Ballad of Your Smile

Shigeki Kawahara

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ballad of your smile review by Artey


Oohh very smooth and chilled introduction combination of electric piano and organ a superb mellow feeling like a fur glove. I always appreciate the lazy and late suggestion from the drummer that really serves as a subtle reminder that I am still here guys, and then the bass does the same accentuating the bottom end of this piece. Like all bass players the insist on being the main instigation of rhythm and tempo, let the bass player fight it out with the drummer for that privilege it something that the keys people are choosing to ignore and letting them get on with it. Whatever the outcome, its working fantastically what a great piece of engineering and studio engineering. Great stuff

United Kingdom, Bridport, Dorset

Nice melody and playing


Nice song which sounds like a classic Standard. Your chord progression is very nice as is the arrangement Shigeki. I would suggest making the instrumentation a little more sparse. There's a lot going on. May I suggest trying a mix removing the organ, and add the strings gradually which would help your song build. Your piano sounds really nice and don't be shy to let it shine ! Finally i would suggest a ending with prehaps a ralentendo to a nice chord....For licensing a fade out is not recommended. Good job !



Very nice, beauiful, easy listening composition - very well performed - For a instrumental composition this Jazzy music style is kind of special - sophisticated but popular - Solo instruments are very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticate well played instruments - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be internationally promoted - So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy and GREAT RESPECT...

Spain, Las Americas - Tenerifa

My favourite smoothy things

Very nice track by Shigeki Kawahara. A warm sense of confidence throughout the song. A poem to love and family. Nowadays, I think that people should remind more of the importance of the family and Shigeki makes it sound loud. Bravo!

Italy, Milano

A Gentle Heart Warming Jazzy Piece

I really enjoyed this. Lush chords played with a really silky sense of swing. This touched my heart reminding me of Oscar Peterson at his best. I smiled all through it so the title is spot on too. Titles are an area that many get wrong. This is something that almost anyone should like if they get in the moment and just listen without getting stick in one genre or the other. That is the beauty of the very best jazz it is music that can reach anyone!

United Kingdom, Oxford, England

Ballad of Your Smile


Immeadiately fell in love with this song composition is fantastic. This is absolutely my kind of music, very relaxing nad an emotional piece of music if I ever heard one. Great music for background music during dinner.

United States, Indiana, DeMotte



I love the keyboard licks, and great chord progression. Well blended instruments. Since I must add more characters to my review, I will simply say I would love to play with this musician.

United States, Oregon, Gresham


Thank you so muchfor sharing your jazzy tune with you I really like it very smooth creative I grew up I listen to all types of music gospel Jazz Rock soft rock Chris against the name of Jesus. Hope you had a wonderful weekend enjoy your rest of your week keep me posted and God bless you all to go to do to you and thank you so much for sharing a wonderful day God bless you and I'll let you go today City Hall Sharon O'Brien at home making gravy music never be afraid to go to the next level and never stay inside of a box

United States, California, Every Where

Preciosa composicion

El jazz clásico y suave . Una composición encantadora con piano. Bien escrito, y, producido y una actuación virtuosa. y demasiado elegante y tradicional.Una preciosa composicion que te eleva por las nuves

United States, California, Imperial

musica originale


la bravura la senti subito il musicista di talento cammina con la sua anima per trasmettere le sue emozioni a noi tutti noi jazz e talento dentro di lui molto bravo e creativo. complimenti

Italy, dalmine bg

Ballad of your smile


Hi Great piece felt chilled and got me looking out the window day dreaming beautiful composition and I can easily see myself sitting in a cafe bar right now by a canal while you play, great recording and soft to the ears and definitely easy listening, I'd add this to my jazz collection any day great work and all the best for the future LeRoy

United Kingdom, Birmingham

a beautiful classical jazz ballad


If smooth, mellow classical jazz is your thing, this is what you want. A lovely composition featuring piano. Well written, well arranged, well produced and a virtuoso performance. 4 stars for it being almost a bit too slick and traditional. Just my personal tastes showing here.

Australia, Kingscliff

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