Sojourn Love Song
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Sojourn Love Song

Gifts And Testaments Of Robin Hood Road

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Beautiful Sound

Nice, Easy Song to listen to. From the sweet female vocals to the really hip sound. Arrangement of chord structure and instruments is very congruent. The song works well for me. Great recording. Soothing back ground of string pads and voicing. I like this guitar blend, from acoustic to lead guitar, harpsichord, really nice!

United States, Florida, Tamarac

The Antique Harmoniums, "Sojurn Love Song"

Upon the first listen to The Antique Harmoniums, "Sojurn Love Song", I am immediately reminded of a couple of terrific "melodic rock" 1970's bands. Not to imply that The Antique Harmoniums' sound is entirely derivative - in fact, quite the opposite. This band has a very distinctive sound, nice writing, production and performance - and I look forward to hearing more from them soon.

United States, Hawaii, Volcano

Love song

Very pretty voice and sounds very light and easy listening. Your head voice is beautiful and it’s refreshing to hear. I loved the song! 6 minutes is a little long for most songs but not this one.

United States, Connecticut, Mystic

Perfect composition

Absolutely perfect musical composition!! This song had all the elements and was recorded and mastered very well. I enjoyed the melody line and where the song went!! It actually had something to say as I’ve heard so many songs that go nowhere. Like I said beautiful melody and exquisite composition. Wish you the best of luck with your musical endeavors. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

United States, California, riverside


Thank You for letting me hear a nice song this morning...Great Voice...Good Production and Arrangement..It was nice surprise to listen..I just hope that You are pitching it to AM / FM Radio Stations and Music Publishers .with hope that You will get a good reviews..I think I never gave anybody 4,5 Star...well I will never gave 5 ..You must have a Classical Background..I wish You good Luck.. Great Job...o next time put a little more power in to The Vocal Part... and I will gave You 4.7...

United States, California, Los Angeles

A harmonious six minutes

This is excellent Full of great melodic hooks.great Excellent vocals and an intriguing voice. The track reminded me of Drive byThe Cars. The song twists and turns with its time changes and highsore and lows. Great stuffor. ..

United Kingdom, Knaresbrough

Very good Song!!

Hi! First of all I love this Song! Very good, congratulation!! I love the voice, the Singer have a delicious voice, very clear and beautiful. It's like a choir of Angels in One person! Wow, Amazing. The music is very beautiful, the keyboard made a great great work, a great moment of Music. Also the guitars are clear and very "heavenly". In the middle i love the interlude with a clear solo. I like the melody and the test of the band make a good job in the back. Very good job. Very good! Hope to listen more of you in the future! Stay Rock!

Italy, Inveruno

Wow! What a Song!!!

This is a great song from beginning to end. Vocalist is superb. She reminds me some of Alison Krauss. The arrangement is really good: mellow beginning with good melody, little breaks, and slight changes in format. The build up towards the guitar solo was genius song writing. Then, mellow again with sweet vocals. I never got bored because it was constantly changing. Also, the dynamics really added to the overall affect of the song. Musicianship was masterful on this track. I just couldn't give anything lower than a 5.

United States, California, Meadow Vista

Radio Friendly!

Good stuff here...i could hear this on any contemporary radio playlist. Sweet voice! Nice instrumentation...i like the direction of this song...solid writing and performance. You will be everywhere...i love the choice of melody, regarding the vocals...done just right. This is obviously a hit! I can imagine someone like the band, Heart, covering this song. It has everything. Best of luck in your bright future!!!

United States, Massachusetts, Rockland

Sojourn Love Song

The introduction is misleading but it fits with the rest of the song. The harmonium piece in the center of this Progressive Rock Love song is what really makes it special to me and I wish it would continue at the end. Antique Harmoniums is a very anointed group of musicians that flow together. They seem to have found their stride and signature sound. I very much enjoy the female vocalist deep and resonating voice. Very unique and the backup singer(s) are excellent too. The lyric is a bit convoluted in the telling of the story, however, this fits with the style of the music. I found it very unique and refreshing for a change from other rock songs and cannot fault this one a bit!

United Kingdom, WALES

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