Flying Over the Horizon

Shigeki Kawahara

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flying over the horizon review by Artey Williams


What a great instrumental piece of work, Im listening in on a Sunday morning and this is just the sort of track to lift your spirits and thoughts into a different realm, fabulous Shigeki. You continue to inspire and impress me, Id love to collaborate on a track with you, Im more of a vocalist and singer songwriter than amn instrumentalist, playing twelve string guitar. Your track, whether its studio production or engineering is again so professional in its musical capabilities or composition, you have a listing ability to compose and produce. Another great track to listen to I loved it, I ll be looking out for others of yours. Artey Williams

United Kingdom, Bridport, Dorset

Beautiful track


This instrumental song has a great blend of Jazz, RnB and Adult Contemporary flavor. Great for an R n B songwriter or Commercial Advertising for "High End" Luxury products or services. Definitely very talented and experienced musicians on this track! The instruments flow together to create a beautiful and sexy smooth "Feel" to the music. Only the greats can achieve this type of "Sound". I look forward to hearing more from Shigeki Kawahara on Motion picture tracks, radio adverts and more!

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

WOW !!! Very Nice !!! Totally Surprised !!! Blown Away !!!


Congratulations are in order for Shigeki Kawahara and his Band on this one. I was very captivated by the sound and the feel of this track. Mixed very well, and the instrumentation on this one are great. The guitar and piano stand out well. An old school groove and a new school smooth jazz feel that brings a bob your head feel of jazz well suited for smooth jazz of today. A very catchy recording done very well. Congratulations on this one !!!

United States, California, Los Angeles

Flying together!


Feels so nice listening to this tune! Joyful, it goes to a beautiful melodic path, following the quality rules for a good hearing, the chorus goes nicely and then the improvisations make me comfortably at home. I say home because it brings me a smile with joy joining the music in it’s flight over the horizon. Nice harmony and a very good sonority of the mix. Congratulations!

Brazil, Belo Horizonte

All Right Now!!!


Great song Shigeki! Had me bobbing my head, tapping my foot, with eyes closed digging the groove! Loving it! The twists and turns in the bridge and chorus was spot on! Got more songs?! I'd be happy to hear more!

United States, California, Palo Alto

Well Done


This piece is ready for radio play. Keep up the great work. Sounds like you had a great group of musicians on the project. Puts me in the mind of some early Hiroshima. It also seems very well produced. Good luck

United States, Nevada

Fabulous !!


Hi good day. Again listening to another of your proposals, very agile and fresh. with a very catchy melody, some excellent solos; I especially loved the one with the piano full of chords. The mixing and production, always impeccable, the guitar solo very clean and virtuous, the harmony and the instrumentation spectacular. Congratulations on another great job!

Mexico, Chihuahua



Good evening thank you for allow me to listen to the music I really like the song very very very creative will impose well put together that's very clear I'm a big fan of jazz and all types of other music. Hope you have a wonderful week so far enjoy the rest of your week for Tuesday and create them and keep on sharing your just talked with the world. Continue to be created never be afraid to go tonight to the next level thank you again for sharing that wonderful day peace out and keep on the God bless peace

United States, California, Every Where

On the money...


Well produced and fit for air play, great job guys! Creative but certainly in the Smooth Jazz vain with some interesting solos. Arrangement is thoughtful and keeps the listener engaged.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia



Very nice groovy and Jazzy composition and very well performed - For a instrumental composition the music style is kind of special - sophisticate but popular in genre av contemporary Soft Jazz - Solo instruments are very well suited with arrangement which is very rich with lot of very sophisticate well played instruments (beatiful Jazz guitar) - In my opinion this composition have all attributes to be internationally promoted. So go for it - This is great work - Keep on and do more of this fantastic music - Thank you I enjoy and GREAT RESPECT...

Spain, Las Americas - Tenerifa

reminiscent of Spyro Gyra at their best


A beautiful fusion number. Excellently composed, arranged and performed. Very 80s fusion orchestration and production sound. Think Mezzo Forte, Spyro Gyra at their best or Michael Franks without the vocals. I am normally reluctant to give 5 stars, but here nothing less will do.

Australia, Kingscliff

Horizon Sound


Shigeki created an upbeat, smooth (but not sleepy) jazz track. It's multilayered and sophisticated. At one point a horn section is introduced that give off the band Chicago's breeziness. Underneath, a flute riff raises the feeling and your ear is paying attention to the seemingly light arrangement. Well crafted and refreshing!

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale

Good Fusion


Nice job ! Nice song, arrangement and improvisation. It reminds me of Shakatak ! In these difficult corona times music can heal the world! Congratulations to the keyboard player and guitarist !

Belgium, Kortrijk

Great piece !!


I instantly feel a connection with regards to creative influences when listening to this track . It seems to come from the more traditional style of jazz performed by such greats as Roy Ayers , with a little Ronny Jordan thrown in for good measure . I really like the groove of this track , as a drummer by trade I tend to first notice how the percussion impacts the music which in this case is vital to the feel . The piece has a great vibe with a summer sun glow and with all this talk of flat earth recently you could even say the title is quite topical . If you like cool Jazz then this is up your street !! Keep writing Shigeki !! The world needs more music like this :) Jaz .

United Kingdom, London

Flying Over The Horizon


Beautiful! I want to buy this album after listening to this great sound. I loved the ensemble of highly gifted musicians. I can't imagine this being composed by just one person who is so talented! This has the Wow X Factor. I think you should come and be on Britain's Got Talent. I would say I would love to hear more of a Saxophone in this piece as the only thing lacking. However, it is so fantastically orchestrated not many others could even compare to this great sound. I hope you come and tour the UK and follow your dream whatever stage of life you are at now.

United Kingdom

Flying Over the Horizon REVIEW


Smooth, invigorating music all the way. I was happily surprised to find such music pop up. It is refreshing and vibrant and masterfully creative. I'm so loving this jazz rendition and the instrument combinations with beautiful flute tones are astoundingly rich. I truly look forward to hearing more of your music. Good Day!

United States, Massachusetts, Springfield MA

Yes Indeed!


Excellent production, the mix is balanced very nicely. As a bass player and keyboardist, I can say without a doubt that "Flying Over The Horizon" is a chart topping Smooth Jazz/Jazz Fusion creation. Shigeki Kawahara, this song has global potential! It has a really great groove for just listening, exercising, cruising in your car, airplane, riding a train or boat, motorbike and or dancing even. Keep that groove coming!

United States, California, San Diego

Riding Vibez


This is wonderful music to put in your car on a sunny day with the top back and just ride and vibe out. There is not much new Smooth Jazz that I have encountered lately so this discovery is so awesome. Thank you for good vibe energy. We all need this in our lives. I Love it. Keep the vibe going.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

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