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Covid19 has had me in lock down for a long time now but my last 2 songs "SKUNKS" and "4 MORE YEARS" I recorded all by myself because I have a nice studio in my home with vintage analogue gear.

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8 months ago

TIME BOYS the movie

I wish to introduce Randall Terry to you and our fans. Randall to me is a worldwide hero and now he has spread his wings even more. What you should know is that this friend of mine has now accomplished something great on a new vista. He and the band "Time Boys" have completed a new Feature Film which I watched as a prerelease copy. I am authorized to send you a link where you can rent a "sneak preview" of Time Boys, AND leave a review. (link) . Randall wrote and directed this film. This is a professional job, ( I know, because two members of KWIN played in "The Crossing" with Jeff Daniels by Columbia Tristar for A&E). Marshall and myself. Camera work, production, sound, music, and acting are all excellent. I was captivated watching it and enjoyed it immensely. It's a wholesome fiction movie about time travel, good for your whole family, in my opinion. The four young men in the band are all Randall's sons and all four as well as Randall have received awards for this film.
Ken Wintle

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11 months ago
1 year ago

June 2021 News Letter PHOTO circa 1970


To my dear supporters/fans. Thank you so much for your wonderful support. I know many people are scared in these times; I understand but I am not scared. I suspect you can see why I am not but I do understand. I have so much to tell you in this newsletter about the music and my music career. I am getting older now yet feel younger. I will be including some early photos as well as some new ones and will tell you some stories/events in my career as well as giving you some links. First of all, some developments.
Computers are not in my expertise and computer work interferes with my songwriting, practicing and recording. I have a studio and stage in my home and am called to use it. I consider myself very lucky but unfortunately Covid19 has stopped most artists from visiting me because I have been in lockdown for a long time, I live alone but have a studio and play guitar, bass and drums, so "4 More Years" and "Skunks" I did all by myself, in August, September and October 2020. I own an OTARI MX5050, an 8 track tape recorder, as well as brand new tape (only made in France these days). My stage is elevated and big with curtains and pro stage lighting (not LED). Also, a fast internet connection and computers but I am limited on being efficient with them. I just met an excellent cameraman who is also great with editing and loading on YouTube. I have had a YouTube channel for a long time but haven't used it yet, (will let you know). So far I have not monetized my songs yet but have allowed free downloads for 18 months, (since the start) and times are not easy, yet with your help, within about a week we should pass 6 million plays.
For years I ran a country band in the local Ottawa area. I do have old videos but the material is mostly under copyright protection, which I respect. In my area a country band needed to mix in a fair amount of old rock and roll or be fired. I am due to write to right some country for a change.
I will give you a link that exposes something close to my heart and another link to make it fast to go to my N1M profile. Thanks again for everything and God bless. Ken Wintle (Facebook profile link) YouTube https://www.n1m.com/kwin

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1 year ago

EXPLANATION of Why He is My Choice

Explanation Why I Believe former President Trump is the only person in our world to handle the delivery of this Turbine.

1/ This is such a powerful engine many people could be seriously injured or worse if the safety
measures are not met in the manufacturing process and the delivery/installations.
2/ This engine is potentially worth hundreds of trillions of dollars and the temptation to take un-warranted
advantage will be immense.
3/ World business experience is a must.
4/ Knowing world leaders, on a personal basis, will go beyond being a simple advantage.
5/ High intelligence and bargaining skills would be an advantage to get the job done.
6/ My confidence in the director/pilot is a must. I do not want this opportunity ruined or any one injured
even though I am aware accidents will happen, they MUST be minimized.
7/ I believe there is only one person alive today to do the job and you all now know who I am talking
about. If he is not interested I do not know what to do

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1 year ago

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine
Posted at 2019-12-15
I invented a wind turbine that
is exponentially more efficient
than what we are using today.
The reason we are not using
it today is that engineers say
it can't work because of the
laws of physics but I had
already built a wind tunnel,
two models and tested them.
The results were stunning.
I told 1 engineer "we used to
think the world was flat".
I am about to give it to the
world. I did a patent ability
check with the largest patent
firm in Canada and what can
be patented is not being
released but the concept is.
This is what should stop any
attempt to slap a patent on it
and overcharge the world.
I told you some exciting stuff
was being prepared. This is
what I was talking about.

This wind turbine will generate an electrical current at a 3 mile mile per hour wind speed, can be small or very large, depending on personal or power grid needs. If we ever suffer again, the effects of corona flares from our sun we will have backup link project requires a pilot to steer safety measures in manufacturing, distribution control and world business experience. This is such a big and important project it could not be steered by myself or 99.99999 % of our world population. I do have an idea who could do this job and need to contact this person. This job will requre a full time commitment and total honesty. I am open to suggestions. Ken Wintle

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