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Smooth Jazz Lives...

Sweet Flute Sound..... solid groove...... I think I'd like a Margarita on the beach when I listen to this.... or maybe on the deck of a cruise ship..... at midnight, with someone you love or perhaps, someone you would like to love. Great Bass sound and creative piano soloing... Kind of reminds me of the Philly Sound from the 80's or even The Jazz Crusaders if there was a Tenor Sax Solo.... Very Well done!!!

Nice and Mellow !!! You have a new fan !!!

Just what the doctor ordered. I am boarding my plane for my Night Flight !!! I send my congratulations to the Shigeki Kawahara and his Band on the success of "Night Flight". I was very captivated by the sound and the feel of this track. Mixed very well, and the instrumentation and the emotion of the Flutist blended with the piano on this one are great. It has a jazz feel that brings back the memories. A well mixed recording. Excellent Musicianship all the way around. Night Flight has left the runway and is taking off !!!

Night Flight

I chose to do. review of Nightflight, what a great introductory success, a touch of Phillky, Barry White, nice wind section and a boom ing driving bass a necessary prominence, love it. such a lovely travelling pianist on the keyboard, wow if there had ever been an invitation to introduce a duet in vocalisations, then this is its. Very dramatic and inspirational not an easy thing to do keep an instrumental piece completely on track and still portraying a syttor all the way completely through until the very end to intrigue the listening ear. Well don e guys I really loved and appreciated its, and so will many many others. Artey

Shigeki Kawahara ... Night flight

I have heard tracks by Shigeki so this one seemed a little different taking back to the soul music of the seventies but with a wonderful quality sound. ok this is great backing music and full of the talent that Mr. Kawahara has so all I can say is press play and let the track take you on a musical journey.. and if your old enough to the place it took me .. smooth soulful feeling music kept expecting the stylistics to come in with a vocal. Great work as always best regards Stephen

Cool tune

Love the flute sound I am a Flutist. Beautiful piano , great strings. The drums are very nice . The Bass is sold and smooth . I like the feel very Jazzy and and uplifting. Lot of good feel in here as well as well mixed .


Night Flight by Shigeki Kawara is a lovely smooth jazz tune, very souled jazz with a great sound in the mix, but it's a pity that the bass is so electric in the sound, it would be perfect with a real frettless roundwound sound. All in all a great piece of music. B.R.

The perfect nightcap for the night flight

A great addition for that late night flight. It both soothes one soul and is also able to inspire something special. The music clearly flows well together. There are great contrast in rhythm and dynamics which helped create an underlying energy that is consistent with the overall mood of the music. This is clearly a songI would take a long and a night flight, night ride, or a night by a lively bonfire.


hi shigeki - i've had a listen on your track. i am multi-composer running my own publishing with a global b2b distribution. it's solid material. still sounds to me a bit Midi, what means you still have upside potential with a professional better mix. there's a huge market for instrumental music today where we also formed a global B2B distribution to gain some attention. so it depends what goals/targets are. unfortunately not of use for my company. either way, wish you best of luck.


I have always been so impressed with Shigeki. He is a master on keyboards, arrangements and I think excellent in talent discovery. I love all his works and if he was nearby, I would love him to come over and jam. "Night Flight" is beautiful just like all the others. Ken Wintle

Night Flight Review

Very Nice and sensual. I just love the pretty vibe and flow of the blended instruments. Such a great Smooth Jazz Artist. I look so forward to hearing more of your material. The changes and bridges are breathtaking. Please keep up the splendid work. Blessings. TC

A real nice piece

This intrumental piece has some catchy melodylines. Could also work even better with some lyrics. Get a feel of an Al Jarreau, George Benson voice. My personal opinion is that "Night Flight" works just fine like this also, but to make it really stand out I would like to hear this piece of music played by a real tight band with acoustic drums, bass etc. to get that organic sound. It would surly be a great experience. Keep up the good work. I love what you do. All the best -Kris


Bonjour à vous ! Voici mes quelques impressions et ce, bien que je ne possède aucune formation particulière en musique... Jolie musique, ambiance de légèreté plutôt agréable...Exécution musicale absolument irréprochable, toute en finesse et grande maîtrise instrumentale !!! Bravo à tous, interprètes et compositeur ... Mireille Lévis Spleen Overseas

Intergalactic Carpet Ride

Grand salut Shigeki...after the first few bars of the intro I felt I was in for a treat ! A few seconds later...the flute tracks led me on a cosmic sense of travel. The keyboard blending kept a rich balance continuously travelling throughout the work. This kind of creativity is a prime fit for film scores, concerts, cruise ships etc. Lovely and inspirational job ! Bravo ! Barrymore

Night Flight

This is a very nice recording. I like the attention to detail that is brought out. Well produced and orchestrated. A familiar groove and vibe: to me it draws on some original Motown/smooth jazz. A good combination and a good listen! Well done Shigeki Kawahara!


This is well done, the perfect 4min escape. Smooth and rhythmic, an instant musical vacation. His mastery of the tonal pallet washes over you, giving you hours of melodic pleasure. I love this track. Charlie
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