Starting Over


Song Reviews

Very Hip

This top of the line stuff here. All aspects. Writing, playing, production. Your operating at a different level than pretty much everything on N1M. I imagine your doing something professionally with your talents, this is pro everything.

United States, Oregon, Clackamas

Smooth and Cool

Wow, what a great track. Beautiful guitar over layers of smooth synth, bass and percussion. Sit back and let your mind drift as the music soars around you. Starting Over by HipCat is simply class.

United Kingdom, Derby

Relaxing and cool

A relaxing and cool piece of music without becoming boring. Good atmospherics in the background. I like the switching between brass sounds and guitars. Very well played and produced . Good melodies all the way through. Certainly lives up to the name HipCat. I enjoyed this a lot and will be listening to more.

United Kingdom, Great Yarmouth

Starting Over is an adventurous composition........

This piece is full of texture, emotion, and well-blending of sounds and tones!! It doesn't get any better and I enjoyed in engaged listening of this work. I like this ambient style of music with its different instruments, synths, drumbeats in jazz form.. It is my type of music I could listen all day!

United States, Oregon, Portland

Hip Cat A journey well worth taking

From the first beat I was into this song. He describes it as Ambient Instrumental that is smooth Jazz and that exactly what this is. As a lover of smooth jazz I felt that the melody was played in a way I would remember it. The breakdown is a little tricky and what I mean by that it is very catchy at first but I wanna feel that groove again soon and he tries to take you someplace else. But after a few bars he returns to the strong repetitious groove that makes this a song that I would listen to over and over.

United States, California, Mill Valley

Christo's Review

This is very cool song: the fast rhythmic pulse works great with the long kept chords. This makes a cool atmoshpere. The sounds are also interesting - synths from the 80s, why not?! The guitar solos are also cool! Great work and great composition!

Austria, Vienna

Hip Cat Review

This track is track popping. It has a nice smooth jazzy and funky beat. I could see some vocals coming into play as well. The track has all the ingredients for moving up the charts. Looking forward to more from this Artist.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Nice song

Hey, nice song with a nice instrumental and also a nice vibe. Also the ritm is very good, I was feeling a little quiet here (is night right now) but this song really raised the vibe up. Keep up with the good songs.

Brazil, São Paulo

Excellent Smooth Jazz track

Hi 5 to HipCat for a very cool track. Complete with a jazz swing section near the end. Nice arrangement too. Keep up the good work Cat!! After repeated listenins I realized this track would be a perfect ending credits soundtrack.

United States, California, Pasadena

Congratulations on the Song


Wow, I like it a lot of rhythm, balance and well diversified without those repetitive, tiring and strange nuances. The room here was filled with this wonderful sound, invading the whole room conveying softness. A great song to calm conflicting spirits and lots of festivity. Highly recommended for opening corporate events. Thanks a lot, HipCat!

Brazil, Paulista

Ooh so smooth


I keep waiting to hear one of the greats step up to the Mic to lay his charms on me. Really cool sound. Very professional sounding with a great mix orchestration and arrangement. So much texture layered in there. You almost make it to easy for a lyricist to write a great set of words for a singer because this music is already singing and that is something that is very hard to do and takes a lot of talent to pull off

United States, Illinois, Aurora

Hip Cat, Starting Over

This is a nice sweet smooth jazz track and features what appears to be an acoustic guitar, very elegant, soft and nice, with a nice arrangement, the recording seems to have been done well, the synth horns are recorded nicely.

United States, California, San Jose

'Smooth & Funky'

This is a very nice smooth jazz track i would loved to have played guitar on,i love sweet and funky jazz fusion which are my specialty,there's a good feel with the rhythm even with all the atrificial drums and horn parts,this track would have been even more beautiful with live musicians to make it breath with more life from the different players,over all he did as good as you can get with synthetic sounds,he gets a B+ ,i wish him much success,Emmett North Jr.

United States, Ohio, Dayton

On The Jazzy Tip

This a Jazzy groovy song I love everything thing about this track well composed and well put together if you have any other songs I would like to hear more. Hope this been helpful very creative song sounds really really great be blessed and enjoy your week.

United States, California, Every Where

Starting Over

It is a nice use of electronics and has a lot of layers , Clean recording I think the things that would make it better is the use of some non electric tones perhaps some acoustic guitars backing or wind instruments. Over all nice song.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

Old Pop Feel

Very soothing instrumentation reminds me of some tunes I've heard growing up Jon Secada - Just another Day with the exception of the bit of jazz at the closing of the song. I'd really enjoyed listening to this song.

United States, New York, Queens

Wonderful interesting song

Hi, the biging of this nice song, remind me Barry White. I like the sound of the guitare, for me it's a mixte of jazz and pop which it sound's very nice and it is also dinamique rithm. Well i like also the different style in the same song. It's very interesting and so nice to listen. Thank you HipCat. CONGRATULATIONS! (sorry for my English)

France, gaillard

nice song

I like the beggining, the middle and the end with a modern kind of blues rhythm that makes a change in the song. What a quality of sound! it is one of these songs that you don't tire out of listenning and is nice to hear driving or making something similar, even good for a game soundtrack. yes really good work!

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