grant me my version of "The Crucifixion" & My Kings Victory over Sin For Us... "Under the Right Eye is the Tear Of Joy for those who believe in him who saved us. Under the Left Eye is the Scar for those who do not believe and the wounds he received that healed us back to dignity & grace. " "The Three Stars of David represent The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit = The Purest Light of Truth, Justice & Above All Love that contains all the Colours of the Universe; Where as Black (Not Including The Title Of Skin Or Name Colour For They Are Names Not Physical & Tangible Ideas Of Colour) but The Lack Of Colour in Black Sucks the Life outta Light but the Light Of God And His Spirit invested in us Will Smite The Darkness..." "The Eyes Of Infinity & Beyond" "The Jewels Of Our Crowns Are Those Individuals We Help Jesus Save..." "Oh Sure we are all Thorns To God in the beginning of our pilgrimages with him but like the Coal Turning Into A Diamond so to will we be made into his Family Jewels, lol... Pun intended. "

Unique Retro-Progressive Music

If this had been released in the sixties or early seventies, it would have been heralded as a great record. Brings to mind such groups as the Spurrlows, Truth and a number of chorale-based Christian rock operas. The production is, of course, better now and since virtually nobody is doing this style anymore it is definitely worth a listen. Kudos for not allowing what was good about this era to fade entirely from view. Since the stated purpose of the band is also to produce music for film, I do not see this as non-relevant but more of a niche-oriented product. Nice work. I have always loved good harmonies and love the 4 part approach.

Canada, Ontario, Windsor

Check it

“I.N.spired by ‘true’ musicians, legendary bands of great talent & the power of profound music, Intrinsic Nature continues this time honored tradition with a passion. I.N. the interest of musical furtherance, the band hopes to succeed on this sometimes difficult quest to enlighten the younger generation and all others who wish to transcend the mediocrity of our times. I.N.deed, it would be a triumph for all 'real' musicians sensibility.” -Milo Keysington Milo has brought together a "meeting of the minds", so to speak, with the formation of the Award Winning Neo Prog/Rock band Intrinsic Nature. (I.N.) As the groups main composer/writer, Milo Keysington on Bass, Keys & Lead Vocals, along with Steve Myers on Drums/Assorted Percussion/Backup Vocals and Aaron Ward on Lead & Rhythm Guit...

United States, Oklahoma, spencer



Canada, Ontario, LONDON


Aye beat is dope asf and great mixing done on track , so shout out to whoever your engineer was and keep doing your thang keep grinding keep putting in that hard work and stay consistent Keep doing your thang keep grinding bro you definitely have potential and the talent is there continue to make that real music you doing and you gone make it fam that’s my opinion keep working

United States, Texas, Houston

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