Ryan “Sevy” Severns
United States, Kentucky, Bloomfield

About Ryan “Sevy” Severns

Ryan Severns (AKA "Sevy"), is originally from Northeast Ohio. He currently resides in Kentucky where he is a Music Minister / Songwriter / Composer / Encourager/ Leader who serves many Christian organizations / congregations in RadCliff, Elizabethtown, Bardstown, Louisville, & Fort Knox. Ryan has been involved in Music Ministry at several churches for over 27 years, a guest Praise & Worship Leader for many church revivals, and a music artist/songwriter for various special events in the Elizabethtown/RadCliff & Louisville area. He has also made connections with great local artists through the Come Together Songwriters group, in which he co-wrote a theme song for The Build A Wall Against Hunger event held in Elizabethtown a few years back. Currently, Ryan is the Manager of Stax Nutrition Center in Elizabethtown, and just recently became an Operator of 1Swipe Printing, helping to oversee / operate their embroidery machinery. Though his favorite role in life is that of a daddy of his four children and husband to his wife.

In Ryan's eyes, there is nothing that cannot be achieved by the influence of music when combined with a genuine relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Although his music has strong Pop / Soul / R&B / Hip Hop / Electronica / Jazz influence, his love for all genres allows for listeners to get a unique flavor of music to enjoy. Many have expressed that Ryan's voice and music have a similar flavor to that of Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, John Legend, and Brian McKnight, all of which who have been vocal influences in Ryan's life as a music artist. Ryan showcased his music at the SCMC (Songwriters Composers Music Conference) held in Cleveland, OH, on Sept. 24, 2011, as well as at the SCMC (Songwriters Composers Music Conference) held in Washington, DC in 2012. In November 2008, he showcased 3 original songs in Nashville at Rocketown for an event called "Band With A Mission". He also has a song called "In The New" featured on a benefit album called "Unified By Grace" produced by Quickstar Productions. His song, “For Now,” is featured on Crazy Baby Records international benefit album, “Voyces United For UNHCR.” He is the 1st “Online Idol,” as he competed in 2003 on one of the biggest American Idol Fans websites at that time, "link.

Ultimately, Ryan desires to use his gifts in music to glorify God, bring people together, and set people free by the salvation of Jesus Christ and freedom in the Holy Spirit. He desires to bring multiple church bodies together to truly function as the Body of Christ in Ministry. He believes this will truly fulfill all that God desires to achieve for the Kingdom of God.

Ryan enjoys singing, writing music, recording music, mixing music, arranging music (including ‘a cappella’), producing his own music tracks, writing poetry, writing articles/blogs, playing drum set & singing from the drums, acting, musical theater, playing keys/piano, some guitar and other stringed instruments, and movies. Ryan has been a boom operator/on-set sound mixer for an independent film and hopes to do more of this, as well as to write screenplays & music for movies/tv, as well as act in movies/tv. God willing, he will produce his first official debut album in the future.

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