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About Moravia


Moravia (Juan Manuel Moratinos, born in Madrid, Spain) is a music composer, guitarist, arranger and performer (as well as movie screenwriter) with a broad range of musical experiences:

From his early days in the '70s as a founding member of the Latin American folk group Sarmiento, he also played with songwriter Javier Reig and backed the British rock group A-Band. He was a vocalist in the Gaudeamus Choir from the University of Madrid, the city where he studied guitar and harmony.

He travelled to London in the '80s, where he contacted Simon & Garfunkel's local manager Judith Piepe, and played with the acclaimed blues guitarist Davy Graham. In 1984 he moved to Switzerland and Germany, performing in Zurich, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg, where he was contracted by the Backstage Agency to tour the country and record a tape for local distribution and sale.

In the mid '80s he played in the 1st and 2nd Alternative Fair of Madrid, being backed onstage by the North American rock band Guns & Butter, with whom he recorded a song the year after. Meanwhile, he improved his musical knowledge of jazz. In 1988 he toured Germany again, as well as England, Holland and Poland. Back in Madrid he collaborated with singer and actress Laetitia Prados and German new age musician, Rainer Heusmann.

In the early '90s he recorded his first album, "Matices", in Madrid (with the artistic name of Moratinos), which is accompanied by some of the most outstanding session musicians (sax player Jorge Pardo...) and two new songs in Spanish and English in John Lennon's memory at ARC studios in Hamburg to be included as a bonus track on the album. He composed for other artists (Karina, "Soy como soy"), as well as two instrumental pieces for the Berliner classical guitar trio, Los Azimos.

He reappears in New York in November 2008 playing live at some open mics from Brooklyn and Manhattan (Side Walk Cafe*).

Moravia (with this name) releases in 2013 his new album in Spanish, "Entre sueño y realidad", with the collaboration of some reputed friend musicians as José María Guzmán, Juan R. Cánovas (both from the great ‘70s and ‘80s quartet Cánovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo y Guzmán) and Gema Tortuero (Lady Cherry, vocalist from the female rock band The Ladies). Late in that year he works with Los Pasos’ ex-keyboardist and singer José Luis “Joe” González on writing song lyrics for several original music pieces from the latter.

Between 2015 and 2016 he is part as guitarist of the Spanish-German band ConFusion, covering classical international rock hits.

In 2019 he signs with the Basque label Rock Izar Records for the production and launch of (initially) two new songs and a video. He also collaborates with North American singer songwriter Chrissy Schulte.

Moravia is currently working on the release in YouTube of his song “Then we were younger”, as a preview from his next album in English “Rumours of time”.

Moravia's music style and songwriting, within the context of pop and rock, is often influenced by Latin American music. He owns around 200 songs in Spanish and English from his authorship, beside several instrumental pieces. His lyrics usually reflect the feelings and wishes of modern society, sometimes from a social perspective and often from his own personal experience.

From 1999 on, he composed and produced the original music soundtrack for several short films ("Fausto Andrade", "La tendencia Dostoievski", "El tam-tam", "El árbol del Paraíso", "Amor Fina"...) and for the feature films "Nights of Europe" and "Un jardín flotante bajo el sol", from which both he wrote the screenplays. In parallel, since 2016 he has been writing music reviews on various on-line blog/magazines (Las Estrellas-Mis Amigos, Eurolatin Press Cultura...).

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