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1 month ago

Dull City

Hi all
I´m very happy to see many new subscribers and Network joiners here... thanks a lot, I bid you all welcome :-)
So I finally I found the time to finish a new song, between many live gigs that take up more time than you´ll ever know.
My songs here are still sketches, and could be improved in a high end studio.
I have a great amount of ideas for songs, and will add them as soon as I can, but my energy isn´t as good as it was before, and Corona have knocked me down for quite some time now :-(
Turning 72 in spring ´23 could be a reason for my lack of power as well. I can feel my voice is growing old and worn from time to time :-) Even so, I´m still here and will definitely play music for as long as I can :-)
Feel free to comment on my stuff, critics of any kind will be recieved thankfully, both regarding the lyrics and the music.
Peer Serwin - Denmark

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2 months ago

Hi new subscribers...

Hi all new subscribers here...
Thank you for supporting me, I hope you´ll enjoy my music...
I hope to get time to add many more songs soon, when the cold starts here in Denmark, and we stay indoor.
Feel free to write me any subject you like :-)
Peer Serwin

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5 months ago

Hi all...

I´m very pleased so many of you join my music here.
I´m not very good at sending messages to you, but I´ll try to add my songs as fast as I can. I suppose the songs is what you´re all here for anyway :-)
I live in Denmark in a little cozy town named Grenaa, on the main peninsula Jylland (Jutland).
My father were polish and my mother danish. I am a twin, but my brother died many years ago.
I started playing music at the age of 13, and never stopped again :-)
I quickly learned to write songs as a young man, and many of these songs even from back then, are present here in new and better high-end recordings.
I can´t just tell myself to write a new song. I have to get an idea first, sometimes the lyrics start the process, and sometimes the musical harmonies does.
I am very critical about my own work, and I often makes changes and changes and changes to the songs...
I play all of the instruments myself, recordings, editing, mastering link.
I am kind of shy when I have to present my works to other people, and I am never satisfied and feeling safe enough about the results :-)
I try to find the song inspiration in my own mind, but I know that it´s impossible to stay a 100% clear of all the music you´ve heard through your life.
Today I have no idols, but when I was young I admired many musicians and groups. I only have a few left, but I like to keep my head clean and free from influence as much as possible.
I´m turned 71 this May 2022, and hope to live many more years with the music.
I still do many live gigs around the country.
I have loads of songs, ideas for songs, harmony possibilities and other stuff in my little studio, so I hope you´ll all keep supporting me, it means the world to me:
Thanks networkers and subscribers, I send you my deepest love from Denmark
and hope to add new songs as soon as I can, but many tidious tasks take my time too often, and live gigs can be pretty hard stuff, as I´m sure you all know.
It also makes my heart happy to receive texts from time to time... thanks again :-)

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Happy Easter everybody...

Hi all, just want to express my dearest thanks for your kind support here.
I´m not good at writing mails, but I´ll will keep on making songs and add them here.
I live in Denmark and have subscribers from many countries all over the world,
isn´t it just amazing that is possible these days?
One day I will pull myself together and write some more about myself... but untill then Happy Easter to all of you :-)
Feel free to write any comments and critical inputs to my songs... maybe even correct my "english". Actually that would be a great help to me :-)
Kindest regards
Peer Serwin

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4 years ago

Greetings & thanks...

Hey all
I will be back here soon, and tell you all about me and my music here :-)
In the meantime I just want to express my sincere thanks for the support from all of you :-)
Feel free to download songs and text me here, on Facebook or Soundcloud.
You are also welcome to correct my poor english in my lyrics anytime, so that I can get it right.
Peer Serwin

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